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Parts digestive system

In this brochure it will
show the functions of
the organs of the
digestive system Hope
you like.

Digestive system
Esophagus: It is a part of the
digestive system of humans
consists of a muscular tube about
25 centimeters, which connects
the pharynx to the stomach.
Liver: It is the bulkier of the
viscera and one of the most
important by their metabolic
Stomach: It is the first portion of
the digestive tract in the
abdomen, excluding the small
portion of abdominal esophagus.
Pancreas: It has a conical shape
with a process uniformed medial
and inferior, a head, a neck, a
body and a tail.
Small Intestine: The small
intestine is the section of the
digestive tract that connects the
stomach to the large intestine.