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Hawkeye FS
Electro-Optical Fixed Systems

Hawkeye Systems
Land Based Surveillance Systems
Hawkeye is a family of advanced multi-sensor surveillance systems. The systems
provide comprehensive 24 hour surveillance and target identification to a range of
operational scenarios and tactical applications.
The Hawkeye family of systems employs the latest image processing and system
automation techniques to reduce dependence upon operator skill, thereby reducing
workload and training requirements.
Hawkeye has been designed to significantly reduce through life costs when
compared to similar systems. This has been achieved through:

Increased reliability
Minimal routine maintenance
Reduced training, by employing a high level of automated operation
Modular design ensuring supportability in the field

Hawkeye FS
Fixed Electro-Optical Surveillance Systems
Hawkeye FS solutions are deployed as static/fixed independent surveillance assets,
that can be part of an integrated and networked surveillance solution. The cameras
and the director can be mounted together with a wide range of ground surveillance
radars and effectors. Hawkeye FS offer the user persistent surveillance and are best
mounted on fixed infrastructure, which offer secure and stable mountings. Control
is achieved through the use of ruggedised GRIP PCs with TCP/IP outputs, allowing
for local and/or networked control.
All Hawkeye variants are environmentally sealed and modular in design to enable full
maintenance in the field. This greatly reduces operational downtime associated with
other return to factory systems. Each system is fitted with quick release covers
that provide an outer level of weather protection, as well as access to the sensors
for general maintenance. In addition, sun shields, heat dissipaters and automatic
lens covers can be fitted for enhanced protection, especially for operations in harsh
Long range surveillance
Key infrastructure security
Coastal & border surveillance

A typical Hawkeye FS configuration

Software Video Tracking

Multiple moving object detection and tracking

Reliable target tracking modes for edge, centroid and correlation tracking

Effective combination modes where detection and tracking algorithms operate in parallel to suit complex
acquisition situations and cluttered background scenarios

Panoramic Display

High resolution 360 or sector persistent situational awareness from panning sensors or multiple TV/IR

Real time stitching with blended overlap regions performed on live video feeds

Multiple object identification when integrated with video tracking

Digital Video Recording

Recording and playback of multiple video channels

SD & HD video supported

Parallel recording of sensor metadata

Video Streaming

Customised SD/HD video and metadata streams

Standards include DVI over Ethernet, Def Stan 00-82 and Stanag 4609

Electronic Image Stabilisation

Compensation for sensor and platform movements, using a combination of image processing algorithms and
optional data from roll and pitch sensor inputs

Image Enhancement

Pixel level fusion of multiple video streams, including GPU accelerated rescaling and alignment algorithms

Contrast enhancement by high pass filtering and local contrast stretching

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