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Osaka International School

Kwansei Gakuin Foundation

October 7, 2016

OIS COMMUNITY BULLETIN | Twitter: @oisinbrief | Facebook: | Youtube: SOIS Videos

Futsal Tournament

New Website Released

Students in grades 3-5 will be

playing soccer in the Falcon
Cup on Rokko Island next
Friday October 14. The 34
students are quite excited and
will be learning the
fundamentals of soccer,
teamwork and how to handle
winning and losing.

Parent Advisory
We are looking for parents to
serve on a committee focusing
on improving student learning
and promoting OIS. The group
will meet 3 times per year and
will reflect the diverse
demographics of our
community, from grade levels
to nationalities. No expertise
necessary, just enthusiasm and
willingness to help our school.
Please contact Bill if you are

This week we released the schools new website! All of the information
and photos are updated. There are separate English and Japanese
language websites. It took many hours of eort behind the scenes to
get it up and running and we would like to thank everyone involved,
especially the IT department and our website design master, Stephen
Frater. We hope the updated website will attract prospective families
and teachers to choose to come to SOIS. We have an excellent school
and wonderful community and want to show that off to the world.
With a project this large, we are continually improving the website and
will continue to develop it during this school year.

Fall Music Recital

Students wanting to
participate can contact
Thursday October 27 4:00 PM
in the theatre.

Osaka International School

Community Bulletin 1

Osaka International School

Kwansei Gakuin Foundation

October 7, 2016

Elementary School Book Week

From October 17 - 21, the elementary students, faculty and
parents will be celebrating reading and books. There will be a
variety of events ranging from #oisreads Twitter campaign, book
sale, Drop Everything And Read, etc. All elementary classes will
be reading the book Mottainai by a group called Planet Link. It
is about a sustainable lifestyle.

Sports Day Update

Upcoming Events

We will make a decision

tomorrow morning at 6:00 AM if
the Sports Day will go ahead or
will be postponed until Monday
October 10. We will make the
announcement on the website
and Twitter. The forecasts
changed during the day today so
we are unsure as of Friday
afternoon. The schedule is as

PTA monthly meeting - 9:00 AM Wednesday October 12

ASP MS/HS auditions October 19-20 3:45 PM theatre
Kool Sounds @ Kita Senri Monday October 24 4:00 PM
MAP testing grades 2-10 (all through October)
Beyond 2020 elementary school Noh performance - Friday
November 4 @ Grand Front Osaka mall 6:00 PM

8:30 elementary students report

to homerooms
8:45 - 10:30 elementary school
sports day events (pool,
10:30 - MS/HS students report to
10:45 - opening ceremony /
parade (field)
11:00 - 16:00 middle and high
schools sports day events
12:45 - MS performance
13:25 - HS performance
15:40 - relay race
16:05 - closing ceremony

Osaka International School

Community Bulletin 2

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