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Two major problems have encountered for the concrete work.



Honey combs

Bleeding is occurred when concrete contains more water than necessary. Due to this
aggregate particles settle down and the excess water comes up over the surface of the compacted
concrete. If there is a bleeding it can cause to make concrete porous and hence weak and nondurable.
Bleeding is preventing by controlling the water content, using finely ground cement and
controlling compaction. So they just put the porker vibrator and removed it.

This is happening due to the separation of coarse aggregates from the mortar and
loosing uniformity and homogeneity of concrete. The differences in size of particles and
specific gravity are the reasons of segregation. To reduce the segregation, concrete should
be prepared by using well-graded particles. Then it holds the mortar better.
And also the incorrect handling during transportation and placing of concrete and
over compaction has affected the segregation. The final result should be the honeycombs.
This is a large issue for the structural elements. So if there is any honeycombs that should
be repaired or demolished and re-concreted.
In the normal practice, repaid the small honeycombs by using special cement paste under
structural engineer’s inspection. So they have used “Masterflow-98” chemical grout to repair the
honeycombs occurred on footings and columns.

grout would leak through the formwork that is leads to occur honeycombs. Plywood sheets deformed due to weather condition. Usage of improper mixture of concrete. 3. . Poor compaction of concrete For compaction of concrete porker was used.Honey combs Honeycombs in concrete are a major defect in concrete construction. Defect in the formwork If the formwork not tied together firmly. Concrete might not compacted well due to incorrect use of porker. 1. This might happen due to following reasons  Bad mixing of concrete  Incorrect proportioning of materials  Usage poorly grade coarse aggregates  Usage of higher water/cement ratio 2. Sometimes compaction using porker might be difficult due to lack of space to insert the porker. It would occur due to various reasons.