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My name is Sivaany. As a volunteer of the World Youth Foundation Peace
Day event that was held on the 24 September 2016, I was asked to write
about my experience .24 September was a memorable day for me as my
friends and I made loads of new friends and also we made many people
smile with just a rose. My objective was to make people smile and I’m
glad that I achieved my objective .At first, people were reluctant to
receive the roses as they thought they were for sale until we explained
that we were we giving out the roses as a symbol of peace. Then they
were very happy to receive the roses because they realized that just a
stalk of rose could spread a very big message and that is peace and
harmony. After handing out the roses we interviewed some of them on
what peace meant to them .Most of them said that it meant no war and
happiness .To me peace means unity, happiness, joy and freedom. After
my experience on that day, I wish that this event will be held every year
to promote the importance of peace around the world ,because if peace
does not exist, I won’t be here writing this essay .Peace means a lot to
me and with that feeling in me, I will spread smiles across the world even
if it just means handing out a rose .
Happy International Peace Day !!!!

Isn’t only a word,
Where people are concern,
It means love,
No war,
Happiness no sorrow,
When you find peace inside of you,
You can find peace around you,
Joy, Happiness , Freedom,
Is what peace means to me,
As well as when the people ,

Find Unity,
Happy International Peace Day From The Bottom Of My Heart.