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Spreading K/Theory

Written by Niko Battle of the Kamiak High School Debate Team.
Do not copy this word for word…If you do I will find you and I will cut you. XD
have a good day.

A. Interpretation: What debaters call spreading is actually no more than a logical fallacy (a Gish Gallop);
debaters cannot when any arguments of which engage in logical fallacies

B. Violation: My opponents use of spreading is a undeniable demonstration of a Gish Gallop
C. Standard: The only use debaters have for Gish Gallops is to overwhelm their opponent and force them
into dropping arguments. This harms the fairness of the round as debate no longer becomes about
which debater is more persuasive or uses more logic, rather which debater can spew a torrential flood
of evidence the best which brings me to…

D. Standard: A Gish Gallop prevents debaters from invoking any real world change in their respective
communities, by corrupting what is otherwise logically sound discourse; thus debate loses its
educational purpose.

E. Voter: Fairness is a voter… The role of the judge is not only to decide which debater is more
persuasive, but also to determine which debater best fosters an environment that is fair; not only to
those who have previously been familiarized with “the ways” but for all in our society. Fair debates
are always educational, not only to the debaters, but to the judge and anyone watching, which brings
me to…

F. Voter: Education is a voter…if the ballot were to ignore and/or allow debaters to destroy education by
using logical fallacies such as a Gish Gallop (or spreading); there would be no more educational value
to debate, thus society would lose a valuable forum for the exchange of ideas and freedom of


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