Citizen Service Agent Service Canada Call Centre Regina, Saskatchewan

Written Questions

Candidate Name: Competition number:
2008-CSD-EA-MAN-SASK-SC-0154 & 155

Please answer the following questions providing specific examples from your own experience. Please limit your

answers to no more than one type written page per question.

Please return questions electronically to Janice Ingham before your interview.

This written test will be used to assess your skills in written communication as well as the Ability/ Personal Suitability in question.
Communication : The ability to express oneself clearly, concisely and openly, both orally and in writing, to effectively exchange information and ideas with others, and to demonstrate understanding, respect and appreciation of others' perspectives. • • • • Conveys ideas and information clearly and concisely. Demonstrates understanding Expresses oneself in a manner appropriate to the audience Shares information appropriately

Written Question 1. Using Technology
Using Technology: The capacity to use computer technology to ensure a high level of efficiency in accomplishing work. • Can effectively navigate the Internet • Can use fundamental desktop applications, e.g. word-processing, E-mail and other office applications


Conduct an Internet search to find out Service Canada’s goal. Once you have found the website with this information: copy and paste Service Canada’s goal into a Word document copy and paste Service Canada’s “Promise to You” copy and paste the web link to the Service Canada Charter copy and paste the address to mail a feedback form to the Office of Client Satisfaction 5. Title this document as “Service Canada” 6. Save document as Your name and “Using Technology” (ie. John Doe Using Technology) 7. Attach file along with the other portion of the assignment and send to Janice Ingham. 1. 2. 3. 4.


Written Question 2- Diagnostic Information Gathering
Diagnostic Information Gathering: The ability to Identify the information needed to clarify a situation, seek that information from appropriate sources, and use skilled questioning to draw out the information needed. • • • • • Gets more complete and accurate information, by checking multiple sources. Identifies optimal information sources. Knows when to seek expertise to obtain information or to clarify a problem. Makes effective use of time when gathering information. Quickly identifies the specific information needed to clarify a situation or to make a decision.

Question: • • • • • •

Tell us about the time you felt you were most resourceful in gathering information to deal with a problem or issue. What was the situation? Describe the step-by-step process you went through in obtaining the information. What were the information sources you used and why? How did you decide that you had gathered all the information relevant to the issue? What effect did your thoroughness have on the outcome of the situation? How was the problem resolved?

Written 3- Interpersonal awareness
Interpersonal Awareness: The ability to notice, interpret, and anticipate the feelings and concerns of others in order to develop mutually beneficial working relationships. • • • • • • Acknowledges the interests and underlying concerns of others. Anticipates how others will react to a situation and responds appropriately. Does things to address the concerns of others. Finds non-threatening ways to approach others about sensitive issues Identifies and accurately interprets what others are feeling, based on their choice of words, tone of voice, expressions, and other non-verbal behaviour. Is attentive to the ideas and concerns of others.

Question: • • • • • Response:

Describe an occasion when you had to communicate sensitive information to someone. What was the situation? What made the situation sensitive? What did you say? How did the other person respond? What was the outcome?

Written 4- Working with others
Working with Others: Openness to others from diverse backgrounds (i.e. cultural, educational, ethnic, professional etc.) and a concern for relating to others in a cooperative and ethical manner. • • • • • Contributes to team results. Relates to others with honesty and integrity. Respects individual differences. Supports and encourages others. Works to resolve conflicts.


We have all had to deal with people with whom we have found it difficult to work. Tell us about a time when you experienced an interpersonal conflict or disagreement with someone you were required to work with and describe how you handled the situation. • • • • • What was the conflict about? What was your role in the conflict? What did you do to deal with the situation? How did the person react? How was the conflict eventually resolved?


Written Question 5 - Changing and Learning
Changing and Learning: Receptivity to change and a concern for continually developing and improving one’s effectiveness.

• • • •

Accepts and uses feedback to improve oneself. Adjusts readily to change. Engages in continuous learning. Willingly uses available technologies to work and learn.


Describe a time when you were given corrective feedback regarding a task you performed. • • • How did you respond to the feedback? Did you take any action and if so, what did you do? Did this guidance affect any follow up situations and how?


Written Question 6. Initiative
Initiative: Identifying what needs to be done and doing it before being asked to or required by the situation. • • • Suggests improvements to service. Surpasses role expectations. Takes and supports well thought-out risks.


Tell us about the best example of a time when you decided to go beyond what you were required to do. • • • • • What did you do that was beyond the call of duty? What led you to take this initiative? What was the outcome of your actions? Did your supervisor say anything about your actions? What? How often in the past year did you show this kind of initiative?


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