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Digital Narrative Project

You will work in pairs to:

1. Write a narrative with inspiration from CBCAs
2017 Book Week theme of Escape to Everywhere.
a. Choose an audience to aim your story at:
your peers, or your younger siblings
b. Use fiction elements of characterisation,
setting, narrative, point of view to create
interesting and exciting stories
c. Explore using adjectives, adverbs, and
figurative language (simile, metaphor,
personification, sound devices)
2. Plan and create illustrations to accompany
your story. Focus on character development and
setting imagery.
3. Practice reading your story aloud. Work on
character voices, change of volume, speed,
pauses, emphasis of words, to make your story
engaging for your listeners.
4. Record your reading of the story using your
chosen recording method.
5. Compile your illustrations and audio to create
a video presentation of the narrative as a whole.
6. Present your videos during a special screening
session organised during book week.