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Secretariat EAAE
Alexanderveld 5, P.O. Box 29703, NL&2502 LS The Hague, The Netherlands
Telephone: +31.70.3358361

Contract EAAE
European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)

Concerning: [NR EAAE Seminar, DATE, PLACE (COUNTRY)]


Objective of the EAAE Contract
The objective of this Contract is to make clear the responsibilities for the Organising Committee of the EAAE
Seminar and those of the EAAE Board and Secretariat in organising the seminar mentioned above.


Terms and conditions
Unless otherwise agreed, the parties shall be bound mutatis mutandis by the terms and conditions of the EAAE
Contract and any special conditions which may be agreed as a separate annex thereto, which form part of the
Contract as Annex A.


The programme is arranged by the seminar organisers in consultation with the EAAE. It should have a
reasonable geographical balance in the origin of the papers between different European countries.


The local organisers will have full responsibility and control of the technical and financial organisation of
the seminar. The seminar should be organised as economically as possible to encourage participation of
potential participants who have limited financial backing.


• The EAAE Secretariat will provide organisers one month in front with an up&date of the membership list
of the EAAE and registrations forms for membership. On the basis of the membership list the
organisers are able to find out if the participants are already a member of the EAAE.
• The local organisers guarantee that the membership list is only used for this purpose and not for any
other purpose. They also take the necessary measures to prevent that the membership list is used by
others than the local organisers themselves. They delete all copies of the list after the seminar.
• The local organisers guarantee that every participant of an EAAE Seminar will be a member of the
EAAE, except the national observers (see under participants). For non&members, the registration fee
has to include a provision for the EAAE membership fee. The costs of becoming a member are € 50.
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• Membership runs from Congress to Congress and is valid for a triennial period. • In addition. Participants. Participating in a seminar halfway through the triennial period does not extend the membership. The Netherlands Telephone: +31. NL&2502 LS The Hague. sponsors. Just before the seminar the contact person will also send the official program to the Secretary General. The representative will have free entrance to the seminar. Box 29703. • The secretariat of the EAAE is responsible for publication of the information of the seminar on the website (within 2 weeks after receiving the information) and in the next Newsflash. P. top of a ministry. papers must be made available in pdf format via AgEcon Search in the weeks before the seminar or congress takes Contract xxxth EAAE Seminar Page 2 of 4 . However making use of the AgEcon Search arrangements (see below). 2. so that those who wish to bring their own download may do so. but these should be removed several weeks after the seminar has ended. • The organisers send the information of the seminar to the editorial board. The Board of the EAAE will always send a representative to participate in the Note: In case there are two organising international organisations (like EAAE and IAAE or EAAE and EAFE for makes such a dedicated temporarily web page with seminar papers redundant. Arrangements for availability of the paper at the seminar should be made known to participants beforehand. we apply the rule that persons have to be a member of ONLY one of both and that they can choose which one the take. 2.eaae. are generally invited to submit a paper and also would be expected to contribute actively in the discussion. Organisers may restrict electronic access to the papers to those who have paid a seminar registration.4 Participants The local organisers will follow the next guidelines: • Fifty active participants has been found to be about the optimum number. 2. The membership ends at the beginning of the 14th Congress in 2014. With observers are meant: journalists. All people that register and pay the participation fee should also pay the EAAE membership.eaae. • For more information about the membership is referred to the policy as formulated on the website ( • To promote the availability of papers presented on EAAE seminars and congresses. invited presenters or other people who do not register officially. • In case of modifications in the information the contact person is obliged to contact the secretariat to ensure the modifications can be enforced. preferably by e&mail (eaae.O.EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMISTS Secretariat EAAE Alexanderveld 5. • Some observers from the host country may be invited to the seminar.3358361 E&mail: eaae. organisers may make papers available at the seminar on a CD&Rom or in hard copy.5 Communication • The organisers indicate a contact person who is responsible for the communication with the EAAE Secretariat.lei@wur. not with a national organisation). • The Secretary General of the EAAE will be included on the mailing list of the seminar organisation in order to be completely up to date with the organisation. Travel and accommodation expenses will be paid by the representative.lei@wur. from a range of countries.6 Dissemination of seminar papers and AgEcon Search • The organisers may place final versions of accepted papers on the seminar web page.

3 Feedback on support from the EAAE The EAAE tries to improve the quality of every seminar by learning from the previous www. the organisers should send a final report (preferably by e&mail) on the seminar to the Secretariat of the EAAE. The seminar organisers should instruct authors of papers to use a standard title page. indicate with which publisher. please send you comments by e&mail to the Secretary General of the EAAE: eaae. • Participating countries. Detailed information on AgEcon Search.eaae.70.7.3358361 E&mail: eaae. Within one month after the seminar the fees of new members have to be cashed at registration of the seminar by the local organisers and the total amount of money of these fee has to be transferred to the account of the European Association of Agricultural Economists account number 35. The Netherlands SWIFT address: RABO NL 2 U European Association of Agricultural Economists Account number 35.lei@wur. 2.O.7 Completion EAAE Seminar Within one month after the seminar the list of participants and membership forms have to be sent to the EAAE 3) Effectiveness of this EAAE Contract This EAAE Contract shall become effective upon signature of the Contract.7. place. 2.68.68. • Contact person for additional questions on the seminar (it is possible that this is another person then the one who served as a contact person during the organisation of the seminar).457 with Rabobank Katwijk (The Netherlands) by SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMISTS Secretariat EAAE Alexanderveld 5.7.eaae. NL&2502 LS The Hague. Box 29703. Contract xxxth EAAE Seminar Page 3 of 4 . Therefore. Organisers should contact Louise Letnes at AgEcon Search in advance for a password and timing arrangements.457 With Rabobank Vallei en Rijn IBAN: NL13 RABO 0356 8034 57 In the fortnight following the seminar.2 One&page summary for publication on the website • If proceedings are published. The report can be divided into three parts: 2.1 Administrative proceedings • Total amount of participants. • Total amount of papers. by VISA or Eurocard or bank payment order in favour of: & & & & & & & Rabobank Nederland Utrecht. The Netherlands Telephone: 2. uploading procedures and standard title pages for authors can be found on our website www.

org 4) Amendments Amendments or changes to this Contract shall be made in writing and signed by the duly authorised representatives of the parties. The Netherlands Telephone: +31.3358361 E&mail: eaae.lei@wur.70. For the EAAE: For the EAAE Seminar: Name: Ruud Huirne Name: Position: Secretary General Position: Date: Date: Signature: Signature Annex A: not necessary Contract xxxth EAAE Seminar Page 4 of 4 . NL&2502 LS The Hague. www.O. Box 29703.EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMISTS Secretariat EAAE Alexanderveld 5.eaae.