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News from the 5th Grade Stars

October 10th-October 14th
October 14th- Fire Safety
October 18th-Picture Retakes
October 18th- Bus Safety
ReadingMonth of October: Students will be bringing home a
calendar of chapters they need to read for the class book.
We will have book talks throughout the month so I can
check in with. Along with the reading they will need to
answer questions. This will replace the reading log.

Students will not have a reading log for
the month of October. They will also not
have a book report due in October.
SpellingFriday- Packet- word list comes home to help them study
Wednesday- Pre-test (look for scores in the planners, if
they get 100% they don’t have to take the post-test)
Thursday- Packet due---Post-test

English- We will begin working on understanding nouns
and how they work in sentences.
Writing- We will have a weekly writing assignment where
we will add details every week to our writing.
Math- Continue to work on multiplication and division
(see Mr. Demuth’s webpage for more information)
Science- Mr. Demuth will continue working with mixtures
and solutions. They will add different things to different
solutions. They have been studying many new
vocabulary words.
(see Mr. Demuth’s webpage for more information)
S.S.-Iowa History- We will finish up Iowa History. Students
will also be given a review over Iowa History and use their
IPADs to look up information about the state. We will then
begin our study of early explorers.
Throughout the week we will spend five minutes here and
there working on 19 essential social skills to help
students interact socially.