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Colonization of South Korea

Kyle Wisnewski
World Geography
The country of South Korea was colonized by Japan in the years 1910 through 1945. The
raw materials that Japan profited with were mostly timber, rice, fish, coal, and iron ore. Japan
used these materials to help them fight the World Wars. Korean citizens did not have an easy
time during colonization. The men were force to be laborers and soldiers, fighting for Japan.
The Koreans that fought for Japan were forced to take on Japanese beliefs and ideals. Women,
however, were forced to be comfort women in Japanese military brothels.
Since the Koreans were forced to farm for Japan, their farming practices and techniques
improved. The negative effects were obviously the tasks that the Koreans were forced to do; and
also the wars and rebellions that Japan brought. I think South Korea would be better off without
being colonized. The Koreans would have those resources that Japan used up and those Koreans
that died in the wars and revolutions would not have died.
Japan benefited by having the labor and resources to help during the World War. A
negative impact on Japan is that Koreas have a bad relationship with Japan. Japan probably
would have had a hard time during the world war if they never colonized South Korea. I think
Japan would be better off with this colonization for the resources and labor.
Japan modernized Koreas economy during colonization. Before colonization, Korea had
an agricultural economy and most Koreans lived as subsistence farmers. I think the colonizers
should be responsible for solving the problems of colonization. When a country is colonized,
theyre colonized for a reason. The colonizers have effects on the countries they colonize and
effect the people that they use for their purposes.
The Koreans experienced neocolonialism when they were forced to farm for the materials
for the war and when they were forced to fight in the war.
When a country experiences plain colonialism, they are simply deprived of their
resources. When neocolonialism takes place, the people of the colonized country are effected,

good and bad. The people learn new skills when laboring for the mother country and will
normally have some of the ideals and legacies from the mother country. I think the
consequences from being colonized is negative. They might get valuable skills from the mother
country, but the country is stripped of its resources and the people will be devastated by the tasks
that the mother country uses the colonization for.

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