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In a construction site we have to move with several categories of persons such as,

The method of moving with each category to be changed from each one to another. They should treat by understanding their lives with their mental status to make themselves satisfaction by doing the works efficiently and with more quality.  . Because the construction process is depend on the ability of workers to do works to get more efficient and good quality products. Then we can do our part.As a trainee the way to behave with those people is completely differ from the method of behaving of Managing Director. which is suitable for our position.1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Labours Site staff Site management & Head Office Consultants & Clients Neighbors & surrounding people When we working to do our work with response we have to more with above several categories with more care especially about our words & works. There are so many tricks which should have to use when working in a site.  The efficiency of working & the quality of the works are change from worker to worker  The behaviors of workers are differ from each other.  At the beginning we should understand them accurately and then we will be able to direct them in a suitable method which is created for each workers separately.   The main and only one thing is to make them satisfactory. And also that should be changed according to our position in the site. There fore labour handling is very important. SUITABLE WAY TO WORK SMOOTHLY ACCORDING TO MY EXPERIENCE  AS A TRAINEE OR JUNIOR SITE OFFICE 1. Ex: . Because the nature of production is directly effect to the future achievement of the company. The first and very special thing is to understanding the role and responsibilities of each categories separately. WITH LABOURS In a construction site we should give more concentration to the labours.

    When we move with workers always they should feel that. 3. Sometimes their may be same staff members who don't like our talented & hard working. Not only among the workers but also among the educated people there are different characters There fore to work with them smoothly they also should be well understood by us & the method of dealing with each one is to be recognized separately. cost controlling & giving good quality & showing good progress of works the Site Staff & Site Management have to work under stress. To do as above we should know all the things about relevant works. They always try to disturb our works and always finding our loose points to let down us. but we should keep our respect & personality in front of them. But they need to show good quality of works to the consultants & Clients also. Maintaining labour and material records. We should always concentrate about the workers safety and welfare. WITH SITE MANAGEMENT & HEAD OFFICE When considering above two categories the always trying to save the cost. With lack of sources improper flaw of material supplying. . weather records etc. 2. To do as this we always should minimize our loose points & should show our talent to them Move with friendly & more helpfully we can do our works with well self satisfaction. So as resistance we should be stronger by. WITH SITE STAFF When working with site staff that also thing which should be done with more care. Reasons for lost time recording The main thing work with the site staff we should respect to the respectable person. We should always try to prevent high lighting our loose points to them & always try to zero our week points.    Collecting more details about all the things related to site & Project. In my short period in the site I identified that the unity of site staff can do the works more efficiently with good satisfaction about the job. we care about them & we keep well attention about their works and also we should behave in front of them as the superiors.

WITH NEIGHBORS & SURROUNDING PEOPLE At the beginning when we visit first time to the site sometimes we have to face some difficulties such as regarding land boundary problems from neighbors and surrounding people and disagreement with the construction according to the type of constructions. o So when dealing with them we should careful to cover the contractor's side by using special tricks. With Consultant & Clients o Consultants are the intermediate persons between Clients & Contractor. After giving good impression they will not disturb to our works unreasonably. o There are so many methods to satisfy the consultant requirements o In the beginning we should show them we are doing all the works without any fault & more carefully.So do our work successfully by over coming above problems we should move with that peoples very smoothly. . o They can stop the work if they are not satisfied about them if it is reasonable. 4. Relevant to the difficulties which may come from surrounding people as the result of the proposed construction etc. o o As the contractor when dealing with consultant there are important factors to be considered. Then we are able to win their confidence.1. We can behave with them friendly & helpfully. o Consultant is always looking for contractors’ faults and loose points. The are responsible about the works of contractor & they can inspect the work.