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South Australia).

Then they moved to 7

points to represent extra colony of
Papua New Guinea, which was
dependent territory at that time.

Flag history:

Students 2nd Secondary year are

pleased to present the next item
entitled " Australia "
In the present we are detailing the
history of Australia , and its
current president , its capital and
its different dishes from this
Hoping that this is your total

The authors

The origins of
the flag are
clear: Australia
was colonized by the
British in 1788 and remained a colony
until independence in 1901. However,
Australia remains a member of the
Commonwealth, and so has opted to
keep the flag of the British Union
within national flag.
6 stars represent the constellation of
the Southern Cross (Southern Cross)
which itself has become a very
common symbol of Australia. This
constellation is very important in the
southern hemisphere and is clearly
seen in the night sky over Australia.
Each of the stars has seven points and
are known as stars of the
Commonwealth. Originally, there were
six points to represent the six colonies
that formed Australia (New South
Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Western
Australia, Northern Territory and

The Governor General of Australia is a
position established by the
Constitution of the
Commonwealth of
Australia to
proclaim laws,
appoint judges
and ministers and
perform other
tasks of great
importance. In
terms of the
protocol, the figure is the highest in
Australia ( after Queen). The governor
general presides over the Executive
Council of Australia and is the
commander of the defense forces.
The coalition led by Australian Prime
Minister Malcolm Turnbull, won the
general elections held on July 2,
although it is still unknown whether it
will form government alone or through

The capital of Australia is Canberra

with a population of over 345,000

Meat pie (meatloaf) call "dog 's eye"

(eye dog). Sell at any
bakery, supermarket
and even tends to be
very popular in the
early morning after a
night of partying , it
contains meat ,
mashed potato and a thick sauce.

What is the typical food in

Australia is a multicultural country
and Australians eat fried rice daily.

Kangaroo : KANGAROO EAT ! many

Australians have a habit of eating
kangaroo meat . Either roasted , grilled
or baked. Underdone it cooked and can
be flavored with garlic , pepper and
rosemary. He's very rich!

Lamington is known as the national

dessert of Australia . It is a sponge
cake in a square that usually coated
with chocolate and shredded coconut .
Also they served with strawberry jam
or cream.

Fish n chips: Fish roast or batter with

chips , the first English heritage who

came to the antipodes. The sun rises,

summer arrives and the Aussies do
not forgive your fish and chips with a
cold beer . This dish is a favorite ,
served with lemon and salt , easy and
delicious .



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