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This website is dedicated to helping the public realize that wireless internet, or WiFi, emits radiation that causes a
myriad of serious health effects, including damage to DNA, cancer, and infertility. Research shows that autism,
ADHD, and other behavioral problems are also associated with wireless radiation exposure. Many scientific and
medical experts have issued warnings because of the evidence before them.
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C4ST Canada Parents for Safe Technology

Solutions are readily available. Computers in schools can be connected to the internet via wired technology, which
does not emit RF microwave radiation, and is both faster and more reliable.
WiFi emits RF radiofrequency microwave radiation. Both wireless routers and wireless computers contain
transmitters that send information back and forth through the air. Microwave radiation is able to penetrate walls made
of wood, metal, and concrete. It can also penetrate our bodies.
There are literally thousands of peer reviewed studies, conducted in laboratories and field studies from around the
world, that show wireless radiation to be harmful.
Scientific Evidence:
Recently Published Papers on Wi-Fi
Categorized Compilation of 1396 Peer Reviewed Studies
5,000 Peer Reviewed Studies
1975 Declassified Medical Intelligence
1971 Naval Medical Research Document
1972 Russian Research Document

Update on World Health Organization

RF Radiation Classification
Senior IARC committee chair, and public health scientist, states recently published evidence
warrants the reclassification of wireless as a Class 2A probable human carcinogen

Children Exposed to Radiation From Wireless Devices

May Suffer Irreversible Genetic Damage

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Document on Genetic Damage To Girls

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Exposing the myth that WiFi emits low levels of radiation:

In 2007 the UK Health Protection Agency stated that a person could spend a year in a WiFi hotspot and only absorb
as much radiation as a 20 minute phone call. This was blatantly misleading.
In order to be fully transparent about the radiation emissions, not only do we need to consider the radiation emitted
from routers, but we also need to examine the radiation emitted from the wireless devices that are being held near
the body. Some of these devices, such as iPads, emit even more radiation than cell phones. This is according to
information from the manufacturer itself. (Apple Product Guide)
Now, consider that all long-term (over 10 years), case-control studies on cell phones have found an increased risk of
cancer. Although no research has been done exclusively on children, studies have found that those under the age of
20 have over a 500% increased risk of developing cancer after only one year of using a cell phone.
In 2012, after reviewing the scientific literature, the Italian Supreme Court ruled that cell phones cause cancer. The
gates were thus opened internationally for legal cases involving cell phones. In 2013 an Israeli cell phone company
settled with a customer who developed brain cancer.
Given that iPads and other wireless devices emit as much or even more radiation than cell phones, and children in
wireless classrooms are using these devices for much longer periods of time, it would be expected that these
children would suffer from a much higher risk of cancer.

WiFi-Enabled Laptop Radiation Absorption

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Children are much more vulnerable

Children are much more vulnerable to RF microwave radiation due to their thinner skulls, undeveloped immune
systems, rapidly dividing cells, and higher water content. The following image shows how much deeper the radiation
penetrates a child than it does an adult. Children are not just little adults, they are much more sensitive beings.

Dr. David O Carpenter, Harvard-trained Public Health Physician

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Connecting the Dots

Recognizing the Symptoms of Wireless Radiation Sickness
Nose Bleeds
Difficulty Concentrating
Dizziness - Nausea - Vertigo
Visual and Auditory Distortion
Racing Heart Rate (Tachycardia)
Memory Loss
Attention Deficit
Skin Rash
Hyperactivity, ADD, ADHD
Night Sweats
Children Speak Out on WiFi Symptoms

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Frank Clegg, Former President of Microsoft Canada:

Symptoms of WiFi in Schools

LAUSD Students Bleeding From Ear and Nose, Reports Teacher

Wireless Radiation is Everywhere, So Why Bother?

WiFi radiation levels are not the same everywhere. The radiation drops off greatly with distance, so if your neighbors
have WiFi, and you get their signals, the levels 100 feet away from a transmitter will be very low compared to if a
WiFi router is 10 feet away, or if a WiFi device is right in front of you or in your child's lap.
WiFi levels at 100 feet (30 meters)
= 1
WiFi levels at 10 feet (3 meters)
= 2,000
WiFi levels in direct contact with device = 90,000
(units are uW/m2)

We Can Reduce Our Children's Exposure Enormously

Although we can't eliminate all wireless radiation exposure, by turning off the WiFi we can greatly reduce what our
children are absorbing where they spend most of their time - at school and home.

Taking Action to Protect Our Children:

Wireless technology is so popular and enticing that schools are rapidly moving toward replacing textbooks with WiFi
computers. Schools won't look at the research, won't give it consideration, and certainly won't make any changes
without substantial public pressure. This industry has too much influence over regulators for this to change from the
top down. This is going to take families educating themselves, getting together, and making a stand for the health of
their children.
A solution is readily available: Hard wire the computers. Students can still access the technological learning tools
without being exposed to microwave radiation.
Note: Schools are incredibly resistant to acknowledging this health information. We have witnessed that
administrators will fight tooth and nail to keep WiFi. Before you take on your local school, please read through the
FAQ page so we can share with you what we have learned works best.

Dr. Martin M Pall, Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Basic Medical

Presents to Portland Public School Board

Fox News: WiFi Health Concerns in Maryland Schools

Carl Sagan On the Dangers of Not Questioning New Technology

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