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Paul Dinakaran, son of late DGS Dinakaran has revealed that his father has become a member of the heavenly council that gives expert opinion to God on important matters. The wonderful revelation has been made by Paul in the March issue of the magazine “Jesus Calls”. According to Paul, a prophet of Australia had foretold Dinakaran’s promotion to such a position, a few months ago. Since Dinakaran is now in heaven to advise God, the ministry of his family members on earth would be benefited. All those who have faith in Dinakaran can be blessed by Dinakaran’s heavenly help. It is pertinent to note that Dinakaran had been a regular visitor of heaven even when he was alive. His profile published in the official website of “Jesus Calls” ministry says: “Dr. M.G. “Pat’’ Robertson, Chairman of The Christian Broadcasting Network, USA has described the spiritual nature of Bro. Dhinakaran very aptly in the following few lines: “ Frankly, I cannot recall any figure in the Old Testament or New Testament who has had such a profound and ongoing encounter with the Deity. ‘’”

March 16 issue THE


According to Rev. Sunny Abraham, DGS Dinakaran was a servant of Jesus Christ and his Master called him back recently. However, evidences prove that Dinakaran had been the servant of Mammon, not Jesus Christ. In fact, Dinakaran had been selling the name of Jesus for money. For example, read the plight of a poor girl, in the discussion board of “Personally I know one case. A girl from Kerala went to Chennai to be prayed by DGS Dinakaran for miraculous healing. Unfortunately he asked 10,000/- for prayer, around 15 years ago. That poor family came back without prayer and after one month that girl died. (Sunil)” Dinakaran’s website itself provides ample proof that he was a servant of Mammon. YOUNG PARTNER’S PLAN What is Young Partners Plan and for whom is it? Young Children fall prey to the evil snares of Satan. Children being tender and less protected, often become slaves to the enemy. The Lord appeared to Bro. D.G.S. Dhinakaran on 25th July 1985 and gave him a mandate to institute a plan for the young partners who are below the age of 25 years. The family members and the prayer warriors pray for these Young Partners to receive the following blessings in their life: i. Protection from Evil. (“Keep them from the evil one” - John 17:15) ii. Wisdom to Shine. (“Your children shall be taught bytheLord and great shall be the peace of your children” - Isaiah 54:13) iii. Prosperity in life. (“He shall bless your Children” -Psalm115:14) The Lord also assures that He will bless the children who are covered under this plan according to I Chronicles 4:10.Thus the YOUNG PARTNERS PLAN. Accordingly, our prayer warriors pray for every Young Partner every day for all the above three blessings to be showered in their lives along with their prayer requests. Today millions of Young Partners are shining in many fields with richest blessings from God in each stage of their lives as they sustain this ministry through their earnest donations. What are the benefits of a young partner?

Covered by the prayers of the Dhinakarans Prayer Warriors in the 24 hours Prayer Tower pray daily for every young partners’ prayer requests. Preference in admissions to study in the “Karunya University”. Opportunity to participate in the Partners’ meeting and to personally meet and pray with the “Dhinakarans” Free subscription for True Friend Magazine for One year. Personal Birthday greetings from the Dhinakarans. A certificate of promise. As our Lord opens new avenues to minister His Word and share His love, our needs are also on the rise. That is why, we are hard pressed to make this appeal to you. Kindly contribute to support this cause through your sincere prayers and generous donations. We still have a big world to reach out... to be healed...millions of lives to be rebuilt... innumerable eyes awaiting for us to wipe away their tears. How do I become a Young Partner? Invest your sons / daughters lives in Young Partners Plan for your children to be blessed. Would you like to enroll your son or daughter or your friends’ or relatives’ children in this divine Plan? All you need to do is make a pledge to donate the amount given in the online registration form or more towards the ministry, either as single payment or in installments. As the offering goes to meet the needs of the Jesus Calls Ministry which wipes away the tears of millions of suffering and brokenhearted people and youth. We believe that you as a partner will be blessed by God at all times and protected from evil according His promise in Psalm41:1-3 and Mark 10:29,39. THE PLEDGE You can make the following minimum pledge according to your place of residence : India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Burma: Indian Rs. 2000 Sri Lanka : Indian Rs. 3500 Malaysia : RM500 Singapore : S$ 250 Australia : AUD250 Canada : CAD 350 South Africa : RAND1400 United Kingdom (£) :GBP 100 Rest of Europe (€) : Euro 150 US and all Other Countries :US $ 200 (also payable in convenient installments) Self-supporting youngsters can make a pledge to donate the amount by themselves and parents can make a pledge on behalf of their children. The amount maybe paid as a whole or in installments as is convenient. FAQ: I have completedmy pledge amount; can I continuemy contribution eachmonth in the same partner number?

We are very thankful, to you. You are most welcome to contribute towards this plan continuously even though you have completed the pledge amount. Because the pledge amount you have given to the YPP i.e., Rs.2000 helps us to meet only the basic expenses that are incurred to serve the Young Partner in the following ways: Prayer Warrior and Staff salary, Printing and postage charges and special meeting for Young Partners etc. We touch an average of 1.5 million souls per day. When you send a regular monthly offering it would enable us to serve free of charge to these millions of people. Surely your regular monthly contributions will abound God’s blessings on you and will go a long way in bringing more perishing souls into His Kingdom. FAQ(2): Do other Young Partners continue to support even after completing the pledge amount? Kindly do not stop your contribution towards the Young Partner Plan after the pledge as 50%of our Young partners do. By contributing regularly every month towards this plan you will receive the new mercies from God every day for the month according to Lamentations 3: 22,23 and also the number of souls saved because of this ministry will be added to your account. So, your reward on earth and in heaven will be great. Be assured that you are always surrounded by the effectual prayers of the Dhinakarans and the prayers of our anointed Prayer Warriors who put forth your prayer requests before the throne of God and intercede daily on your behalf in the 24 hours Prayer Tower. We shall ever remain grateful to you for all your help. Kindly render your unceasing support towards ____

Be careful now about Dinakaran’s teachings – Publisher

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