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A good working experience is essential to go ahead in civil engineering.

I was lucky enough
to get that knowledge within my industrial training period. This report will be very important to
the people who like to know about the practical situation of the construction site and my
colleagues who could not gain a sufficient knowledge within industrial training period.
I have included mainly two chapters as Introduction to the training organization, Training
experiences and Conclusion. Here I had to add two site introduction as I was at two sites in my
general training period both in Sanken Lanka (pvt)Ltd.
In first chapter, I have introduced the Sanken Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. and its functions,
organization structure, recent performance and profitability.
In second chapter, I have clearly explained about finishing work sush as tiling
,painting,etc and problems encountered during the training period in each sections. Also,
information on administration and office practices, safety of the site, equipments


machineries has been described.
. In formwork section, how to arrange formwork to the beams, slabs, columns, lift wall
sand R.C walls have been properly described.
In this report I have included a chapter named Dry wall partition system
,which was the main chapter of my training period at SKHK site. The functioning of the
system , how it placing ,setting out and advantages of the system are included under
that chapter .
I was selected for external and internal finishing work at HNB project kandy in first
half of my training period. In second half I was selected to dry wall partition work at SKET
project. So I took more chapters finishes . Fortunately all main interior and exterior
finishing methods are used in these sites. Lot of theoretical and practical things about
civil engineering which I learned during my training period are included in this

S.B.M Subasinghe
Institute Of Ingineering Technology