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The FINAN package contains two very useful programs.



This is an extrapolation program which can be used to find a
unknown value which is situated between two known values:

eg: Let us say we have the following table:




--------------10 I 0.45
15 I 0.56
20 I 0.63
25 I 0.70

And let us say that we have an X=17, and we would like to
find the corresponding Y. Well here is how you do it with

The program will ask you for the following variables:

If you press ATTN.. YL: The corresponding value of Y for XL...63 XL: 15 YL: 0.56 Therefore the value of Y corresponding to X=17 is 0.588 XL: 15 YL: . it will bring you back to the stack.588.. YU: The corresponding value of Y for XU.. FINAN This is a program designed to compute different factors regarding the value of money given an interest and a period .. XL: The 'X' number with a value lower than VA.56 The numbers beside the variables are for the above mentioned example.(should read EXTRAPOLATION) XU: 20 YU: .. VA: Value of the number for which you want to find Y. XU: The 'X' number with a value higher than VA.63 VA: 17 --->: ..VA: 17 XU: 20 YU: 0. Once all the values have been entered press ENTER. After a few moments you will get this screen: INTERPOLATION..

P/F: Present value given future value. In other words. put it in the form of to find the value of what you are looking for.049252=4925. P/A: Present value given the Annuity.of time. F/P: Future value given the present value. F/A: Future value given the annuity. you may want to know how much you have to put aside each year: This a case of A/F.21 In other words.. depending on how the interest rate is computed. you will have to put aside $4925. A/F: Annuity given the future value.000 in ten years. and N: Number of periods in the program and you will get a factor for A/F=0.21 every year for the next ten years in order to have $100. years. NOTE: When you input the interest rate. . you have to multiply this factor by the value of what you know (in our example it was the future value).049252 So if you multiply $100.000* you plug in the values for I:Interest. The symbols are the following: A/P: Annuity given the present value.. if you want to have $100. As you can see from the example above. this factor is a ratio between the two numbers. months..000 at the end. and the interest rate is 15%. The period of time can be in days.XXX...