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Current Trends Issues and Seminar

Common/General Issues in IT (Hardware & Software)
1. Increase cost/cause
o cost of living
o software increase cost
o updates (fast but increases cost)
2. new trends (new cost)
3. adware
4. advertisement is everywhere
5. technicalities
6. issues are always present as part of the cost
7. competition is always present
8. upgrade in software – upgrade in hardware
9. more threats
11.crime increase in culture (over looking) and traditions
13.less employment in the field of agriculture
15.intellectual property rights
16.privacy and environment
18.increase cost (maintenance and upgrade)
19.change of view
20.low and high price (quality)
21.compatibility source
o disclaimer of proprietary
o self programming
o immature software


obsolescence software

o become obsolete
24.increasing maniaturation
o devices getting smaller
 Decrease of quality: sensitive, smaller performance
 Poor detection limit, stability issues
25.Increasing software independent
o Decrease of own independent learning traits
26.User empowerment through new technologies
o Instead of reading books and developing reading and analysis (in
o Taking actual research
27.Shorter computer-system life cycle
28.Hardware and software conflicts
o Software development continue to fall behind hardware
o Causing software obsolete impact for hardware
29.More costly to business venture
o Customer service increase
30.In business
o Do it our way (instead don’t do it)
o Impacts
 Cost, maintenance, compatibility issues

Hershey. not delivered payments  Drop rate income in profitable season  Delay of shipments 35.Hidden cost o Training.Re-development o New hardware & software application 37.Job change 33.Use of power o Increase general cause affecting others 41.High investment cost to digital firms 39.Responsibility of individual and professional . data analysis.Licensure downgrade (software) o Expand authorized older products 36. integration.31. consulting fees  Some issues in industry o Whirpool.Lack of interpersonal interaction 34. Volkswagen  New implementation of new strategies cripples in shipping system.High security & risk to sensitive data 40.Re-qualifying o Re-qualified in an operational environment 38. data conversion. leaving stocks.Security 32.