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All about Dengue Fever in Indonesia

Dengue fever is a painful, debilitating mosquito-borne disease caused by one of four closely
related dengue viruses. DHF is most common during the rainy season (November-May) as Aedes
mosquitos require clean standing water to produce. The peak of the season in usually from
March through May.
For adult Incubation period of 2-14 days. The inset of symptoms is usually abrupt with chills,
high fever ( max 40 C), severe headaches, backaches, weakness, pain behind the eyes, and
During 2nd to 6th day of infection are nausea, vomiting, changes in taste sensation and loss of
appetite constipation, anxiety or depression, high temperature on night and down on daytime.
8-10th day : sudden drop in body tempt the skin in trunk, limbs, palms, and skin turn bright red,
may peel and often blanches under presssure.
11-14 th (recovery) : bedrest, antipyretic, analgesics.
For children
A red throat, runny nose, chough, and mild gastrointestinal. Symptoms similiar to pharyngitis,
influenza and upper respiratory infection.
Confirming the diagnose
There are immedietly useful or uniquivocally accurate test for dengue fever. However, there are
indicators that can be used to confirm an initial diagnosis of dengue fever.

Low white cell count, as oppused to bacterial causes of fever.
A characteristic drop of platelet in the blood.

Convalences can take weeks, and bed rest antipyretic and analgesics are required. An attack
produces immunity for a year or move, but only the one of the foor flavivirus shais responsible
initial illnes.
There is no vaccine againts dengue fever, but we can prevent the dengue fever by doing:
1. Clearing the neigh borhood of punds & pils.
2. Covering all water contains and removing any object that can trap rain water.
3. Filling in or draining areas of stagnant water except for aerated swimming and

ormamental pools.
Using larvicids of keeping larvae eating fish in water that cannot be drained.
Instaling mosqitos screens on doors and windows and mosquitos neting over beds.
Wear long sleeves and long pants.
Insect repellents to prevent mosquitos bites.