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October 7 2016

Students Save Wati From Suvas Cold


Voreqe Bainimarama

From Left: Fiji National University 2nd Year Medical Students, Lave Matakibau, Melissa Sami and Simran Ali
Three cash-strapped medical students
scrounged around for loose coins to
feed a wandering homeless, cold and
hungry woman in Suva.
They did not realise they were starting
a mercy mission that finally saw her
admitted into the Samabula Senior
Citizens Home.
The story about the woman, Shukla
Wati, has gone viral on social media,
after she told the Fiji Sun that her eight
children had abandoned her. But the
students compassionate service was
the untold story.
This is their story.
In an interesting twist of fate, the
students hunt for a stolen mobile
phone ended in a mercy mission to
save Ms Wati from Suvas cold streets.
Fiji National University (FNU)
second year Bachelor of Medicine,
Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) students
Simran Ali, Melissa Sami and Lave
Matakibau had gone to report a
stolen phone of a friend at the Toorak
Community Police Post. There they
met Shukla Wati, 78.

Wandering and homeless in Suva, she

ended up at the Toorak Police Post on
Tuesday last week at 9pm. Cold and
hungry, Ms Wati begged for food.
Medical student Simran Ali said they
met nani (grandmother) after 9pm. In
hindsight, she said it was a mysterious
act of God.
It was last week Tuesday after
9pm, when we went to the Toorak
Community Post to report one of our
friends mobile phone was stolen over
the weekend, Ms Ali said.
We met Ms Wati at the Toorak
Community Police Post where she was
blocking the doorway and she would
not let us inside the Police Station.
In Hindi she was saying I want some
food, I am so hungry and she kept on
saying that, she said.
Ms Ali said when the friends asked
the elder what happened to her and
what she was doing at the Toorak
Community Police Post; Ms Wati
replied to us that she was staying with
her family who took her to Totogo
Police Station and the Police officers

from the Police station (Totogo) took

her to the St Vincent de Paul Home at
Brown Street in Suva, but they (the
home) refused to take her in.
Her story was really sad, Miss Ali
Ms Wati then finally let us inside the
Toorak Community Police Post but she
kept asking for food.
She was at the Toorak Community
Police Post the whole day without food
and water.
Ms Ali said they then asked the Police
officers and they advised them that
they had called the Social Welfare
She said the Police officers confirmed
what Ms Wati said that the Totogo
Police Station officers brought her to
the Toorak Community Police Post.
The Toorak Police officers were told to
call the Social Welfare Department.
Ms Ali said while one of their friends
was giving the report of the missing
phone, they were wondering what to do
and they did not have enough money
with them.

Ms Ali said through the advice of Fiji

Womens Crisis Centre co-ordinator
Shamima Ali, they pooled their money
together to purchase some food for Ms
Ms Wati ate the whole serve of curry
chicken and requested for water as she
was very thirsty after eating, she said.
Ms Ali said they contacted the Social
Welfare Department to help Ms Wati
move to the Samabula Senior Citizens
Home. The Permanent Secretary, Dr
Josefa Koroivueta moved into action
and kept the students fully informed
until Ms Wati was safely dropped at the
Samabula Home.
Ms Ali said she and her other friends
could not believe their experience and
discussed it the whole night.
Parents and guardians should educate
their children and community on how
to handle these types of situations, she
After reading an article on Ms Wati
being published by the Fiji Sun,
children should be educated to respect,
value and care for their parents.



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Fiji News

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BSP Relaxes Lending Criteria For SMEs With New

wanting to expand their business to
take it to another level can now have
easier access to loans from Bank South
Pacific (BSP).
BSP Smart Business has introduced a
new loan product for the SMEs with
attractive interest rates and deals.
BSP has relaxed its lending criteria
for the SME sector with the belief
the sector deserves pampering given
the nature of their business and their
significant contribution to economic
BSP Country manager Fiji, Kevin
McCarthy, said the product is aimed at
SMEs which are fairly successful but
finance is needed to take it up to a new
There are two types of loans depending
on the business needs one is Smart
Business Term Loan and the other is

Smart Business Asset Loan. These

have 14.95 per cent per annum interest
The bank also offers Smart Business
Unsecured Loan whereby the interest
would be a little higher ranging from
17 per cent to 20 per cent per annum
but no security is required.
The bank notes that SMEs have a lot
of cash and savings and note that these
can be used as security for their loans
attracting a lower interest rate.
Customer testimonials
Simeli Vatuwaliwali of Bligh Water
Investment Fiji Limited, said he was
happy with the Introduction of BSP
Smart Business.
I would like to thank BSP for the
opportunity they have provided their
customers with and I know this will
benefit a lot of the emerging businesses
out there.

Vikashni Singh from Kura Fresh

Fiji Limited said she would use the
opportunity provided by BSP Smart
Business to bring about positive
changes in her current business.

Currently, I have been packing all

the soaps and some of the products in
plastic wrap but with BSP, I will be
able to switch to box packaging with
proper labelling, she said

$859.4 Million Forecast For Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector is forecast

to generate almost $859.4 million
this year which is contributed through
informal manufacturing and from the
manufacture of food and beverages.
This is approximately 14.1 per cent of
our Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism,
Faiyaz Siddiq Koya, highlighted
this during the Textile Clothing and
Footwear (TCF) Council annual general
meeting (AGM) this week.

Mr Koya said wearing apparel is

estimated to contribute $64.8 million
(almost one per cent of GDP) in 2016
and is expected to further grow by
$68.1 million in the year 2017.
This is an indication there is a huge
potential in the manufacturing sector
and a lot more that can be achieved
to further enhance the growth and
development of the sector, he said.
The Fijian textile industry contributes
substantially to Fijis export earnings

as revealed through a report generated

by the Fiji Exports Council.
In 2016 alone, he said the industrys
new export market contributed close
to $5 million with about 460 new
employees provided with employment
New investment was about $4.6
million whilst new business activities
generated accounted for almost $12.5
million, Mr Koya said.
He said the TCF Industry is encouraged
to improve its market access into
Australia and NZ through improved
access under Developing Country
There is a need for more investment
directed into value-added and niche
products, Mr Koya added.
The TCF Industry must tap into more
of the Pacific Island nations, and into
the Asian markets.
Mr Koya further said the industry
is encouraged to explore more
opportunities through its participation
at expos, exhibitions and trade shows
to expose Fijian talents, brands and
quality products.
More investment into advertising,
web development, market research

and trainings is needed to optimise the

grant provided by the Ministry, he
TCF industry
The industry started in the early 1980s;
few businesses were involved in
Mr Koya said the industry has grown
much larger and bigger in terms of size,
membership, contributions towards
our GDP, employment and national
development as a whole.
The Fijian Government over the past
seven years has continued to assist the
TCF industry with a marketing grant of
$100,000 a year, he said.
This has enabled the industry players
to group together to explore new
markets and reinforce themselves in
the existing markets.
The TCF industrys main aim is
to increase exports and create more
employment opportunities.
Therefore, there is confidence in the
countrys garments export to grow
over the next few years.
Furthermore, the Fijian Government
will continue to explore ways to
support the further development of the
TCF Industry.

Increasing The Number Of Harbour Pilots Is A Prioritty FPCL

The standing Committee on Social
Affairs heard last week that increasing
the number of qualified harbour pilots
is one of the major challenges faced by
Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL).
While making submissions on the
companys 2010-2014 Annual Report,
FPCL Chief Executive Officer Vajira
Piyasena replied to questions from the
Committee, chaired by the Government
MP Viam Pillay, said FPCL have
around five harbour pilots based in

major ports around the country.

Harbour pilots assist in the movement
of ships in and out of the harbour
and shifting the vessels. During this
process, the ships captain never
relinquishes control instead it relies on
the harbour pilot to navigate.
Mr Piyasena said that FPCL is more
concerned about this issue as this will
directly impact port operations. He
said, therefore it is a critical area where
they had put more emphasis.

We are planning to recruit more

suitably qualified people and we will
train them till they become licenced
harbour pilots, Mr Piyasena said.
He said they were focused on training
them because for the previous years
they had experienced more ships and
need the services of pilots.
However Mr Piyasena said it would
take a considerably long time as this
is a complex process to train a harbour
pilot which FPCL was planning to

invest in.
In the social and employment area
Mr Piyasena said FPCL had recruited
women into companys engineering
team, which was a significant step to
address gender balance and to provide
equal opportunities for women in
The committee Chairman Mr Pillay
said FPCL had answered all the
questions raised by the committee
based on the reports submitted

Fiji News


Construction of US$45m Biomass Power Plant 75%

Complete: Koreans
Anyone travelling along the Queens
Highway between Suva and Nadi
would be able to notice the progress
of construction for the biomass power
plant project in Nabou.
Total construction is now 75 per cent
complete and is being undertaken by
Nabou Green Energy Ltd (NGEL).
The companys US$45 million (FJ$92
million) 12 Mega Watts biomass power
plant project marked the practical
completion of all construction framing
works this week.
The project is scheduled for commercial
operations by April next year.
NGEL chief executive, Lee Jun Hyung,
explained this intriguing project to Fiji
This project is the first independent
power project (IPP) in Fiji. IPP true
meaning is not linked to any other
business but on its own, explained Mr
Upon signing the Power Purchase
Agreement with FEA we assembled
a consortium of investors from Korea
and partnered with Tropik.
This project is a joint venture between
Korea and Fiji.
The shareholders of NGEL are
GIMCO (a Korean biomass company),
GS Power (another Korean energy
company), Mirae Asset (of Daewood
Securities) and Tropik Wood Industries
Ltd. Tropik Wood has 25 per cent
Mr Lee explained the plant will convert
wood fiber and other waste to produce

steam for power generation.

established national energy policy.
Against climate change the target is
that all power produced in Fiji by 2030
should be through renewable energy
sources, he said.
This means the current 40 per cent
diesel consumption for producing
electricity in Fiji should be replaced.
Fiji will save on the billion dollars of
import fuel bills that drain the foreign
reserves if the Governments objective
is successful.
However, it is important that private
sector gets together to give meaning to
government policies.
For this reason we have assembled 4
shareholders who bring their respective
strengths to this partnership.

GIMCO and GS Power bring both

construction and operating expertise in
this energy sector.
Tropik has the local know-how. And
Mirae Asset has capacity on project
financing and investment.
We have to work hard as this is the
first of such a project in Fiji.
Risks and challenges
Mr Lee said there are many construction
risks but they have ensured that such
a large project is on schedule despite
many challenges even from the cyclone
and rain.
We also had finance risks with local
commercial banks despite Government
policy that supports lending for
renewable energy purposes, being
hesitant to lend resulting in the entire
funding to be brought from offshore

for this project, he said.

Offshore funding is subject to
exchange risks so local funding is ideal.
Perhaps the local banks reluctance
to lend is because this is the first such
project and we hope for better response
in future.
There are many other challenges and
risks. This type of project requires
specialized skills and experience to
successfully operate.
So we are confident we have assembled
the right team but we need to ensure
continued support and partnership of
all stakeholders for the long term and
many years to come.
If together we can address the
challenges significant benefits will
flow to the local communities and the
Fijian economy.
Mr Lee also thanked the support of the
Fijian Government for this project.
Tropik contribution
Tropik Wood executive chairman,
Faiz Khan, said: Tropik has not had
a very good experience with its power
generation for supplying power to its
Drasa factory and exporting the excess
to the grid.
We have firsthand experience in
understanding the importance of the
specialised nature of these operations.
The Koreans bring their expertise,
experience and investment capacity.
We hope to learn from them and at
the same time build our capacity. We
are also diversifying our portfolio of

FIA Organises Leaders Conference

The Fiji Institute of Accountants (FIA)

will be hosting a Leaders Conference
at the Grand Pacific Hotel in Suva on
October 14.
The theme for the conference is:
Leading Fiji into the Future:
Responding to the new global
economy and this will be a whole day
There will be two types of sessions
one for executive management
which will be in the morning and the
afternoon session will be for the middle
FIA executive director, Navin Raaj,
said this is the first time for the FIA to
organise such an event.
Traditionally FIA usually organised a
Technical Workshop around such time
in the calendar of activities, he said.
The purpose of the conference is
to provide FIA members with the
structured hours they require.
This is also an opportunity for other
delegates as well to enhance/upgrade
professional skills and knowledge
sharing, Mr Raaj said.
We are hoping delegates utilise
professional upgrading of knowledge
and importantly to inspire them to
implement the information presented
back into their work forces.

Professional Development through

such events is critical in upgrading
ones knowledge and keeping up not
only with the contemporary issues but
also in dealing with the future impacts
The Attorney-General and Minister for
Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, will
be the chief guest for the event.
FIA is bringing in New Zealand
Tax Leader, Peter Vial, who will be
talking on the theme: Tax in the
future: Responding to the new global
FMF Foods Limited managing director,
Ram Bajekal, will be speaking on the
topic: Looking in to Grow Out.
The other speaker is Pure Magic
International Business Solutions (Pty)
Limited managing director, Caryn
Walsh, from Australia.
Ms Walsh is also a columnist for the
Fiji Sun.
The first theme she will be talking on
is: Buff em, Polish em, Shine em.
Why Generation Y are like diamonds
to your business.
And then she will later speak on:
Grabbing the Reins with Passion
and Purpose What it will take for
young leaders to successfully guide
businesses into the future.

Man Sentenced To Over 10 Years

For Raping 5-Year Old Girl

A 46-year-old man has been sentenced

to 10 years 10 months imprisonment
for raping a 5-year-old girl.
Isikeli Delaivuna was convicted of one
count of rape after he pleaded guilty to
the charge.
Justice Priyantha Fernando told
Delaivuna that the family had

allowed him to watch TV with

the 5-year-old girl and he had
breached the trust of the girl and
the family.
The incident happened on the 31st of
July this year.
The non-parole period has been set for
8 years 10 months.

Fiji News

Central Bank To Raise

Awareness On Insurance

THE Reserve Bank of Fiji and members

of the insurance sector have embarked
on a mission to raise awareness and
understanding of insurance in the
Speaking at the Fiji Media Association
Insurance Awareness Workshop at the
RBF, Governor Barry Whiteside said
the central bank tabled the insurance
annual reports every year but despite
the disclosures, it was a worry that the
penetration and uptake of insurance by
individuals in Fiji was very low.
Mr Whiteside said the annual
insurance report contained very
useful information about the overall
performance and "health" of the
insurance industry in Fiji.
"The annual process allows for public
scrutiny and accountability of both the
RBF as the regulator and supervisor
of the insurance industry, and of the
industry itself.
"According to the 2015 National
Financial Services Demand Side
Survey Report, just 12 per cent of
our adult population has any type of
insurance cover," he said.
"As part of Fiji's national financial
inclusion strategy the Reserve Bank
was working in partnership with the
Pacific Financial Inclusion Programme

and members of the Insurance Council

and the Inclusive Insurance Working
Group (which is one of four working
groups of our National Financial
Inclusion Taskforce), to raise awareness
and understanding of insurance."
Mr Whiteside said the top three reasons
reported by survey respondents for not
buying insurance were:
- They do not need it;
- They do not know what it is, or how
it works;
- They find insurance too expensive.
"It is quite clear that the vast majority
of our population is vulnerable to any
form of catastrophe which may hit
them or their family members at any
time. Such catastrophes could include
accidents, ill health, the sudden death
of a breadwinner, and property damage
or loss due to accidents, fire and natural
He said the media could work with the
RBF and the Insurance Council to raise
awareness on the importance of having
an insurance coverage.
He said the media could demystify
all (or at least most) of the negative
perceptions about insurance and help
the public to better understand how
insurance worked as a critical risk
mitigation tool.

778 278 4088

Gas Attendant Robbed Of

A 42-year-old bowser attendant in
Labasa was robbed last Saturday while
on nightshift.
Nilesh Kumar, who is an employee
of Titis Service station, said he was
conducting one of his rounds when he
was attacked.
While scouting the compound, I came
close to one of the big company trucks
parked next to the bowser when a man
attacked me, Mr Kumar said.
He was hiding behind the truck, he
just jumped out of nowhere and hit me

on the cheek and that is when I fell to

the ground.
He asked for the cash and when I
refused, he ripped my shirt pocket
which had the cash.
The guard I was with ran towards us
with a knife and the attacker fled. It all
happened so fast.
Mr Kumar, who has been an employee
at the station for 11 years, suffered
injuries to his upper lip and right cheek.
The owner of the service station Saifud
Din said this was not the first time as
his service station had been robbed in
the past.
It has happened three or four times, to
the extent where the service station has
been robbed and this needs to stop,
Mr Din said.
Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro said
they have received the complaint and
were carrying out investigations.
The report states that the bowser
attendant was robbed of $100 close to
midnight last night, Ms Naisoro said.
We must reiterate the need for business
operators who know their employees
would be handling money late into the
night to ensure their safety is tightened
because they would make easy targets
for criminal elements.

Locum Doctors To Be Paid

Fiji To Host 55th
For Their Services
Conference Of Directors
General Of Civil Aviation

The Attorney-General and Minister

responsible for Civil Aviation, Aiyaz
Sayed-Khaiyum met the International
Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)
president, Olimuyiwa Benard Aliu
and secretary general, Fang Liu and
discussed a number of bilateral and
regional matters.
Through their discussions, Fiji has
also been given the opportunity to
host ICAOs Conference of Directors
General of Civil Aviation in the Asia
and Pacific Region in 2018.
Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said: This is not
only a wonderful opportunity for us

to host and showcase Fiji to 38 States

including the first, second and fourth
largest populated countries in the
world, but to demonstrate our regional
civil aviation capacity and challenges.
It is expected that approximately 300
delegates will attend the Conference
including aviation services providers
and observer countries from outside
the Asia Pacific Region.
Fiji has also been asked to accommodate
capacity building workshops and
seminars for the Pacific Region under
the auspices of ICAO.

The Minister for Health and Medical

Services, Rosy Akbar, says locum
doctors are going to be paid for their
During her visit to the Nadi Hospital
yesterday Ms Akbar said general
practitioners and specialists would be
paid separate rates.
We are going to pay General
Practitioners who are going to do
locums for us $50 an hour and for
specialist doctors coming in for special
services we are going to pay them a
rate of $80 an hour, Ms Akbar said.
She said two locum doctors began

work at the Nadi Hospital.

The locums have started and we
are trying to see how best we can
accommodate two more locums to ease
the waiting queues, Ms Akbar said.
Sub-divisional Medical Officer Dr
Abdul Shah said currently Nadi Hospital
had only 80 nurses and 15 doctors.
The doctors we share are from
Namaka Health Centre and two who
are assigned here on a shift basis, Dr
Shah said.
A locum doctor is the one who is
temporarily fulfilling the duties of
another doctor.

Fiji News


Kawakawa, Donu Removed From NewWorld


We are striving to do our part to ensure

that Fijis reefs are plentiful again and
sustain Fijis people and its growing
economy for generations.
NewWorld IGA has removed kawakawa
and donu fish from its seafood counters
nationwide during the peak breeding
months, June through to September.
commitment to champion the 4FJ
campaign aimed at reviving these
rapidly disappearing fish.
In making the announcement yesterday,
Newworld IGA general manager
operations, Peter Royce said this will
not affect their business.
There needs to be an intense education
in the community and making them
aware of the repercussions, he said.
Fiji is a place that should be overflowing
with fish, but in reality, we recently had
to close a fish shop because of the lack
of availability of supply.
The announcement follows MH
Supermarket pledging in August to
remove Kawakawa and Dony from
all fresh seafood counters in its
supermarkets nationally during the
peak spawning months.
Koroilavesau, said he is thankful that
NewWorld has taken the initiative to
ensure the food security and livelihoods
of people of Fiji.
We are hopeful many more businesses
will follow their lead, he said.
NewWorld is also collaborating
with the campaign and the Fisheries

Department to develop new materials

around best practices for all the seafood
they buy, to ensure enough all fish are
managed sustainably.
The new materials will focus on the
minimum size fish should reach to
ensure enough are reproducing each
year and can restock the reefs.
Founder of cChange, Scott Radway,
said the NewWorld partnership is
a tremendous opportunity to bring
the 4FJ message out through its

many distribution channels and

start expanding the dialogue beyond
kawakawa and donu to other fisheries
that are declining.
4FJ campaign
This campaign launched in 2014 asks
people from all walks of life to pledge
to forego the fish during their peak
breeding months, so they can release
their eggs and replenish Fijis reefs.
Upward of 10,000 Fijians have publicly
pledged to date including many well-

across FijiSergey
such as
Prime Minister
Voreqe Bainimarama and the Methodist
Church of Fiji.
NewWorld was made aware of the
issue at the end of the first year of
campaign, and worked to remove the
fish from its fresh counters starting in
2015 breeding season.
The 4FJ campaign learned of its actions
as it conducted outreach to business
leaders this year.

RBF Transfers $16.9m Profits To Government Coffers

Financial year figures for seven
months only in order to align with
Governments new financial year.
The Reserve Bank of Fiji yesterday
Government coffers from its 2016
profits for seven months ended July 31.
This comprised its entire profit of
$13.9 million and $3 million, which
represents one fifth of the balance of
the revaluation reserve account.
This compares with a transfer to
Government of $32.2 million for the
12 months ended December 31, 2015.
The profits were for seven months
because the RBF has to align its
financial year to coincide with the
financial year of Government.
Since Government financial year now
starts from August, the Board of RBF
signed off on annual audited financial
statements for the seven months ended
July 31 on September 29.
The Governor and Chairman of the
Board, Barry Whiteside, said: This
is a good result given the challenging
domestic and international economic
This is the second time RBF has met
the statutory obligation of providing
the audited financial statements and the

Operations Report to the Minister one

month earlier than required.
Mr Whiteside thanked his team for this
remarkable achievement.
Financial details
Foreign reserves are the principal
source of RBFs income.
Mr Whiteside noted foreign reserves
continued to be low in most of
our trading partner countries and
constrained income from investments
of foreign reserves.
The RBFs expenditure for the JanuaryJuly period was within budget at $15.6
Despite the various setbacks earlier
in the year with Tropical Cyclone
Winston and the floods associated
with TC Zena, the Bank achieved its
key objectives of an adequate level of
foreign reserves and low inflation.
The inflation rate at the end of July
was 5.5 per cent and in part was driven
by supply conditions of market items
due to the impact of Tropical Cyclone
In August, inflation rose to 5.9 percent,
the fourth consecutive month above
the 5.0 percent mark.
This was underpinned by higher prices
for food & non-alcoholic beverages;

alcoholic beverages particularly

education; health; restaurants & hotels;
and clothing & footwear.
Up-side risks revolve largely around
supply side inflationary pressures.
Persistent high yaqona prices indicate
the likelihood of continued inflationary
pressure towards the end of 2016.
The outlook for imported inflation
remains subdued with low forecasts
of trading partner inflation; no sharp
changes in crude oil futures and softer
global growth prospects.
Given the recent inflation outcome,
there is upward bias to the year end
inflation forecast of 3.5 per cent. The
foreign reserves objective was attained
with holdings at the end of July of $1.9
billion, sufficient to cover 5.5 months
of imports.
Mr Whiteside added the Fijian
economy is projected to grow for the
seventh consecutive year despite the
natural disasters.
The current forecast for 2016 is 2.4
per cent, he said.
Work is continuing on evaluating the
growth figure taking into account the
impact of rehabilitation work after

the natural disasters and the impact of

announcements in the National Budget.
Financial conditions have been largely
favourable given ample liquidity in
the banking system and low interest
rates which have supported economic
The financial system remained sound,
backed by adequate earnings, capital,
liquidity positions and asset quality
for commercial banks, insurance
companies and credit institutions.
companies were affected due to the
catastrophic events earlier in the year.

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Fiji News

Widow Loses Three

Bedroom House

A Lautoka widow could not stop

her tears, looking at what was once
her home but now after a fire; a
smouldering mount of twisted iron and
smoking timber.
Prem Lata, 49, lost her three-bedroom
home and all its belongings in an
inferno on Tuesday night at Lovu.
A flat she was renting out was partly
burnt while another escaped almost
unscathed from the fire which started
at around 11.15pm.
Ragni Lata, a tenant was asleep with
her husband Ritesh Ram and daughter
when she heard Ms Prem calling them.
When I opened the door for my flat
there was a big fire inside the home and
we had to move two vehicles parked in
the garage out, Ms Ragni said.
She said Ms Prem said she was on her
mobile phone when she heard a loud
explosion and saw her home suddenly

filled with smoke.

My husband started throwing water
from a drum and I think that saved our
flat, Ms Ragni said.
The fire brigade came about 15
minutes later and I think that their
quick arrival saved the two flats from
being fully engulfed.
Ms Prem wept continuously as her
home was not insured and damage was
estimated at around $80,000.
I think it spread quickly because the
wooden part of the house was also
infested with termites as the wood was
soft in a lot of places, Ms Prem said.
Ms Ragni said the fire started from the
part of the house where the electrical
switchboard was located on the
A National Fire Authority staff who
was inspecting the scene said he could
not comment on their investigations.


President Launches
Wildlife Calendar
Nature Fiji-Mareqeti Viti praised for
being guardians of Mother Nature.
Fijis agenda is primarily focused on
sustainable development with climate
change being a principle concern.
Which means work done by
organisations like Nature Fiji-Mareqeti
Viti will be more critical.
This was said by the President, MajorGeneral (Retd) Jioji Konousi Konrote,
during the launch of the 2017 calendar
for Nature Fiji-Mareqeti Viti in Suva
on Monday. The calendar is titled
Wildlife and Wild Places.
He reiterated Governments firm
stand in investing on sustainable
development through the GreenGrowth policy framework among other
major initiatives including playing
a leading role in promoting climate
change concerns at the international
I am confident that Government
would want to work with the
organisations like yours to help
maintain the required balance in our
ecosystem, and ultimately achieve the
aim of sustainable development for our
people and our natural environment

now and well into the future, President

Konrote said.
I am aware that the focus on a balanced
ecosystem was given a formal platform
some 31 years ago, when in 1985, the
United Nations designated the first
Monday October every year as World
Habitat Day.
The idea behind this initiative is to
reflect on the state of our towns, cities
and the basic right of all too adequate
It is intended to remind the world
of its collective responsibility for the
future of the human habitat, he said.
Fiji is home to one of the rarest
mammals in the world the Beka
Mirimiri, an ancient plant whose
ancestry dates back to the time of the
The Drautabua and wonderful and
colourful birds that inhabit our gardens
and our forests, reminding us, that we
are indeed part of a universe of wonder
and beauty, the President said.
The future of the human habitat
depends on how well we look after the
habitats of Fijis first inhabitants- the
plants and the animals.

Okra, Long Bean, Amaranthus

Export Gets A Green Light

The temporary suspension on all farms

in Sigatoka for supply of Thrips palmi
host commodities namely okra, long
bean and amaranthus for export to New
Zealand has been lifted.
This was confirmed by the Biosecurity
Authority of Fiji (BAF).
The host commodities for Thrips palmi
were not banned from export but the
farms that had been identified to have high
pest loads of Thrips palmi during BAF
audit of approved farms under the Non
Bilateral Quarantine Agreements (NonBQA) were under temporary suspension.
A number of Okra farms continued to
supply Okra for export market resultant
from ongoing Audit processes carried
out by BAF.
The temporary suspension was lifted
after a field survey report on Thrips
palmi host commodities conducted
by the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA)
extension and research in August
revealed low level of Thrips palmi on
amaranthus and okra.
Executive chairman, Xavier Khan said
BAF and MoA are collaborating to
enhance farm husbandry practices and
pest management strategies to ensure
that Fijis export of long bean, okra and

amaranthus leaves to NZ is sustained

and continues.
BAF had to voluntarily temporarily
suspend exports of Amaranthus leaves,
long bean and okra from Sigatoka
farms as a precautionary measure to
safeguard the export pathway for these
commodities, he said.
Sustaining the export pathway is
Suspension of export markets has
severe impacts on the livelihood of our
farmers and their sources of income.
BAF has revived the BQA Working
Group to strengthen the collaboration
between BAF and MoA.
This consists of technical officers
of both organisations which meet at
regular intervals to resolve issues faced
by the fresh produce export sector.
Mr Khan said BAF in partnership with
MoA will continue to monitor the
field hygiene and pest load in the field
to maintain the appropriate level of
protection and to achieve the appropriate
level of assurance and confidence with
international trade partners.
He also urged all growers to implement
good farm hygiene practices to ensure
low pest infestation level in the field.

Seven Homeless After Fire

Seven people were left homeless after

a fire destroyed their five-bedroom
corrugated iron and timber house in
Vakabuli, Lautoka.
House owner, 43-year-old driver
Mohammed Ashtafaq Hussein, said
no one was home when the incident
My wife and kids went to pick some
mangoes from some trees far away and
I went to Paipai to deliver some vehicle
parts to a friend, he said.
There then I received a call from my
neighbour saying that my house was on
fire. I came as fast as I could, but by the

time I reached here my house was half

gone. I just cannot believe that we lost
our home.
He said they were not able to save
A statement received from the National
Fire Authority confirmed the incident
happened around mid-day.
The property was vacant when the
incident happened, fire officers were on
site and investigation is under way to
determine the cause, the statement said.
Mr Hussein said the cost of damages
incurred were mainly from electrical
appliances valued around $80,000.

Fiji News

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Shipping Services To Fiji

Remarks Are Not Sexist And Pacific Being Improved
The AUSPAC consortium, made up of
Neptune Pacific Line, Pacific Direct Line,
Pacific Forum Line and Sofrana Unilines,
is upgrading its Pacific islands service
from Australia to fixed-day-fortnightly.
The upgraded AUSPAC service will
provide the best direct connections
from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane
to the South Pacific ports.
These include Noumea, Port Vila, Lautoka,
Suva, Apia and Pago on the vessels
Capitaine Tasman and Forum Pacific.
Through negotiated windows in the
main Australian and island ports, the
fixed day pattern will be ideal for
clients trading between Australia and
the islands, but also for inter-island
connections from Fiji.
Beyond the improvement of the
AUSPAC dedicated service, the
partners announce they will be
enhancing the connectivity of their
AUSPAC and SOUTHPAC networks.
The latter, also fixed day, is operated by
the same partners offering the Southern
Lily fortnightly from New Zealand to/
from Nukualofa, Apia, Pago and also
the weekly service New Zealand to/
from Fiji.
By coordinating respective schedules
and port windows, they will provide all
clients in the islands, as well as Main
Line Operator partners, with improved

connections through three strategic hubs.

These are through Brisbane for the
AUSPAC service, Auckland for the
SOUTHPAC service and Suva for the
outer islands services (Wallis, Futuna,
Funafuti, Nauru, Tarawa, Majuro).
The partners will alternate the AUSPAC
and SOUTHPAC loops in Western and
American Samoa to deliver weekly arrivals.
Neptune will be upsizing one of
their two ships, Capitaine Wallis &
Capitaine Cook, in the already weekly
FIJI FEEDER and will introduce an
alternating weekly call into NukuAlofa
into this service.
Combined, the services of the regional
carriers will be weekly in Fiji, both
Samoas and Tonga.
The improved AUSPAC service will
start from November. The AUSPAC
partners have extended the employment
of the two 13,000dwt geared R Class
vessels. Both vessels provide 2 x 40T
cranes and 100 reefer plugs.
The NZ based changes will also be
phased in from November.
The regional carriers are creating a
south pacific network without peer
and, together with partners other
services, will connect the South Pacific
markets to the rest of the world with
the fastest and most frequent sailing
options available.

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama

says his comments on SODELPA MP
Salote Radrodro are not sexist.
He was responding last night to National
Federation Party leader, Biman Prasad,
who accused the PM of making sexist
comments in Parliament.
Mr Bainimarama said earlier that Mrs
Radrodro should spend more time to
think of what she said in Parliament
than dressing for the camera if she
wanted to make a good parliamentarian.
He said he was disappointed with the
statement made by Mrs Radrodro on a
number of issues.
But Mr Bainimarama said he did
not see anything wrong with his
statement compared to Mr Prasads
skirt journalism attack on Fiji Suns
managing editor news, Jyoti Pratibha,
last year.
Mr Prasad had said then that skirt
journalism was given a new meaning
via Ms Pratibhas editorial comment.
He implied that Ms Pratibha was linked
to skirt journalism.
The term, skirt journalism in Fiji is
commonly understood to be sexual
liaison between female journalists and

male new source.

SayedKhaiyum has several times in
Parliament called out Mr Prasad on his
dramatic tactics and also said that Mr
Prasad was putting up a show for the
cameras and was camera ready.
This was in no way sexist.
Mr Prasad had called for a point of
order, while the PM was speaking.
However, Speaker of Parliament, Dr
Jiko Luveni, said the point could not be
accepted because Mrs Radrodro was
not in the House to support it.
Meanwhile, Mrs Radrodro said outside
Parliament that she would lodge
a complaint against the PM to the
Mr Bainimarama said the Opposition
had no respect for Parliament.
He said the issue of favouritism that
Mrs Radrodro talked about was not
present in Fiji.
Mr Bainimarama said a serious
legislator would look in their facts
before making any statement against
the judiciary.
The independence of the judiciary is
evident every day, he said.


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Fiji News

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Our Mother Walked Out On Us: Watis Son

Kumar says nobody chased her out. In
fact, they tried to help her.
One of the eight children of supposedly
abandoned Shukla Wati has come
forward to tell the other side of the
Rakesh Kumar, 48, of Naqaliso
settlement in Davuilevu Housing,
Nakasi, has defended his and his
siblings treatment of their mother
saying in fact, she walked out.
Mr Kumar was compelled to tell his
story after the sad tale of his mother
went viral on social media attracting
a lot of sympathy towards her and
criticism towards them.
By Tuesday afternoon, our article
titled, My Own Children Abandoned
Me: Wati, had attracted 2400 reactions,
254 comments and 948 shares on
78-year-old Ms Wati moved into
Samabula Senior Citizens home over a
week ago following help from medical
students, Police and the Social Welfare
Born and married in Cuvu, Sigatoka,
Ms Wati moved to Suva with her
children some 20 years ago.
Her son, Mr Kumar, a security officer
of Matrix Fiji, said he and his wife,
Usha Kiran, 40, looked after Ms Wati
for many years.
Nobody chased her out. In fact, she
walked out, he said.
We tried our best to look after her and
gave her all she needed.
I met her on Monday after seeing
her story in the Fiji Sun published on
Sunday (October 2, 2016), and asked
her about it. She said she was asked for

an interview and doesnt know what all

was written in the newspaper.
My mother was bed-ridden for over a
year and we (my wife and I) cared for
her throughout.
She had been receiving food vouchers
and money from the Social Welfare
Department for many years now but
when she got better and started walking
again, she accused my wife, mother-inlaw and brother-in-law of stealing her
groceries and other items.
We never stole anything from her. In
fact, we never asked her for anything
because it was our responsibility to
take good care of her.
She even lodged a Police complaint
against us claiming we had stolen her
We never had thought she would do
such thing, but we never said anything
to her about it because she is my
In 2014, she also took my wife and her
mother and brother to court claiming
of theft and had a domestic violence
restraining order (DVRO) against them.
After the DVRO, she moved out
herself and lived at a relatives house
but she ran away from there.
She was brought back to my house
with Police officers as she didnt have
any place to stay.
Although my wife had a restraining
order to stay away from my mother,
she still accepted her and let her stay
with us.
The next day, she packed her clothes
and walked out again.
All of my siblings were there to
support her but she didnt want to stay

permanently at one place and kept

running away from us.
My brother, Rajendra Kumar, who is
in Auckland, New Zealand, also took
her there to take care of her but she
refused to stay and he had to rent out
an apartment for three months while
she was there.
The Social Welfare Department also
built a house for her next to my sisters
in Navua but she didnt want to stay
there either.
Before she was given a house, she
lived at St Vincent De Paul Fiji house
in Suva but she also accused of theft on
workers there, Mr Kumar said.
He was upset knowing what his mother
claimed, although he and his siblings
always supported her.
Other responses
The Social Welfare Department
confirmed to Fiji Sun that the department
had invested around $5000 to build a

house for Ms Wati in Navua in 2000.

Also, St Vincent De Paul national
president for Fiji and Rotuma, Ben
Hazelman confirmed that Ms Wati was
a resident of their home before she was
given the house, by the Social Welfare
She had also claimed that she moved
out of her childrens home because they
were stealing her items, Mr Hazelman
Mr Kumar said he requested his
mother to live where she wants to and
be happy while she still has the support
of her children from Fiji and overseas.
Her children:
Amra Wati in Nakasi, Sushila Wati
in Valelevu, Premila Wati in Navua,
Narendra Kumar in Kalabu, Valelevu,
Rajendra Kumar in Auckland, New
Zealand, Rakesh Kumar in Davuilevu
Housing, Sharmila Wati in Lautoka,
Satya Wati in Auckland, New Zealand.

World Bank Vice President To Visit Fiji

A Fijian delegation, led by the
Attorney-General and Minister for
Economy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum,
attended the annual meeting of the
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
and World Bank, and Commonwealth
Finance Ministers Meeting in
Washington DC.
They met the vice president of East
Asia and Pacific of the World Bank,
Victoria Kwakwa, and senior bank
officials, and discussed a wide range of
The A-G briefed the vice president on
the status of Tropical Cyclone Winston
rehabilitation initiatives rolled out by
the Fijian Government and highlighted
a number of strategic areas for World
Bank engagement.
These included the need for a disaster
relief financing window in particular
for small states.
They also discussed policy measures
taken by the Fijian Government to
further diversify the economic base
and create further opportunities for
sustained growth.
This includes leveraging of Fijis hub

status in the Pacific.

The Vice President of East Asia

and Pacific of the World Bank, Ms

Kwakwa, announced that she would

make an official visit to Fiji beginning

October 16.


Fiji News

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Sodelpa Two Face Internal Scrutiny

New Opposition SODELPA Whip
Salote Radrodro and her deputy Mosese
Bulitavu are under siege within their
own parliamentary caucus.
Fellow MPs are asking questions why
the two broke ranks and did not vote
in the voting that passed the motion
to increase allowances for all MPs in
Parliament last week. The rest of the
MPs voted in favour.
Mrs Radrodro who was deputy Whip,
steps up to become the new Whip,
replacing Ratu Isoa Tikoca. Ratu Isoa
has been suspended from Parliament
for two years for anti-Muslim remarks.
Lawyer Mr Bulitavu, one of the rising
stars of SODELPA, is now deputy
Mrs Radrodro and Mr Bulitavu have
been hit by an internal storm.
It is not clear whether Mrs Radrodro
and Mr Bulitavu will inform the
Speaker, Dr Jiko Luveni, that they will
not accept the increased allowances.
But some MPs have privately said that
the two should not take any rise as a
matter of principle.
Mrs Radrodro and Mr Bulitavu
changed their position after earlier
agreeing in caucus.
appointments before the allowance
vote. But questions are being asked
now why they decided in the last
minute to change their position when
caucus had unanimously voted to
support the allowance.
It is understood that the two changed their
positions after receiving a letter from
party president Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu.
The letter, sent to all SODELPA MPs,
contained a party directive that all
MPs should vote against the allowance
motion, because people were still
living in tents and students were still

in makeshift classrooms, and what the

party described as increasing cost of
living and low wages across the board.
Ratu Naiqama said it was inappropriate
to have an allowance hike.
emoluments should be reviewed by an
independent committee not by MPs.
Mrs Radrodro and Mr Bulitavu are also
under scrutiny for supporting a motion
for another committee to review
the MPs salaries. MPs are members
of the committee including Mrs
Radrodro and Prem Singh (National
Federation Party). The others are Brij
Lal Chairperson; Jone Usamate
Member); Alvick Maharaj Member;
Alexander OConnor member.
When the motion was moved by
Government Whip Ashneel Sudhakar,
Mr Bulitavu seconded it.
It was rare for the Opposition to support
a Government motion.
Mr Bulitavu was questioned why he
supported it because it was not normal.
Mrs Radrodro was also questioned

why she was on the committee because

she contradicted her stand on the
composition of the committee.
The motion was passed without debate
because of the Opposition SODELPA
Mrs Radrodro was contacted. She
wanted questions to be emailed to her.
This was done but her response had not
arrived when this edition went to press.
Mr Bulitavu could not be reached to
The row over the allowance vote is part
of the continuing challenges facing
Mr Bulitavu may have taken his
current position because he is on a final
warning following the Gaunavinaka
Report controversy. He could be
expelled from the party if he defied
that party directive. But what of Ro
Teimumu Kepa, the Opposition leader?
She too is on a final warning from that
controversy. She defied party directive
also when she voted to support the
allowance hike. Will she expelled?

Some MPs have also questioned Ratu

Naiqama why the letter was delivered
on the morning of the vote when it
could have been done much earlier.
Jese Sikivou, traditional advisor for Ro
Teimumu, said the letter from the Tui
Cakau came on the morning of the vote
after the SODELPA caucus position
had been established and they were all
ready to vote on the day.
Where was he all this time? Why did he
refuse to meet with the Gone Marama
Bale as Leader of the Opposition, when
the request was relayed through Litia
Qionibaravi? Why wont he pick up
the phone after numerous phone calls
over several days?, he said.
Ratu Naiqama said that these issues
would be discussed in a meeting on
Wednesday in Suva. He declined to
comment further. Mrs Qionibaravi
could not be reached to comment.
But all MPs are expected to explain
themselves over the allowance vote on
The debate is whether it was right to
support the allowance hike or not.
The pro-Ratu Naiqama group said it
was political suicide to support the
allowance hike. The pro-Ro Teimumu
group is advocating that the party
should take a realistic look at MPs
expenses which do not match current
costs. It is also calling for travel
insurance for MPs.
Mr Rabuka, who gave his blessing for
the allowance hike, is keeping a low
He will try to ensure that these issues
will be ironed out to keep the party
intact and united. One party source
said: He needs Ro Teimumu. He
needs Mr Bulitavu. He needs everyone
because in 2018 it will be down to
numbers. Edited by Maraia Vula

especially for farms like this where

the poor road conditions make it
inaccessible for cane harvesters cannot
access and it is a bit far from town,
Mr Prasad.
I have been employing their services
from 2014 after my cane was not
harvested the year before because of
the difficulty to find cane-cutters.
I have 10 acre cane-field and they have
started harvesting Tuesday and I would
like to extend my many thanks to the
Fiji Correction Service and I hope we
would continue to work together.
The FCS Commissioner Commander,
Francis Kean, assured that inmates
would continue to work in cane farms
as long as the need arose.

Commander Kean said inmates

working in the cane fields in the North
and West have managed to harvest a
total of 10, 209 tonnes so far.
This is not the first year that the FCS is
involving Operation Musudovu (Cutcane) and we will continue to work
with the Government, the Ministry of
Sugar and the Fiji Sugar Corporation
to ensure that wherever cane needs to
be harvested we will employ relevant
manpower within the Fiji Correction
Service in the harvesting of cane,
Commander Kean said.
He made the comment during his
latest trip to the North where he visited
inmates harvesting sugar cane in
certain areas in Labasa.

Inmates Step In To Cane Harvest Rescue

The Fiji Correction Service (FCS)

inmates have been considered as a
blessing by cane-farmers who had
difficulty in finding cane-harvesting
The inmates have stepped in to the
rescue to harvest cane in most farms
which were inaccessible for cane-

harvesters and when cane-cutters were

difficult to find.
One such farmer is Kalika Prasad of
Nakama in Labasa who said he was
thankful for the services these inmates
were rendering not only for him but to
other cane farmers in the country.
It is very hard to find gangs nowadays

Fiji News

Healing Water In Second


A second source of the famous

healing water has been identified at
Delakado Village, Dawasamu, Tailevu.
From Delakado, its a five-minute drive
up the road to Natadradrave Village,
the original source.
It was revealed that both water sources
feed from a dam in the mountains.
Water flows to Okanasei creek near
Natadradave, but in Delakado it flows
to their taps.
People started flocking to Delakado
from Sunday.
Villager Menausi Druguvale of
Taukeinikoro clan of the Yavusa Voni,
claimed a man was healed of his
blindness after he drank water from the
tap in the village.
The Indo-Fijian man came all the
way from Nadroga on his way to
Natadradrave with others in a packed
bus. They just stopped over for a break
and had a drink, he said.
He wasnt expecting to get healed. He
drank from one tap and he got healed.
Its the same water source from
Natadradave that is found here, said
Mr Druguvale.

The news quickly spread and before

long people were flocking to Delakado
to fill buckets, containers and bottles
from the village taps. Buses, cars and
trucks filled the village ground.
A Lautoka family of four had been
queuing up at Natadradave, when they
heard about Delakado.
They turned around and went to
Livai Reba, 37, said they had bought
his 69 year-old sister, Naomi Naisua,
who was diabetic.
Thats why we have come here and
we have faith that my sister will get
healed, said Mr Reba.
At Natadradave, Malti Devi of
Votualevu Nadi, said: We arrived here
at three this morning and now (about
5pm) we just getting our bottles filled.
Ms Devi who has an eye problem is
having faith to be healed, came with
her sister and the rest of the family.
The villagers said on Sunday cars
queued along the road right from
the Queen Victoria School junction.
Delakado has eased the pressure in

Fire Loss

Brothers Madhukar and Muneshwar

Prasad could not hold back their tears
as they watched their home, handed
down from their grandfather, almost
80 years ago, lost in a fire.
Mr Madhukar, 51 and Mr Muneshwar,
56, were born and raised in the comfort
of their eight bedroom home at
Balenikula, Sabeto, outside Nadi.
They estimated the loss at $200,000
and also confirmed the house was not
Both brothers were at work when they
received phone calls that shattered
their day.
The older brothers wife, Bijma Wati,
daughter Madhu, 32, and a young child
were having a meal at around 11am
when they noticed smoke coming from
the front part of the house, which was
rented to a relative.
There were claims by people at the
scene that the fire could have started
from a diya at the family prayer place,
but this could not be confirmed.
Sabeto Village turaga ni koro
(headman), Samula Naquto said he had
just got off from a bus when he noticed

the fire.
A neighbour and I managed to get a
42 timber and smash the door and
get the little child, who was crying,
Mr Naquto and some neighbours
managed to save some household items
before the house was fully engulfed.
The National Fire Authority (NFA)
arrived but by that time most of the
front part of the house was completely
A NFA personnel at the scene said they
could not comment as investigations
had to be carried out.
Mr Madhukar said he was shattered,
since their grandfather handed the
house down to their father who then
gave it to the two brothers.
Meanwhile, in Nailaga, Ba, a lean-to
corrugated iron and timber structured
house was destroyed by fire, leaving
four people homeless.
At 1225hrs, Ba Fire Station received
a fire emergency call and immediately
responded to the fire call. Upon arrival
at 1230hrs, the Fire Team saw the
house fully engulfed in flames.

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More Alleged Irregularities

In Travel Documents

New information on more allegations

of irregularities in the Parliament
Secretariat have surfaced.
The latest is about a senior manager
who accompanied two staff members
for a work attachment in Australia.
While the attachment was for Hansard
staff members, the senior manager was
from a different section, also went.
The trio returned last weekend after
a work attachment at the Victoria and
Canberra Parliament from September
12 to 24.
A 15-seater bus was sent to Nadi
International Airport, instead of a
smaller car. This was on the request
of the senior staff, who sources reveal,
asked for the bus so that all their
shopping from Australia could fit in.
Documents obtained by the Fiji Sun
reveal that for a two hours-and-40minutes transit, the three staff members
were paid US$27.50 (about F$56.27)
each as transit allowance.
Sources also pointed out that the senior
manager who went on this trip was
also one of those who signs off and
approved trips.
The sources have questioned why this
manager had to go on this trip when
another staff member from the Hansard

department was better suited for it?

Documents reveal that the senior staff
(who had been in Brisbane in July
for another seminar paid for by the
taxpayers) sent in a proposal asking for
For this trip, for two days, the team
were in Canberra and 11 nights in
Accommodation, air fares and 50 per
cent of per diem was to be paid for
by donor agencies- United Nations
the Pacific Partnership Parliament
Programme while the other 50 per cent
was paid for by taxpayers.
The senior staff member opted to stay at
a relatives home in Melbourne and in
return for this she claimed 100 per cent
per diem out of Parliaments budget.
Documents released to the Fiji Sun
Canberra attachment $2736 out of
which $1710 was for late check out
from the hotel
Melbourne attachments per diem paid
to the three was $12,540.72 while late
checkout from hotel was $1140.
Questions sent to the Secretary-General
to Parliament Viniana Namosimalua
remain unanswered.

Villa Maria (NZ) Export/Public

Relations manager Ian Clark made this
statement during the Villa Maria six
course dinner at the Shangri-Las Fijian
Resort at Yanuca Island, Nadroga, last
Friday night.
Certain guests and local media were
invited to enjoy the culinary delights
that the team from the resort prepared
where each course was paired, with a
premium wine selected by their partner,
Victoria Wines.
Mr Clark said: We have been in the
Fiji market for 20 years as our importer
visited me 20 years ago and wanted to
have Wine and Spirits Licenses in Fiji.
So we started buying wine to lift
the market in Fiji so that stage was
Australian one also they want to start
with New Zealand so gave some ideas.
He said they sought services of a yacht
and sailed in with some stock and did
wine tasting from resort to resort in
introducing their wine.
New Zealand wines are doing
particularly well. We also have lovely
elegant fresh flavours that fit and suites
the Fiji and Pacific climate, Mr Clark
New Zealand wines exported to Fiji,
is about 20,000 cases a year coming
through, so for us so far thats very
good, but in NZ we have 24 million
cases a year.
Shangri-LasFijian Resort and Spa
general manager, Craig Powell, added
they can showcase the wines on

occasions as such and pair it with food

as they go well together.
He said NZ is producing some of the
best-selling wines in the world and
they are exporting more than 75 per
cent of their wines.
This, he said, showed how far they
have come.
Fiji is very fortunate and weve got
a very good soil and we have variety
of fresh fruits and vegetables that was
evident because our chef thought to
really showcase what we have here.
Locally based, Victoria Wines founder
Liam Hindle further said its growing
everywhere and its taking little bit
longer in Fiji because wines are
expensive than beer.
He added women drink wine possibly
more than men in Fiji.
Mr Hindle established Victorian Wines
at Victoria Parade,Suva and was the
first to approach the Villa Maria winery
24 years ago.
Villa Maria is being very important
in Fiji. I have seen them grow from a
small family owned winery into the
famous winery in the world.

Wine Market Grows For

Villa Maria In Fiji


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3-Year-Old Dies After Being Left Alone In Mothers

Patrol Car For Hours
A Mississippi police department is
shaken after the 3-year-old daughter of
one officer died after being left alone in
her mothers patrol car last week.
Shocked. Devastated, Long Beach
Police Chief Wayne McDowell told
WLOX News. As you can imagine,
something that I really cant see any
excuse for.
According to McDowell, a tragic
sequence of events was set off after
Long Beach police officer Cassie
Barker ended her patrol shift at 6 a.m.
on Friday, then reportedly drove to
visit colleague Clark Ladner with
her young child in the car, WLOX
Barker went inside Ladners home,
leaving 3-year-old Cheyenne Hyer
unattended in her patrol car for at least
four hours, McDowell told the news
By the time emergency officials
were called to the scene, Cheyenne
was unresponsive, Hancock County
Coroner Jim Faulk told The Washington
Paramedics worked for 40 minutes
trying to do everything in the world
to save her, Faulk said, but it was too
late. Cheyenne was pronounced dead a
local hospital, he said.
Faulk said it would be some time
before a crime lab in Jackson, Miss.
determined the exact cause of death.
Officer Barker, the childs mother,
was reportedly hospitalized after the
incident in shock, according to the
Sun Herald.
Barker and Ladner at first were
suspended without pay as authorities
investigated the case. A representative
of the Long Beach Police Department
confirmed to The Post that both Barker
and Ladner had been terminated
Tuesday but would not comment
Long Beach is a small city on the

Mississippi Gulf Coast, about three

hours southeast of Jackson. Writing to
city officials, McDowell recommended
both officers for termination Tuesday
for conduct unbecoming, according
to letters obtained by WLOX News.
McDowell also told the ClarionLedger that both officers had violated
department policy.
There is a department policy that
family members are not allowed in
patrol cars, unless the exception is if
theyre coming or going to or from
work to be dropped off at childcare,
McDowell told the newspaper.
McDowell did not return phone calls
seeking comment on Wednesday.
The Hancock County Sheriffs
Office is conducting an independent
investigation of the incident and also
did not respond to inquiries Wednesday.
Hancock County Chief Deputy Don
Bass told the Clarion-Ledger it was
unclear what the relationship was
between Barker and Ladner, but that
both were off duty when Cheyenne
was left unattended.
She was there visiting him, Bass
told the paper. I cant speculate on
anything more.
Bass also confirmed that the car was
running with the air conditioner on,
but that there is no excuse for leaving
your child in the car.
Theres no logical reason to do
that, Bass told the paper. Its not an
accident. She left the child in the car.
We hear and read about this, it seems
like quite often recently. It seems more
than ever that people are leaving their
infants and small children in the car to
do tasks and shopping.
The Mississippi incident comes as a
separate trial is getting underway for a
Georgia man charged with murder for
his toddlers 2014 death in a hot SUV.
Prosecutors say Justin Ross Harris
intentionally killed his child after he

left his 22-month-old son, Cooper, in

a car for seven hours, the AP reported.
Defense attorneys say it was an
According to the nonprofit group, on average 37
children die each year of heat-related
reasons after being left unattended in
a car.
Even the best of parents or caregivers
can unknowingly leave a sleeping
baby in a car, the group writes on its
website, and the end result can be
injury or even death.
Cheyennes father, Ryan Hyer of
Jacksonville, Fla., told the ClarionLedger that he and Barker split after
two years together, and that news of
his daughters death sent him into a

I lost all feeling. I couldnt speak, I

couldnt breathe, then I was flat out
crying, Hyer told the newspaper.
After that I just was angry, and I went
in the backyard and started beating up
the shed.
Hyer did not respond to phone or email
interview requests on Wednesday. He
has since created a GoFundMe account
to raise funds for Cheyennes burial.
In the page, Hyer described Cheyenne
as a sweet, beautiful girl full of life
and excitement.
Im not one to ask for help but I want
my little girl home and laid to rest,
Hyer wrote. She did not deserve this.
Please help me give her the best and
most importantly proper burial that she
deserves so she can be at peace and
hopefully give me peace.

Tourist Faces Jail Over Pulling Plug On Prayer


A tourist is facing two years in a

Burmese prison after he pulled a
loudspeaker plug during a religious
sermon near his hotel so he could get
some sleep.
Dutch citizen Klaas Haytema, 30,
has apologised for the September
23 incident, in which he allegedly
disconnected the amplifier during latenight Buddhist prayers at a religious
hall in the tourist city of Mandalay in
northern Myanmar.
Soldiers were deployed to protect
Haytema from an angry mob of people
who gathered outside his hotel after he
silenced the sermon.
He was arrested and charged with
insulting religion and has been detained
while awaiting trial.
"I wanted to sleep desperately. I

couldn't stand the noise and checked

outside the hotel," Haytema said at an
initial court hearing, according to the
Coconuts Asia news website.
"I saw that children were playing. I
thought that they were playing it [the
sermon] and disconnected the amplifier.
"I did not notice that it was a religious
building. I am really sorry and I really
The man who was reciting the sermon
pressed charges against Haytema for
insulting the Buddhist religion.
A local legal officer recommended the
alleged offence was serious enough to
warrant a criminal trial, The Telegraph
reported. The offence carries a twoyear jail sentence.
In a further blow to Haytema,
immigration officials have also charged

him with violating the terms of his visa.

Local immigration department head
Thaung Dan told the Myanmar Times
Haytema had breached two provisions
in the visa: that visitors should follow
the existing laws of Myanmar, as well
as the customs of Myanmar.
"If someone applies for a visa to enter
Myanmar, they have to follow the rules
and regulations laid out in the visa," he
Insulting religion is taken seriously
among Myanmar's majority Buddhist
Mandalay, where Haytema allegedly
committed the offence, is an especially
culturally and religiously conservative
But the Dutch man is far from the first
tourist to run afoul of Myanmar's strict

rules protecting Buddhism.

New Zealand man Philip Blackwood
served two and a half years after
he posted a picture of Buddha on
Facebook in 2014.
The online flyer included a
"psychedelic" depiction of Buddha
wearing headphones and was used to
promote cheap drinks at a bar event.
Blackwood was released on amnesty
10 months into his sentence.
In July, a Spanish tourist was reportedly
kicked out of Myanmar after monks in
the ancient town of Bagan took offence
an exposed tattoo of Buddha on his leg.
The influence of religious hardliners
appears to be intensifying in Myanmar
in response to the country's new
civilian-led government's enthusiasm
for tourism and foreign investment.

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After Delay, B.C. Agrees To Back Ottawa's Proposal To

Expand Canada Pension Plan

Justin Trudeau says CPP expansion

legislation will 'shortly' be introduced
in the House of Commons
British Columbia gave its blessing
Tuesday to enhancing the Canada
Pension Plan, a critical vote of support
that opens the door for Ottawa to
gradually increase contributions and
benefits for future retirees.
After a three-month delay, the B.C.
government said it decided to back the
proposal after considering feedback
from stakeholders.
That was quickly followed by a
declaration of victory from Prime
Minister Justin Trudeau, who said
legislation would be introduced in the
House of Commons "shortly" now that
all nine of the provinces taking part
have agreed to the enhancement.
CPP benefits hike will take 40 years
to be fully implemented
Retirement planning: How to make
sure you have enough money
Canada Pension Plan fund produces
1.45% return in Q1
Initially, every province except Quebec
backed a tentative deal to expand CPP
and they agreed to finalize it by July 15.
But B.C. was the lone signatory that
declined to ratify the agreement-inprinciple by the deadline, saying it
needed more time to consult businesses
and individuals.
"After hearing from thousands of
British Columbians and Canadians,
I'm confident the changes will have a
meaningful impact on retirement income
security at an affordable contribution
rate," B.C. Finance Minister Michael de
Jong said in a statement.
B.C.'s approval was crucial for the
CPP's expansion. Reforming the public
pension plan has been a central goal for
federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau,
but he needed the support of at least
seven provinces representing no less
than two-thirds of Canada's population.
"A year ago, you'll remember that we

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said legislation would be introduced into

the House of Commons "shortly" now that nine provinces have agreed to
participate in CPP expansion.
promised Canadians that we would
work to enhance the Canada Pension
Plan in collaboration with provinces,"
Morneau said Tuesday in Ottawa.
"We know it's going to have a huge
impact on Canadians and for that we
are so pleased to be following through
on this commitment."
LNG approval and CPP agreement a
Morneau was also asked whether it was
purely coincidental that B.C.'s support
for CPP came about a week after the
feds gave conditional approval to a
huge liquefied natural gas project in
the province.
"It is," he replied.
"Michael de Jong was a big supporter
(of CPP expansion) at the table.
They went back to British Columbia
and realized that they wanted to do
consultations. They finished those
consultations and are pleased to be
supporting this."
The B.C. government has called the
controversial Pacific NorthWest LNG
project a key economic driver for the

province and the country. Opponents,

denounced the project over concerns
about its impacts on the environment
and fish habitats.
The CPP proposal has faced criticism
from political opponents as well as
business owners, who will have to
boost contributions over seven years
starting in 2019 for their workers.
A benefit or a tax?
Dan Kelly, president of the Canadian
Federation of Independent Business,
said Tuesday that employers may be
forced to freeze salaries and benefits
to manage the extra costs. Some
businesses, Kelly warned, have said
they may have to eliminate jobs.
"With a flat economy and yesterday's
announcement of five years of
increasing carbon taxes/pricing, I'm
not sure where our governments think
small business owners and employees
will find the money to pay for seven
years of CPP hikes," Kelly said in
a statement, referring to the feds'
announcement this week of a national

floor price on carbon.

Kelly also said Ottawa never fulfilled
its pledge from the March federal
budget to consult Canadians before
expanding CPP.
Interim Conservative leader Rona
Ambrose has described CPP expansion
as a "tax hike" that will cost families
thousands of dollars.
Earlier this month, the federal
government said it expected the changes
to slow economic and employment
growth slightly in the short term before
boosting both in the long run.
How CPP expansion will work
The expansion will increase retirement
benefits for all working Canadians
not for people who are already
retired. The government said it will
take roughly 40 years of contributions
for a worker to get the most out of
the enriched benefit, therefore young
people just entering the workforce are
expected to receive the biggest returns.
Once the proposed changes are fully
implemented in 2025, Canadians
would pay between $9 and $42 more
into the plan every two weeks.
They will eventually provide future
retirees with one-third of their average
annual incomes up from one-quarter.
The adjustments will also increase the
maximum amount of income subject to
CPP by 14 per cent, to $82,700.
The reform will provide a tax
deduction, instead of a tax credit,
on the increased contributions by
employees, which Ottawa expects will
reduce government revenues by about
$710 million by 2021-22.
The changes would also cost about $260
million a year from the public treasury
to help offset the additional financial
burden that expansion would eventually
place on low-income earners. Ottawa
would enhance its refundable working
income tax benefit to help compensate
eligible low-wage earners for the higher
pension contributions.

World's Longest, Highest Glass Bridge In China


The world's longest and highest glass

bridge in China's Hunan province
has been reopened for public after
clearing a security inspection,
officials said.
With a capacity to hold 10,000 people
a day, the glass bridge saw a trial
operation in late August this year,
but was closed 12 days later due to
"overwhelming demand".
Local Cili county magistrate Gao
Jingsheng said the glass bridge was not
closed for safety reasons as rumours
had suggested. It cleared security
inspection and its construction was up
to standard, the official said.
"We want to be responsible to the
tourists, the local government and the
scenic resorts. We thought we should

perfect its surrounding facilities and

environment, and tackle the problems
we discovered in the trial period,"
he was quoted as saying by state-run
'People's Daily'.
According to some reports, some
deficiencies of the soft and hard
facilities seen during the trial period
was the main reason behind its closure.
Designed by architect Haim Dotan, the
430-meter-long structure is believed to
be the world's longest and tallest glass
pedestrian bridge.
It offers a panoramic view of the
Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. During its
trial operation, the bridge held no more
than 800 people at a time. Each day,
8,000 visitors had the opportunity to
walk on it.


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Life Sentence For Indian Student Who Stabbed

Pregnant Partner To Death

An Indian national who, earlier this

year, stabbed his pregnant partner to
death and left her body on the side of
the road is facing life behind bars.
The 24-year-old, known only as Akash,
was sentenced in the High Court at
Auckland after having entered a guilty
plea to the murder of Gurpreet Kaur,
In sentencing Judge Matthew Palmer
said the "cruelty, brutality and
callousness" of his actions, that had
shattered a family's dreams, was such
that a minimum period of imprisonment
of 17 years was appropriate.
"That minimum period may well be
more than 17 years; you may not
be released even then, depending
on their [Parole Board] decision.
That is because you are sentenced to
imprisonment for life.
"Gurpreet was the loved daughter of
parents whose dreams are now shattered
and destroyed. She was the fun, vibrant
sister with a bubbly personality whose
killing means her family will never be
the same.
"Some of her family apparently worry
that they played some part in her death.
They did not. They now feel like birds
who have lost one wing, and can't ever
imagine flying again."
Justice Palmer, in court, summarised
the events leading to the young
woman's murder on April 7 this year.

He told of how Akash had picked up

his partner of about a year from the
Manurewa train station and drove
south to Meremere where he purchased
some methamphetamine and used at
some point that morning.
Not long after the stop in Meremere,
Kaur told Akash she wanted to end
their relationship and that the baby she
was carrying was not his.
The judge said the medical evidence
showed Kaur, who had not informed
her parents of her pregnancy, was
seven to 10 weeks pregnant when she
"You reacted violently," Justice Palmer
said. "Emotional upset at such news is
understandable, but it does not excuse
or justify reacting with any violence,
let alone the extreme violence you
"Nothing Gurpreet Kaur did justified
your actions."
The judge went on to describe how
Akash stabbed Kaur 29 times in
varying parts of her body - the deepest
to her abdomen - before disposing
of her body on the side of Hampton
Downs Rd.
Not long after midday, he bought a
few things from the local superette and
headed north of Meremere.
Akash then attempted to cover up what
he'd done, disposing of Kaur's bag by
throwing it out his car window near

Mercer, bought himself new clothes,

and left his bloodied old clothes in a
bag at a friend's house.
Two days later, Akash's brother called
police to say Akash had confessed to
the killing and was now threatening to
kill himself.
Police found and interviewed Akash on
Sunday April 10 and in a third statement
he claimed Kaur stabbed herself.
He then showed police where to locate
her body.
On April 27, Akash initially entered a
not guilty plea to the murder charge
and was due to face trial in February
next year.
However, he changed his plea to guilty
on August 17, was convicted and given
a first-strike warning, before he was
sentenced to life imprisonment this
Akash, a citizen of the Republic of
India, had been in New Zealand since
2013 on a student visa and had been
studying IT in Auckland.
His visa expired on 31 May this year
and he was liable for deportation at the
completion of his sentence.
The 24-year-old also had a past history
of psychotic episodes, for which he'd
been taking medication in India, but
had stopped in New Zealand and
turned to meth.
"Instead, at some point, you became
a regular user of methamphetamine,"

Justice Palmer said.

Akash had also previously attempted
to kill himself and was described as
being "deeply depressed".
Justice Palmer said he'd considered
these factors in sentencing but Akash's
medical condition was not a mitigating
"No expert evidence is before me about
it," he said. "And you must take some
responsibility for ceasing to take your
medication in New Zealand."
Akash was deemed to be a "medium to
high risk of harm to others, particularly
when in a relationship with a woman".
Justice Palmer said he took into
account the Department of Corrections
had deemed Akash was genuinely
remorseful and conscious of the pain
he'd caused Kaur's family.
"But I also note that the terms of your
letter blame your anger, not yourself,"
he said. "You blame your 'anger' which
'led' you to commit such a horrific
crime and which 'took' your freedom,
your love and your life away from you.
You need to further reflect on, and own,
your responsibility for your actions."
He also noted Akash's guilty plea,
which had saved the family the upset
of a trial, had come after his initial
attempts to cover up the murder and
deny his involvement.
Therefore he said a minimum sentence
of 17 years was appropriate.

India Digs Bunkers As Kashmir Tensions Rise

underground bunkers along its frontier
with Pakistan in Kashmir amid fears
the nuclear-armed rivals are preparing
for a major escalation in conflict.
The fortification work follows an
attack on India's Uri army base on
September 18, which killed 19 soldiers
and provoked huge public anger in
New Delhi blamed the attack on
Pakistan-backed militants and responded
by launching "surgical strikes" across

the border into the part of Kashmir

controlled by Pakistan last Thursday.
A visit by the Daily Telegraph to a
military checkpoint near Uri in Indiancontrolled Kashmir revealed the army
has quietly but decisively bolstered
its fortifications along the "Line of
Control". Troops from the 116th
Infantry Brigade said exchanges of fire
at night have grown since the Uri attack.
"They shoot every time they see us,"
said the soldiers, who asked not to be

"They shoot on sight. If we see

movement, we shoot."
Residents in a village near Uri, which
lies outside India's border fence but
remains on the Indian side of the Line
of Control, said the road leading to their
homes had only two or three bunkers
before the Uri attack took place, but
now has as many as 50, many of which
extend underground.
The move comes amid increasingly
war-like rhetoric between the two
nuclear-armed rivals.

Last week, Khawaja Muhammad Asif,

Pakistan's Defence Minister, warned
that its tactical nuclear weapons were
"not just showpieces". "If our safety is
threatened, we will annihilate them,"
he said of India.
Ram Madhav, a senior leader of Indian
Prime Minister Narendra Modi's BJP
party, said India would no longer
take "a tooth for a tooth" to avenge
Pakistani aggression. "For one tooth,
the complete jaw. Days of so-called
strategic restraint are over," he said.

Police Called After Reclining Seat Sparks Mid-Air Fight

On Jetstar Plane
Police were called to escort two people
off a Jetstar flight, following a mid-air
incident where punches were allegedly
thrown and fellow passengers were
forced to intervene.
The Australian Federal Police (AFP)
confirmed it was investigating the
case, which saw the 27-year-old man
and 42-year-old woman escorted off
the plane when it landed in Sydney on
Wednesday afternoon.
A fight allegedly broke out between the
two passengers midway through the
journey from Phuket to Australia.
Finance expert Scott Haywood told

Melbourne radio station 3AW he was

among a group of passengers who were
forced to restrain the pair.
Mr Haywood said the fight started after
the woman reclined her seat back onto
the man's mother.
It prompted the man to thump the
woman's chair, and then the argument
became physical.
"In the area there were about 12 of us
who saw it all and they were certainly
laying into each other," he told 3AW.
Mr Haywood said the incident was
"distressing" but there were no serious

injuries, with the two families separated

in different sections of the plane.
The AFP confirmed the pair were
escorted from the plane.
"Investigations remain ongoing and
as such, it would not be appropriate to
comment further," a spokesman said.

In a statement provided to several

media outlets, Jetstar said it did not
tolerate "disruptive behaviour" on its
"We will conduct a review with a view
to banning these passengers travelling
with us in the future," the airline said.

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Killed By A Scratch: Mother Of Two Dies Of Sepsis

A mother of two died from sepsis after
scratching the back of her hand while
gardening, her grieving family said.
Lucinda Smith started feeling pain in
her shoulder a few days after the minor
scrape and went to see a GP.
But the 43-year-old solicitor was sent
away with a prescription to ease the
pain and relax her, and told to see a
Three days later, as her condition
continued to deteriorate, she visited
the local accident and emergency
department where a simple blood test
established she had contracted sepsis, a
form of blood poisoning.
She was placed on intravenous
antibiotics immediately but was soon
taken on to a critical ward, and died
two days later.
Smith, also known as Lucy, had two
children - Megan, nine, and six-yearold George - and was looking forward
to marrying her fiance Darren O'Neill.
They had just bought a home in
Billericay, Essex.
Her sister Caroline said: "Had Lucy
initially been given that simple blood
test and received the treatment that she
needed on the Friday when she saw a
GP I am convinced that the outcome
would have been a positive one.
Megan and George would still have
their wonderful, beautiful mummy."
Her mother Shirley Smith, 76,
said: "The doctor first gave her an
antidepressant that is usually used to
relax muscles when the patient has a
trapped nerve.
"Her regular doctor wasn't the doctor
who sent her to the physio, it was
another clinical practitioner. The
doctor did not take her blood pressure

Lucy Smith was referred to a physiotherapist after visiting her GP. She died a
few days later.
and that's something they should do
After visiting a physiotherapist on the
doctor's advice, Smith was told "to
come back in a week or two" because
they could not treat her while she was in
such obvious distress, her mother said.
Her daughter's second visit to a GP
was at a different surgery. "That's when
the doctor sent her to Basildon A&E,"
her mother said. It was at casualty that
Smith had her blood tested and her blood
pressure taken, leading hospital doctors
to immediately put her on antibiotics
and begin treating her for sepsis.
Mrs Smith, who with her other daughter
has been helping Mr O'Neill care for
the children, said: "Lucinda was a
beautiful and brilliant young woman.
She was such a vibrant character.
"George has asked questions at Easter
like, 'If Jesus can come back, why can't
my mum come back?' "

Sepsis is a potentially life-threatening

condition triggered by an infection or,
as in this case, an injury.
It causes the body's immune system to
go into overdrive as it tries to fight an
infection, which can reduce the blood
supply to vital organs. Without prompt
treatment, it can lead to multiple organ
failure and death.
Smith first visited her GP on Friday,
March 27, last year, a few days after
spending time in the garden, when she
scratched the back of her hand. But
because she was experiencing pain in
her shoulder, the cause of the pain was
not immediately identified.
The doctor diagnosed a trapped nerve
and prescribed anti-depressants to
relax her and help her sleep.
She was also told to see a chiropractor,
whom she visited that afternoon and
was given acupuncture. Her family
noted that even at that point she was

vomiting and in pain.

Three days later, the following Monday,
her fingers and arm had become red
and swollen, she was still vomiting and
in much worse pain.
She saw another GP who diagnosed a
possible blood clot and told her to go
to A&E.
Staff at Basildon Hospital's casualty
department gave her a simple blood
test straight away and 30 minutes later
she was diagnosed with sepsis and
put on intravenous antibiotics. After
being admitted to a general ward for
one night, she deteriorated and was
moved to a critical care ward with an
increased dose of antibiotics. The next
day she was put on a ventilator.
She began to suffer organ failure and
she suffered cardiovascular, renal and
respiratory failure and died.
An inquest said she died of toxic shock
caused by sepsis.
If a child or adult who has had any
infection - even a mild cold - develops
one or more of the following symptoms,
call 911 immediately and say you think
they have sepsis:
Abnormally cold to the touch.
Breathing rapidly or struggling for
Very lethargic or difficult to rouse.
No urine (or wet nappy) for more
than 12 hours.
Skin mottled, blueish or extremely
If sepsis is suspected by doctors,
treatment with antibiotics must begin
as soon as possible - ideally within an
hour of diagnosis - even before blood
tests have been carried out.

TV Couple Som And Krystin Lisaius, Who Drugged Baby

With Cocaine While Breast Feeding, Get Probation
A married former TV couple have been
sentenced to a year of probation after
their baby was found with cocaine in
her system.
The Arizona Daily Star reports that
Krystin Rae Lisaius, 26, and husband
Somchai Lisaius, 42, both former
Arizona TV reporters, pleaded guilty
to child endangerment on August 31
after initially denying using cocaine.
The four-month-old baby was taken
to hospital on May 15 with her eyes
"rolling into the back of the head."
The couple refused to allow a blood test
on the baby but eventually urine tests
and a toxicology screening showed she
had cocaine in her system.
"It should be noted that at no time
according to the report did either

parent tell the hospital staff about the

mother's cocaine use the night before
and Krystin continued to breast feed
while at the hospital," one detective
wrote in a report.
Krystin Lisaius later admitted that she
had snorted cocaine the night before
with her husband but wasn't aware that
the drug would still be in her system
12 hours later when she breastfed her
The baby girl is being taken care of by
her maternal grandmother.
Piccarreta, said Mrs Lisaius "has 24hour contact with her child in her
mother's house, while Som Lisaius is
allowed to see the baby for 12 hours
a day."

Krystin Lisaius and husband Somchai Lisaius were arrested on drug charges.



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Gulab Jamun Fiji Indian Style

1 can Condensed milk
1 tsp Elachi
1/4 tsp Nutmeg
3 cups Self raising Flour
2 to 4 tablespoons Butter/Ghee
Butter/Ghee 2 to 4 tablespoons (extra)
2 cups Sugar
4 cups Water
Oil to fry
Grind elachi and nutmeg and make it
into powder.
Put self raising flour in a bowl.
Melt the butter or ghee to be used and
cool it.
Open the condensed milk can and pour
the content in a clean empty bowl.
Add the powdered elachi and nutmeg
to the condensed milk.
Add the melted ghee to the condensed
Use a spoon to mix the ingredients
added to condensed milk (stir in a
circular motion).

Sprinkle flour over the mixture and mix

well. Repeat this process till the dough
is stiff enough to be kneaded.
Knead the dough well, should be a stiff
dough (you can also use a few drops of
ghee if needed).
Pour sugar and water in a pan and boil
it for 15 to 20 minutes over medium
heat to make syrup (bubbles will form
while boiling and it should be 1 string
Take small pieces of dough and make
round long shaped gulab jamun with
your hands. You will need the extra
ghee to rub in your hands so that the
Gulab jamun dough does not stick to
your hands.
Heat oil and fry the gulab jamun till
golden brown.
Take out the fried gulab jamun from the
oil and put it in the syrup (Gulab jamun
should be soaked well in the syrup).
Take out the gulab jamun from the
syrup after 2 to 5 minutes and let it

Coconut Gujia

Suji Laddoo
2 cups suji
1/4 cup chopped peanuts
1/4 cup chopped almonds
1 teaspoon cardamom powder
1 teaspoon nutmeg powder
2 tablespoons til (roasted)
cup ghee
2 and half cups sugar
1 cup water

1 cup grated coconut
Two pinches of crushed pepper
Three pinches of crushed cardamon
1/4 cup chopped almonds
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 tspn cinnamon powder
3 tblspns ghee
extra oil or ghee for frying
1 cup flour
1/3 cup ghee
oil for frying
cold water - estimate
Method for filling:
Heat ghee, add coconut, pepper,
cardamon, almonds, sugar, cinnamon

powder .
Stir well. Taste and adjust sugar or
seasoning if needed.
Fry till light brown in colour. Set aside
to cool.
Method for Pastry:
Rub ghee into flour. Mix to a stiff
dough by adding
a little water at a time. Knead well by
adding a little ghee.
Dough must be stiff and smooth.
Take a little dough and roll into rounds
of 2 and a half inches in diameter. Fill
with two teaspoons of coconut mixture
in the centre of each round. Fold in
half, damp the edges and press together
with a fork or use a gujia mould. Fry in
oil or ghee. Enjoy!

Heat ghee and fry suji on low heat until

colour changes to golden.
Remove from heat and add all the other
ingredients except for sugar and water.
Mix well and set aside. Boil water
and sugar until thick and sticky. Keep
warm. Rub a little ghee on the palm of
your hands.
Take about 2 tablespoons of suji
mixture and mix about 2 tablespoons
of warm syrup and form into balls.


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Traditional Cholesterol Testing May Not Predict Heart


Traditional testing for the level of a

specific component of high-density
lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) -the "good cholesterol" -- may not
be a better predictor of the damage
or disease in the heart's major blood
vessels, says a study.
Failure of drug trials to observe benefits
by elevating high-density lipoprotein
cholesterol (HDL-C) in the blood has
raised serious doubts about HDL-C's
properties of reducing the formation
of plaques that block our blood vessels
and cause coronary heart disease, the
researchers said.
Coronary artery disease (CAD) is a
condition which affects the arteries that
supply the heart with blood.

The findings after adjusting for age, use

of statins, smoking, and other factors,
showed that small, dense, protein-rich
particles making up "good cholesterol"
may be more protective of our blood
vessels than large, buoyant cholesterolrich particles.
The more small and medium "good
cholesterol" particles were found in the
blood vessels, the less was the arterial
calcification present.
There was no association between
large HDL- particles and coronary
artery calcification.
The association with HDL- cholesterol
was weaker and inconsistent between
men and women.
"Our findings indicate that HDL-

particles and medium-sized HDL

particles are better independent markers
of coronary artery disease, as reflected
by coronary artery calcification, than
HDL-cholesterol," said Chobufo Ditah
from Hebrew University in Jerusalem,
"The study support previous reports
suggesting that small dense HDL
particles are protectively associated
with risk of coronary heart disease,"
Ditah added.
For the study, published in the journal
Atherosclerosis, the team recruited
274 Arabs and 230 Jews residing in
The team used Nuclear Magnetic
Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy to

identify the numbers and sizes of

plasma HDL particles, and helical
CT-scanning to identify calcification
in their coronary arteries, reflecting
the overall burden of coronary
With these data in hand, they
looked for associations between the
concentrations and sizes of different
HDL particles, and coronary artery
"Based on the accumulating evidence,
incorporation of medium-sized HDL
particles or HDL- particles into the
routine prediction of coronary heart
disease risk should be considered,"
noted Jeremy Kark,Professor at the
Hebrew University.

Breathing Exercises That'll Change Your Life

Breathing Exercises
Breathing exercises are the way to
meditate without leaving the office
in the new day and age. Breathing
exercises can help you to become more
relaxed and in tune with yourself. If
life's daily challenges are starting to
take over, take a moment to try these
exercises out for yourself. When you
are relaxed, it can help boost your
productivity levels and focus. When
you're focused on negativity from the
past, or worrying about the future,
breathing exercises could help you be
in the present moment. With practice,
this can be your secret weapon to
help battle stress. It also can easily
be utilized to help with any of life's
challenges that knock at your door.
Equal Breathing
Equal breathing is the first step for
beginners wanting to try out breathing
exercises. It requires to you sit in
an upright position and count while

breathing deeply. The goal is to take

the same amount of time to breathe in,
as to breathe out, about 3 4 seconds
each way.
Abdominal Breathing Exercises
Abdominal breathing exercises are
similar to the equal breathing exercise
except you're required to lie on your
back. Lie down and press one hand
against your heart and the other on
the stomach. Breathe deeply and try
to take the same amount of time to
breathe in as out. By following these
steps, you should be able to feel the air
flow throughout your body.
Alternate Nostril Breathing
Alternate nostril breathing is an
intermediate breathing exercise. This
exercise helps you to balance both the
left and right hemisphere in your brain.
To perform this exercise, cover one
nostril and breathe in through the other
side, cover the side you inhaled through
and exhale through the other side.

When You Should Not Take

Calcium Supplements

Calcium is an extremely important

mineral in the body. It is needed for
healthy bones and teeth and also
needed for the smooth functioning
of heart, nerves, and even the bloodclotting systems. But here are some
important rules:
Caffeine can decrease calcium
absorption, and possibly lead to
osteoporosis. Ingestion of oxalates (as
in chocolate and spinach), iron (as in
liver and raisins), and phytates (found
in whole grains) also impair calcium
Time your calcium and multi vitamin
tablets. Taking them together can
interfere with the absorption of iron
in multi vitamin. So don't take the two


It should be noted that calcium
supplements may interfere with certain
laboratory tests (including cholesterol
tests), possibly causing false tests
supplementation is known to cause
gastrointestinal side effects such as
constipation and dyspepsia and also
interfere with absorption of various
medications such as anti-hypertensives
and anti-epileptics. So consult your
Smoking and alcohol not only increase
the risk of osteoporosis but may also
interfere with the absorption of calcium
in your body. Consider quitting the
habit if you want better results.

Repeat as many times as necessary to

help you relax.
Kapalabhati Breathing
This is a more advanced breathing
technique that is performed by sitting
upright, and inhaling through your nose
about 3/4ths of your lung capacity.
Immediately after, exhale as much as you
can, then allow your lungs to refill, on
their own, without extra exertion. This
breathing exercise takes time to learn, so
don't be discouraged if you don't get it
exactly right the first few times.
Progressive Breathing
This breathing exercise helps to
relax the tension throughout your
body. Whenever you find a quiet,
comfortable spot, breathe deeply and
apply pressure with your hand to any
area on your body filled with tension.
Hold the pressure for 5 seconds while
exhaling at the same time, move on to
the next place with tension and repeat.

Visualization breathing is one of the

most popular breathing exercises out
of the different exercises, and with
good reason! Breathe in deeply and
feel the breath flow through your body.
Visualize yourself at your haven of
relaxation and repeat until you feel
your tension melt away.
Yoga is a stress relieving alternative and
a good way to get introduced to breathing
exercises. The basis of yoga this holding
specific poses while breathing deeply
for a period of time. Find a class that
fits your level of experience, listen to
the instructor, and go at the pace you are
most comfortable with.
Hit The Steam Room
The steam room is a comfortable
place to practice breathing exercises.
The steam helps the body to sweat
out toxins while you breathe deeply.
You should feel revitalized refreshed

Binge Eating May Up Various

Health Conditions

Individuals with binge-eating disorder

(BED) may be at high risk of getting
diagnosed with illnesses associated
with the endocrine and circulatory
systems, a study suggests.
Binge-eating disorder is a serious
eating disorder in which an individual
frequently consumes unusually large
amounts of food and is unable to stop
craving for more.
Individuals with BED could be at an
increased risk of 2.5-times of having
an endocrine disorder and at 1.9-times
of having a circulatory system disorder.
The endocrine system influences heart,
bones and tissues growth, and even
It plays a vital role in determining
whether there were chances of
developing diabetes, thyroid disease,
growth disorders, sexual dysfunction,
and a host of other hormone-related

BED is closely associated with

hypertension - commonly called high
blood pressure - that causes the heart
to work harder and could lead to such
complications as heart attack, stroke,
or kidney failure, among others.
Among individuals with obesity and BED,
there is a 1.5-times increased risk of having
a respiratory disease and a 2.6-times of
having a gastrointestinal disease.
"We encourage clinicians to -- have
the conversation -- about BED with
their patients. Accurate screening and
detection could solve BED problem
with treatment," said Professor Cynthia
Bulik, from the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill, in the US.
"BED afflicts people of all shapes and
sizes. The somatic illnesses that we
detected were not simply effects of being
overweight or obese," Bulik clarified, in
the study published in the International
Journal of Eating Disorders.


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When Lead Actors Kissed For The First Time On Screen!

In this special feature, let's look at

some popular male actors, like Ajay
Devgn, Shah Rukh Khan and Ranbir
Kapoor who have locked lips for the
first time onscreen and for which film.
Though you may not find Salman Khan
in here... the man is still a 'virgin' when
it comes to onscreen kissing!
Ajay Devgn is, for the first time in
his career, breaking his no-onscreen
kissing policy for Shivaay, a film he is
directing as well as acting in. The girl,
who gets to break Ajays Vishwamitralike stance when it comes to kissing
onscreen, happens to be the Polish
actress, Erika Karkuszewska, who is
better known as Erika Kaar. She plays
Ajay Devgns characters first love
interest and later wife in the film. The
kiss is said to be a part of a sensuous
lovemaking sequence in the second
song, Darkhaast, from the film, that
will come out soon. If rumours are to
be believed, the kissing scene is said to
be three minutes long! Its like Ajay is
compensating for the lack of onscreen
kisses in his career with this one itself.
We have seen glimpses of the kiss in
the trailer when Ajay and Erika loll
around in a tent mid-air. Now we
are waiting for the song to come out
and see whether Ajay can give tough
competition to his Baadshaho co-star
Emraan Hashmi when it comes to
puckering up on screen.
Ajay Devgn is not the first actor to have
refrained from kissing onscreen for
long before breaking his own policy for
a movie. There is of course, Amitabh
Bachchan, and then later Shah Rukh
Khan, who had hesitations for kissing
their heroines on screen, but later did
it out of respect to the director or the
scene. In this special feature, lets look
at 10 popular male actors who have
locked lips for the first time onscreen
and for which film. Though you may
not find Salman Khan in here the
man is still a virgin when it comes to
onscreen kissing!
Ajay Devgn in Shivaay
Ajay Devgn has done some hot
scenes with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
(Khakee), Kareena Kapoor (Omkara
and Satyagraha), Kajol (U Me Aur
Hum), but this is the first time he is
locking lips with an actress. We need
to see whats there in Shivaay that he
broke his own no-kissing policy, once
the film is out.
Shah Rukh Khan in Jab Tak Hai Jaan
I believe there is a deleted scene in
Maya Memsaab that has Shah Rukh
Khan share a kiss with Deepa Sahi
floating somewhere around, though
the edited scene in the final film itself
is scorching enough. However, his
first official kissing scene happens to
be for late Yash Chopras swansong,
Jab Tak Hai Jaan, with Katrina Kaif.
Incidentally, he locks lips with the

Baar Baar Dekho actress three times in

the movie.
Akshay Kumar in Saugandh
Akshay Kumar may not be seen kissing
his heroines lately (in fact, he even had
removed a kissing scene with Ileana
DCruz in Rustom), however he had
no such qualms in his early phase of
career. His first film as a leading man
had him share a peck on the lips with
his leading lady, Shanti Priya.
Hrithik Roshan in Kaho Naa
Pyaar Hai
In his mega debut film, Hrithik Roshan
has a sweet peck on the lips moment
with Ameesha Patel when they were
stranded on a lonely beach. His
first most passionate kiss was with
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Dhoom 2.
Aamir Khan in Holi
Aamir Khan is the only Khan among
Shah Rukh and Salman to have no
problems kissing onscreen, last seen
kissing Katrina Kaif in Dhoom 3.
His first kiss was in his debut film,
which, interestingly, is not Qayamat
Se Qayamat Tak, as many believe.
His first film as an adult was Ketan
Mehtas campus movie, Holi, which
also happens to harbour AKs first kiss.
Guess who was the lucky lady? Telly
actress Kitu Gidwani!
Ranbir Kapoor in Bachna Ae
Ranbir Kapoor may not have kissed
Sonam Kapoor in his debut film,
Saawariya. However he locked lips with
not one but three hot ladies in his second
film. He first kissed Minissha Lamba,
before sharing a passionate kiss in the
elevator scene with Bipasha Basu. Then
there is the final kiss with his ex, Deepika
Padukone. Some guys have all the luck!
Ranveer Singh in Band Baaja Baaraat
Band Baaja Baaraat heralded the arrival
of a new bindaas hero in Bollywood,
who has no qualms in even endorsing
a condom. That hero is Ranveer Singh.
That kissing scene with Anushka
Sharma in the film was talksedabout
a lot, because of its length and for the
fact that how tastefully it was shot.
Amitabh Bachchan in Black
When he was that angry, young man,
he had never kissed his heroines on
screen, however Amitabh Bachchan
dropped his stance for Sanjay Leela
Bhansali when he kissed for the first
time in Black, that too in his 60s.
However, that scene with Rani Mukerji
was not romantic at all; instead it sent
us into recesses of depression, making
us feel bad for both the characters.
Big B did another small kissing scene
with the late Jiah Khan in Ram Gopal
Varmas Nishabd, which became a lot
more controversial.
Shahid Kapoor in Jab We Met
Before they broke up, Shahid Kapoor
and Kareena Kapoor acted in quite a
few films. However, it was in their first

film after their breakup that they finally

kissed onscreen. This also happened to
be Shahids first onscreen kiss, a trend
which he later followed up on in films
like Badmaash Company, Kaminey,
Haider and others.
Sidharth Malhotra in Student of the
Student of the Year had the debut of
Sidharth Malhotra, Alia Bhatt and Varun
Dhawan. Though Alia Bhatt was paired
with both the actors at different junctures
of the movie, it was only with Sidharth
Malhotra that the kiss happened, which
turned out to also be the first kissing
scene Karan Johar had directed.
Varun Dhawan in Main Tera Hero
Though it was Sidharth who got the
chance to lock lips in their debut
film, Varun Dhawan took the missed

opportunity to do pucker up his lips

in his second film, where he kissed his
heroine Ileana, quite a few times in the
Arjun Kapoor in Ishaqzaade
Arjun Kapoor made a strong debut
in this rustic version of Romeo and
Juliet. One of the films most impactful
scenes was the consummation scene
between Arjun and Parineeti Chopras
characters, which leads to him
revealing his true colours.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Miss Lovely
There have been reports where
Nawazuddin Siddiqui has claimed he
has never kissed a heroine onscreen.
Perhaps he has forgotten this awardwinning noir film, Miss Lovely, where
he shared a passionate French kiss with
Niharika Singh.

No you are not dreaming! Salman Khan

and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan might
just sign a film together - details here!
This gotta be the BIGGEST news of
the day. Rajeev Masand has revealed
that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wants to
reunite with Salman Khan on the big
screen. Yes! Unlike reports that suggest
the ex lovers dont even wish to come
face to face considering their break up
was one of the ugliest one Bollywood
has ever witnessed; Rajeev now reveals
that Aishwarya finally wants to break
the ice and work with Salman Khan.
I mean, whoa! Can you believe this is
finally happening for real?
Although we dunno how reliable is this
scoop but considering it talks about
Ash-Salmans reunion, we just cannot
contain our excitement. But theres
also a twist to this tale! While the fact
remains that Aishwarya has no issues
in doing a film with Salman. Rajeev
Masand further adds how shes also
informed her inner circle that she will
sign a film with Salman only on one
condition the script and the director
would have to be really extraordinary.

But having said that, dont hold your

breath for Salman is yet to show
his interest in making a movie with
Aishwarya againHmm!
Add to that, Rajeev also highlights
upon the ongoing buzz surrounding
Aishwarya not willing to promote
Ae Dil Hai Mushkil on Salmans
Bigg Boss 10. While many have been
speculating Ash doesnt want to go on
Salmans show. But word is that there
hasnt been any discussion as such for
neither Salman nor Aishwarya would
even consider to do anything thatll
make them feel uncomfortable. In the
sense, if Ash and Salman really have
to bury the hatchet, they wouldnt
publicise it right? But yea, a film
proposal from Ash is definitely a great
idea to let bygones be bygones.
Were already visualising Aishwarya
and Salman together on the silver
screen. While their iconic film Hum Dil
De Chuke Sanam will always remain
close to our hearts. Not to forget, Ash
and Salman were last seen together in
Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam back in the
year 2002.

Aishwarya Wants To
Reunite With Salman Khan

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This may be a week of changes for

you and offer promising results in
every walk of life. People looking
for the change in career will have
positive outcomes. Short journeys or
interaction with superiors will bring
positive results. Students will get
good results and sound knowledge
during this week. Children will have
prosperous results in most of their
efforts. They will be successful in
finding a new job or outstanding results
in education. A spouse may have major
changes in career after a long time.
Father may plan to start new business
or consultancy. He should take care of
health as Mars is transiting in 6th house.
Elder siblings will have childbirth at
the end of the week. He/she may have
encouraging results working abroad.
Younger siblings may be of indifferent
health throughout this week.


This may be a profitable week for you

and provide sufficient opportunities
to improve your earnings. Mars
in ascendant may make you
uncompromising and hard working.
Your efforts to implement your previous
plans may yield satisfactory results.
New work will bring satisfaction and
curiosity. Students may get promising
results for their efforts. Children
will have acceptable results in their
career. They will be successful in
convincing higher authorities about
their performances. A spouse may be
worried about future financial status.
Father may have minor health issues
throughout this week. Elder siblings
may take up new conveyance in the
middle of this week. Younger siblings
may be worried about financial


This week may offer mixed results for

you. You may spend most of the time
in planning rather than doing. Lack
of interest in career matters may have
serious consequences. You should strive
to be more punctual and prompt in the
day to day activities. Secret enemies
may try to strike you. Substantial
expenditure or loss of money may
frustrate you. Students will get normal
results for their performance. Children
will have a lack of concentration
because of some youthful distractions.
This is a favourable week for decisions
about higher education. A spouse
may have a wavering mind about an
important decision. Father may plan to
participate in speculation which might
be a risky decision. Elder siblings will
enjoy the change of residence or short
journeys. Younger siblings will have
all round success in life.


This may be an expensive week for you

and indicates substantial expenditure
throughout this week. You may not
able to control the outflow in spite of
serious efforts. People looking for a

change in job or city can expect positive

results. During this week you might
make useful friendships. Students may
get average results for their efforts.
Children may be frustrated for certain
unexplainable reasons. They may not
be able to concentrate because of some
diversions. Spouse will have a grand
success in official matters. He/she may
be shortlisted for a decent position.
Father will enjoy stability in a career.
He will try to acquire a fixed asset with
a bank loan. Elder siblings will enjoy
financial stability after a long time.
Younger siblings may have pressure in
a career.


This may be a profitable week for

you and will promise success in all
your efforts. There will be little or
no opposition at your workplace.
This is a typical week for initiating
new works or projects. Students will
get optimum results for their efforts.
Children will have support from
friends. They may finalize an alliance
after a long contemplation. Spouse
will have ultimate pressure in a career.
He/she may decide to quit the present
job because of enmity with superiors.
Father may have memorable trips to
beautiful locations. Elder siblings
may involve in some illegal activities
which may damage the reputation of
the family. Younger siblings may have
a major change in career.


This week may offer favourable results

for you and will improve your efficiency
as well as recognition. There will be
an appreciation for your innovative
thoughts. You will be successful in
maintaining cordial relations with
superiors. In spite of success in a
career, you may be disappointed with
your financial instability. Students
will get respectable results for their
efforts. Children will have success
in competitions or interviews. They
may have love affairs during this
week. A spouse may have a fear of
loss of reputation for his/her previous
mistakes. Father will have improvement
in earnings. Elder siblings may have
foreign visits. Younger siblings may be
misled by their childhood friends. It is
better to postpone financial decisions.


This may be a dynamic week for

you. You will be in serious search for
better opportunities. There may be
sudden conflicts with your co-workers
of colleagues. You should try to
concentrate on your performance rather
than in personal matters of others.
Health should be given top priority.
Students may get decent results for
their efforts. Children will enjoy love
affair in the middle of this week. They
may not be able to focus on education
for obvious reasons. A spouse may
have acceptable changes in the nature
of work. Father may have instability or
insecurity in career matters. He should

stay away from speculation. Elder

siblings will enjoy outstanding results
in financial matters. Younger siblings
will be successful in new business


This may be a troublesome week for

you. People may often misunderstand
you or misinterpret your words.
Indiscreet financial decisions may lead
to ultimate pressure. You may have
fear or worry for mystic reasons. In
spite of all these pressures, you will be
able to discharge your official duties
efficiently. Students may get poor
results for their performance. Children
will have success in education but
failure in career matters. A spouse may
have decent growth in earnings. He/
she should not lend money to others
during this week. Father will have long
journeys or foreign visits. Elder siblings
may be able to withstand the pressure
in a career. He/she may have troubles
in domestic life. Younger siblings will
have financial prosperity but there may
be a failure in love matters.


This may be the dynamic week for

you and will make you more active
and alert. You will have high spirits
throughout this week. There will be
some challenging situations in a job
which improves your efficiency. You
should not prolong any argument and
try to subdue your aggression. Students
will get outstanding results for their
performance. Children may have
sharp fevers or seasonal complaints
throughout this week. A spouse may
taste huge loss in speculation. He/she
may be troubled by secret enemies.
Father will have ultimate success in
most of his efforts. Elder siblings will
prosper well in foreign lands. He/
she may be troubled by stones in the
bladder or windy complaints. Younger
siblings may involve in some illicit
activities. He/she may taste failure in
higher education.


This may be a favorable week for

you. There will be positive outcomes
for most of your presentations or
performances. You will be able to
influence your superiors with hard
work and tactful dealing. Mars in
5th house will make you aggressive

and optimistic about future. Students

will get favourable results in their
endeavours. Children will have growth
in their earnings. They may able to
recover a long pending due from a
colleague. A spouse may have heavy
expenditure or deception by his/her
close friend. Father may have good
name and reputation in his career life.
Elder siblings will have prosperity in
the partnership business. He/she may be
entrusted with herculean assignments.
Younger siblings may involve in minor
accidents towards the end of this week.


This may be a pleasant week for you.

There will be memorable visits to
beautiful landscapes. You may be
of refreshing mind throughout this
week. Purchase of a fixed asset or
conveyance may delight you. There
may be a renewal of old friendships or
possibility for new friendships during
this week. Students may face problems
in higher education. Children may
have testing situations in their lives
and might have a negative effect on
their confidence. Spouse will have
monetary benefits throughout this
week. He/she will have positive results
in a career. Father may have gastritis or
any other long standing problems. He
should avoid journeys at night time.
Elder siblings will finalize a marriage
alliance this week. Younger siblings
may have problems in love matters.


This may be a positive week for you

and will bring stability in a career in
spite of some problems at the beginning
of this week. You will have good
recognition and appreciation for your
efforts. It is better to search or explore
Students may get decent results in
their presentations. Children will be
successful in foreign locations. They
may have some problems in education.
A spouse may have normal results in a
career. He/she may have conflicts with
superiors. Father will have irritable
outlook throughout this week. Elder
siblings may have positive news
about employment. He/she will enjoy
monetary benefits. Younger siblings
may face problems with spouse or
business partner. They may have
positive communication about the job.


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TS Times Sports
Bigger, Bolder, Better

The 2016 Fiji International has arrived

and it promises to be bigger, bolder and
better in 2016.
From humble beginnings, of a shared
vision to place Fiji on the lucrative
international golfing map, the Fiji
International has come a long way.
When we launched this tournament
back in 2013, we used the amazing
words of Nelson Mandela to highlight
the way in which sport has the power to
change and inspire, to awaken hope and
to speak to people in a language they
can understand, said Brian Thorburn,
CEO of the PGA of Australia.
Through the language of golf, and the
language of Fiji weve spoken to the
people of the world and the world has
listened and taken notice.
We had a vision to put Fiji on the
global golfing map, to show the world
the magnificence of your country, the
hospitality of your people and to build
your most acclaimed Fijian sporting
event ever.
The Fijian government, led by Prime
Minister Voreqe Bainimarama and
the Honourable Attorney General and
Honourable Minister for Economy
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum saw our
vision, backed our plan and provided
substantial support to deliver on
our vision, for which we are all very
In 2016, the Fiji International is cosanctioned by the European Tour
and the ISPS HANDA PGA Tour
of Australasia for the first time, a
relationship which will continue to

deliver benefits for the tournament into

the future.
This year we have become a cosanctioned tournament with the
European Tour, joining the second
oldest tour in the world, and becoming
part of a Tour played in 27 countries
with 47 tournaments. Weve come of
age, added Thorburn.
A strong representation on the growth
of the Fiji International is the prize
money. For the third consecutive year
this figure has increased and now sits
at AU$1.5million.
Since we launched the Fiji
International in 2014 with a purse of
just over $1million, we have grown
prize money by almost 50 per cent to a
level of $1.5million this year now the
equal second highest purse on the ISPS
HANDA PGA Tour of Australasia,
continued Thorburn.
But most importantly the success of any
international golf tournament hinges
on the quality of the field contesting
the title.
The Fiji International continues to
go from strength-to-strength in this
department with some of the best
players in the world taking notice of
this golfing paradise and requesting to
As weve grown, our playing field has
built, and with Vijay Singh, Nick Price,
and Craig Parry in 2014, weve become
better known, and are attracting greater
player interest and stronger fields,
continued Thorburn.
Last year Vijay again came back

Bob Kumar Retires

Fiji Football Association president,

Rajesh Patel, has announced the
retirement of long serving member and
chief executive officer, Bob Kumar.
The announcement was made during
the Fiji FA annual general meeting at
the Fiji FA headquarters in Vatuwaqa,
Retiring at the age of 72, Kumar says,
he had enjoyed his time at Fiji FA and
plans to spend more time with his
Kumar said: When we first started out
it was a struggle because we did not
have the resources that we have now.
But Fiji FA is looking really good now
and taking football to another level.
Im happy to have been part of the
build-up of the association.
I do plan to spend time at home with
the family but I have a few other things
planned out because I cannot sit idle at
However, Patel said, while Kumar
may be retired he would still be
associated with Fiji FA and this time as
a consultant.
Bob Kumar will retire from his post and
we will soon be advertising for the post

of chief executive officer, Patel said.

He has served diligently and he will
still be associated with Fiji Football on
a consultant role.
He still has got some more years in
him, at 72-years-old, people would like
to relax and kick back and spend time
with their family and that is something
we would love to see him do.
Patel said Kumar would be sorely
missed at Fiji FA.
Its a big loss especially for a person
of such calibre. Its a loss for Oceania
Football and also to the football
fraternity but that doesnt mean he
will leave Fiji FA or that he wont be
associated with us, he said.
Kumar will always be available to
us, he has always said that and we will
take him on. There are a lot of things
that FIFA will be imposing on us and
we would like to use him to strengthen
the districts and that will be part of his
future role as a consultant.
Kumar started at Fiji FA in 1987 as a
volunteer where he worked his way up
the ranks to become general secretary
in 1966 before taking over the CEO
role in 2003.

to play the Fiji International and we

attracted World number 17 and seven
time PGA TOUR winner Matt Kuchar,
who won the tournament, as well as
Peter OMalley and Ryan Fox, son of
All Black legend and current selector,
Grant Fox.
And this year we have our biggest ever
field with no less than seven PGA Tour
winners, headlined by Vijay Singh once
again and Ryder Cup player and World
Number 23 Brandt Snedeker. Plus,
Americans Boo Weekley and Heath
Slocum. As well as Aussie winners on
the PGA Tour; Steve Bowditch, Robert
Allenby and Peter Lonard and a host
of others.
The Fiji International will be broadcast
around the world with Fiji on display
for more than 1000 hours.
Our ascension to the European Tour
will drive an almost 100 per cent
uplift in the broadcast hours that the
Fiji International will be exposed
to the world, added Thorburn. The
international television distribution
afforded by the European Tour will
see the Fiji International broadcast into
markets never previously reached and
to bigger audiences, especially in the
important Asian market.
This is incredible exposure of Fiji, of
the Coral Coast, and of Natadola Bay
Championship Golf Course.
But more than that, with the exposure
of Tourism Fiji and the vignettes which
show the beauty of Fiji, the exposure
the Fiji International offers is second to
One of the main aims of the Fiji
International is to drive the Fijian
economy, particularly this year in the
wake of Cyclone Winston.
Fiji has successfully grown its
tourism earnings in recent years, and
we believe our tournament has played
a significant part in that growth. As
weve exposed Fiji into new markets,
as weve showcased Fijian hospitality

and Fijis natural beauty to the world.

As the world golfing community has
taken notice of Fijis golf assets and
tourism appeal, added Thorburn.
On the economic front, our tournament
continues to drive substantial economic
impact and value to the Fijian economy,
as we spend directly in Fiji on Fijian
businesses, as we hire Fijian staff and
as our international staff, TV crew and
players spend in your market.
We bring over 150 event staff into Fiji
from overseas just during tournament
week driving over an estimated 1,000
room nights alone.
But the Fiji International has always
aimed to be more than just a golf
tournament and tourism exercise.
The Fiji International aims to leave a
lasting legacy of our great game in Fiji.
As weve engaged in the Fijian
community, weve sought to give back.
Weve implemented a school golf
program that has introduced more than
5,000 children to the game over three
years, and trained more than 20 school
teachers to deliver programs. We want
to help find, train and develop the next
Vijay Singh to represent Fiji country
on the international golfing stage,
added Thorburn.
More than just aiming to have more
Fijian kids taking up golf, we are also
engaging the community through other
programs such as volunteering and
caddying at the tournament.
Weve sponsored the Fiji national golf
team, and worked closely with the
landowners of Natadola, the Sanasana
village, including
sponsoring the
Sanasana rugby team, donating gym
equipment and this year committing
to a womens workshop in conjunction
with Fijian Made.
The 2016 Fiji International promises
the greatest spectacle yet in the
tournaments short history when it tees
off on Thursday with the champion to
be decided on Sunday.