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5.1 Introduction of reinforcement
5.2 Bending, cutting, and Binding practice
5.3 Bar schedule
5.4 Schedule information

Chapter 5
5.1 Introduction of Reinforcement
To improve the tensile strength we used reinforcement with concrete. There are main two
types of reinforcement used for concrete. Hot rolled plain and round mild steel, Hot rolled
deformed bar and cold worked bar are use as a reinforcement today.

Therefore using tor steel helps to get good bond strength. 12mm. bar length is not enough to solve that we have to lap another steel bar because load should be transfer to other bar. and 32mm. Also it is used for secondary reinforcements. as reinforcement are tor steel.15@150 C/C Distance center-center Bar mark Diameter of Bar Type of Bar Number if Bars Lap Length Fixing time of the steel bars. 16mm. Y-12. Mostly mild steel bars used for column stirrups. Tor steel (Yield steel) The tor steel bars have helical ribs running along the surface of the bar. Y-25 bars for columns. Y-20. In our site we use 52D as a lap length. 25mm. Generally all steel used in building. Mild steel (Round steel) This kind of steels used where not much strength is regard. Mild steel bars have not ribs on their face cannot have firm grip on the when cast together. footings and other structural works. This process can be nominated as Lap length.Y-10. 20mm. Tor steel bars available diameter sizes of 10mm. So that effective force transfers from concrete to steel.In our site we used Y-10. Bar Notation 20. . “D” mean Diameter of the bar. Y-16.

2 Bending. Re-bar drawing shall be prepared as per structural drawings for construction. Schedule information is given in below. According to the structure the clear cover varies.5. i) Cut/bend re-bar shall be collated with cutting/ bending schedule by the officer in charge at bar bending yard. There should be a cover for the steel bars. Cutting & Binding practice Cutting/ Bending Cutting/bending shall be carried out at bar bending yard as per cutting/bending schedule. This clear cover is also maintained to protect the reinforcement of the structure from the heat of the fire any accident will occur. For this purpose we made cover blocks. a Member identification of the structural member in the bar is located b Bar mark (unique reference of the bar ) .3 Bar Schedule Bar schedule is a document used to specify the and identify the reinforcing bars.4 Schedule Information A bar schedule shall contain the following information in the sequence below. Foundations - 50mm Columns - 25mm Beams bottom - 25mm 5. 5. Cutting/ bending schedule shall be prepared as per the re-bar drawing. ii) Cut/bend re-bars after checking shall be tagged for easy identification at site. Clear Cover To avoid reinforcement open to the air. which is prepared from 1:3 cement sand mixture.

when ever a line is amended and the schedule re-used .B.calculated from dimension f Number of members g Number of bars in each member h Total number of bars i Total length in millimeters (rounded to the nearest multiple of 25 mm) j Shape code k Bending dimensions in millimeters (rounded to the nearest multiple of 25 mm) l Revision letter for member (a letter should be treed here..C ect..millimeters (cutting length allowing for the gain at bends . starting millimeters e Length in each bar .the same letter should be entered ) m Title block .c Type of steel a single letter will suffices if clearly defined the columns for type of steel ad size can be combined) d Size (normal diameter ) of the bar .