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Unit 6test


4.38 Listen. Underline the correct answer.

(5 marks)
1 The old-fashioned / newer-style light bulbs are
going to disappear.
2 The new light bulbs have a positive effect on
climate change / endangered species.
3 It will / wont become obligatory to use solar
power in the home for now.
4 Amy is concerned about animals in overseas
countries / everywhere.
5 The trade in endangered species is as
important as / less important than protecting
where they live.

4.38 Listen again. Complete the sentences.

(5 marks)


The government wants people to buy

energy-efficient light bulbs.
Some people will have solar ___________ in
their homes.
The government wont ___________ people to
have solar power.
We should think about renewable ___________ .
Amys family are ___________ of the WWF.
The WWF also works to ___________ animals

3 Correct the mistakes. Change the bold words.
(12 marks)


The number of endangered emissions is

increasing. species
We need to look into new forms of renewable
change. ___________
We avoid flying because we want to reduce our
greenhouse footprint. ___________
Solar warming is responsible for the change in
the worlds climate. ___________
Countries need to stop burning fossil gases.
Climate levels are rising. ___________
Animals carbon habitats are disappearing.

Complete the sentences. Use the -ed and -ing

form of the words in brackets. (8 marks)

I was disappointed (disappoint) with my mark.

1 Ive looked everywhere for the photo album but I
cant find it. Its really ___________ (puzzle).
2 I was ___________ (shock) to see Maxs hair.
3 What a ___________ (fascinate) book!
4 Lets change the subject. The news is so
___________ (depress).
5 I was ___________ (disgust) by his rudeness.
6 The comedy show was ___________ (amuse).
7 The book was quite ___________ (bore).
8 Were ___________ (excite) about our holiday.

5 Complete the sentences. Use will and a verb
from the box. Are they decisions (D), offers (O)
or promises (P)? (12 marks)


buy have lend make open share walk

Im tired. Ill have a rest before dinner. D
There isnt enough room in the car for us all.
I__________ . __
There arent enough potatoes. I__________ a
salad instead. __
Hang on! I__________ the door for you. __
You must be cold. I__________ you my coat. __
I__________ you a bike for your birthday. __
I__________ my chocolate with you. __

6 Write sentences. Use going to and the words in

brackets. (12 marks)

The car is going to crash. (crash)

He ____________________ the sandwich. (eat)
They ____________________ on the lake. (sail)
They ____________________ the cat. (not feed)
We ____________________ a picnic. (have)
She ____________________ out. (not go)
You ____________________ tennis with Mario.
(not play)
I ____________________ to drive. (learn)
She ____________________ on holiday next
week. (go)
You ____________________ French. (study)
I ____________________ TV tonight. (not
He ____________________ you. (not help)
We ____________________ dinner. (not cook)

Unit 6test
5 Where does the water go when it rains?

7 Complete the text. Use will or going to.

(16 marks)
I cant wait for Christmas. It will be (be) on a
Tuesday this year. Weve got a lot of people coming
so I know that it (1) _______________ (not be)
easy. Last year, I left everything to the last minute,
so Ive already decided that I (2) _______________
(start) preparing earlier. Paul (3) ______________
(help). His exact words were I (4) ______________
(not let) you do everything on your own, Mum. That
probably means that he (5) _______________
(taste) the food for me! Ive promised Mrs Murphy
next door that I (6) _______________ (make) a
cake for her. Perhaps I (7) _______________ (do)
that tomorrow. Ive looked at the recipe and its quite
complicated so the cake (8) _______________
(take) a long time to make. Id better get up early!
8 Correct the mistakes. Change the bold words.
(10 marks)

Shell go swimming if it raining. rains

If we wont do something, the problem will
get worse. _______________
Well bring some food if well come to the picnic.
Tigers will be extinct if we didnt stop killing
them. _______________
If we all give some money, we had enough to
make a big donation. _______________
You wont be on time if you wont leave now.

9 Answer the questions with a word or phrase.
(10 marks)
1 What problem does Mr Porter describe?
2 What adjective does he use to describe the
problem? __________________
3 He makes a contrast between a global concern
and a __________________ one.
4 Who does he blame for not keeping the streams
clear? __________________
Listening _____ / 10 Vocabulary _____ / 20 Grammar _____ / 50 Reading _____ / 10 Writing _____ / 10
TOTAL _____ / 100

Unit 6test
Dear Editor,
Im writing about the recent floods in our town. Ive
lived here since I was a child, that is, almost forty
years, and I cant remember a time when the
flooding has been so alarming. It is something that
has increased over the past ten to fifteen years, and
it is going to continue to get worse.
It has become very fashionable to talk about climate
change, and to say that the flooding is caused by
rising sea levels. However, although I agree that we
all need to reduce our carbon footprint, I think that
the problem Im describing is the result of a more
local issue.
If readers take a walk along any of the streams that
run through the town, theyll see that most of them
are blocked by rubbish. It is well known that the
council has reduced the amount of money it spends
on keeping the waterways clear. This means that
when we have bad weather, the rainwater in the
streams has nowhere to go but out onto the streets.
If the council doesnt do something soon, we wont
need cars well need boats!
Yours faithfully, Douglas Porter

10 Underline and correct the mistakes. (4 marks)
The chemicals harm the atmosfere. atmosphere
1 The problem is getting bader. __________
2 If you wont be here by 12, well go. __________
3 Im going to help, if you like. __________
4 We want the goverment to do more. __________
11 Write a campaign leaflet for an issue of your
choice. Describe the problem, outline possible
solutions and say how you want people to help.
Use the writing guide to help you. (6 marks)
Paragraph 1
is a serious problem. Its caused by People
are affected because
Paragraph 2
If we dont act / stop doing
Paragraph 3
If we raise, we can