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Cherokee Removal

The first document elaborates on how the United States wanted to expand to the west
but could not since there were many tribes in the way. That was the main obstacle that was in
the way of the United States but they did not care because they were determined to do anything
in order to expand to the west. Andrew Jackson stated the sooner that the Indians were
removed the better it would be since it would prevent conflict if people encountered the Indians.
These documents have a lot of insight to offer. It gives us information of what America's purpose
was when they were doing these events.
David Walker’s Appeal
This document talks about how wrong it is to degrade the colored people of the time. He
began ny naming other great empires that had slaves like the Romans. He later calls out the
people to give him proof of why we should put down the colored. He believed that this was the
reason for all of the empire's destruction. This is a great document to see someone else’s
perspective on the situation. This is how a lot of people see slavery, and it is true. Slavery is
such a wrong and not needed.
The Confessions of Nat Turner
Nat Turner was a slave back in the 1830s. He was talking about what he did as a slave. Turner
contemplated on murdering the family that was ownership of him. He was tired of all of this, he
would rather have freedom or be dead of he can not obtain that. This document is really good to
see through the eyes of a slave. This gives great insight on what was going on through their
heads. It was no easy living a life like that.
The Liberator
The document is a newspaper that wa published by William Lloyd Garrison. This newspaper
was meant to help on the movement of the anti slavery. Garrison was a big part of this due to
his newspaper since he wanted to get the public to notice. This is great document to read due to
the fact that it is rich with information of wrong was being done with slavery. This is a very
interesting article to read.