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Posters line a wall with praise for the sole star; a valiant space pug who has
discovered dark matter. The scene shifts to a poster with the pug in a heroic pose.
The pug materializes in the heroic pose albeit on the space station.
He rummages around between pieces of equipment and screens, bashing them with
his nose and fails to find his chew toy. He suddenly stares a background object,
revealed to be the waste disposal. A small window glows above him.
The pug looks up and out the window to see the black hole and a glowing object
(the chew toy) floating towards it.
The pug scowls and then suits up with his equipment, puts on his fish bowl helmet.
Aiming for the black hole he presses a purge button and is blasted out into space
with great speed.
He aims straight for the chew toy, the momentum of his body being expelled from
the airlock pushing him forward. He uses the boosters in his paws to move around
At great speed he hits an asteroid hidden by the blackness of the black hole. He
bounces off and his helmet cracks. Undeterred, the pug scrambles up the nearby
asteroid and looks on into the black hole. He once again sees his chew toy and
jumps off towards the black hole.
Once again as the pug draws close he is almost within range of the chew toy, a new
threat emerges. Although he is free from obstacles, the crack in his helmet begins
to deepen and an electronic timer occurs on his helmet:
-DECOMPRESSION OCCURRING: 1:00 MINUTEThe pug looks up at his helmet and blinks, he looks back at his chew toy and
perseveres again. By this time the space pug is extremely close to the black hole
and is now being subjected to extreme forces, his body begins to shake and
shudder. Behind him his tether suddenly snaps and flings away into space. But the
pug barely notices, he has found his chew toy.
The pug reaches out to grab the toy but clonks his head on his helmet, he continues
to do this several times before realizing that he cannot "bite" his toy. Out stretching

his paws he finally grabs hold of it.

The toy is coated in some kind of strange matter.
The pug smirks in victory but he looks up and his smirk fades as he sees that he is
very close to the black hole, almost touching it.
The space pug tries to use his paw boosters to escape the black hole's pull but it
merely gets absorbed into the black hole.
As the space pug is about to be pulled into the black hole his space suit is almost
near decompression, the pug gets an idea in his head and holds his breath, his suit
decompresses and the crack in his helmet finally gives way as air violently escapes
the helmet, pushing the pug at great speed away from the black hole and back
towards the station.
He reaches the outer doors of the space station, they open and he quickly zooms
into the room crashing into a pile of objects. The space pug picks himself up and
although bruised and shaken from his ordeal is victorious.
The pug drops his chew toy onto the deck, it still drips with some kind of strange
matter. Curiously he nudges at it before examining it.
Nearby computer screens suddenly light up, data and numbers begin to stream
onto them. A quarantine jar suddenly latches down onto the chew toy much to the
frustration of the pug.
The scene fades outward showing the pug surrounded by the flashing images.

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