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After completing of the entire plastering work floor concreting works are began. First we should
be backfilled and it compacting well by using rammer machine and then special treatment to soil
is done. After soil treatment gave the floor concrete level by using the leveling instrument. As per
the drawing requirement we should level the floor.
For Example
 If the tiling floor we have to kept 35 mm leveling drop rather than normal level.
 If it is a rendering floor we have to kept 25 mm drop.

Rendering is the most commonly floor finishes method. Before start the rendering work the
concrete floor must be clean and chip, wash properly. Until removing the lose particle and dust.
Then the top level of the rendering bed was mark at the corners of the floor area by using mortar
pots. And the thickness of the bed was not less than 20 mm. In our site we have to face many
difficulties due to level variation of the slab and floor concreting.
Therefore, before design the finish floor level we have to get the spot level of the slab and then
get the average value for rendering work.
First the skirting was finish. The height of the skirting was 100 mm and it thickness was 10 mm.
Then cement mortar is laid on the concrete floor. The cement: sand ratio of the mortar was 1:3 is
used for floor rendering. To have a smooth and level the rendering floor straight edge and trowel
were used. After applying cement-sand motor cement grout was applied on top of it to get
required color and smooth, even surface. The rendered floor should be cured. Can use gunny bag
system to curing and curing is done to prevent the surface cracks and hollows.