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June 2010

WI-1 Newsletter
M T A - N o r t h e a s t e r n
W i s c o n s i n C h a p t e r

Gillett Pie Ride
Pie Ride 2010
Well everyone it was a great turn out again this year. We had 7 bikes show up with 14 people. Way to go everyone . The day started out cloudy and when we got to the Shell gas station we had a big surprise come driving in. Bob & Joan Peitersen came driving in on they Brand new CAN AM Touring 3 wheeler. Black Full loaded. Bob led us up to Gillett for some great pie and very nice ride on the back roads. After we had the pie and food we headed east on E to get over to J and come back to Green Bay the back way. Then the ones left John, Nancy Mouse & Mary Ann and Bonnie and Myself stopped and had Ice cream at the old Dairy Dans on Velp in Green Bay the we all headed for Home. It was a great day riding with all your friends again. I hope everyone had a great time like we did.


We met them on the Operators ride and they have decided to join our little group and do some riding. So Paul & Marilyn Welcome and hope to see you on the local rides we have.

Please WELCOME the newest Members of the MTA WI-1 Chapter.

Paul Wittlinger & Marilyn Zeitler
From the Gresham Area They both ride their own bikes but we might have to but Marilyn to the back. LOL Just kidding. You will now what I am talking about when you ride with her.

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WI-1 Newsletter

Bob & Joan's New Ride
On May 22 morning of the Gillett Pie ride Mouse and Marry Ann ,Bonnie and myself got to the Shell gas station a little early and then Bob and Joan came rolling in on their new ride they just picked up the night before, It had a total id 156 miles on it when I saw it. Yes BOB & Joan Purchased a new CAN AM Touring 3 wheeler. It has everything but the Kitchen sink on it but that might be on it someplace . LOL Check out the pictures below. Bob led us all day and looked like he was getting the hang of it right away. It was a great day to ride and brake in a new machine Way to go Bob & Joan with the new ride. Looking Great

Hope you all do not see a sign like this at a Stop sign . Which way would you go?

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WI-1 Newsletter

WI-1 2010 Ride List
8th Breakfast Ride , Meet at 9:30
at east side Perkins Green Bay

13th-15th Tom’ Pembine weekend
Anyone that wants to come up talk with Tom but you come up to Pembine sometime on Friday afternoon or evening. We split the food and drink bills and ride around north and Michigan so BRING YOUR HELMETS More to come on this weekend

22nd Pie Ride Gillett, Meet 9:30
leave at 10:00 sharp Shell station Hwy 29 same as always

21st—24th MTA Gathering Galena IL


Anytime after 11.00 am and hang Out for the day. Food and drinks All day so come hungry. Maps to follow soon

20th-22nd Wis. Rapids Weekend
Ride over Friday anytime and stay a hotel. Info on this will come later

17th COTTAGE PARTY Come up

26th-29th Annual Rib Ride Ames
Meet in Tomah Thursday night and ride to Ames Friday for the best ribs around. More info to come

24th Get Lost Ride Meet Buz & Helen
in Freemont 10:00 am Highway


110 just after the Bridge

This is a new ride we will try

10th-12th Davis Rally If you need more
info talk with Buz and Helen


Ice Cream Ride Manitowoc
Meet 9:30 for Breakfast at Sonny’s in Luxemburg just east of the stop light on Hwy 54 then leave to HOME of the Ice Cream Sunday

17th-19th Black River Falls Weekend
This will be Tom’s Ride and More Info will come soon

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WI-1 Newsletter

For more info go to Local Chapter site

MTA Motorcycle Touring Association

To All Members : Remember we are a ALL Brands

Motorcycle Club so please invite your riding buddies and
friends to come on our rides so they can see what we are all about. This is the best way to get new people to join up with our ideas that is to let them ride with us and they will stay with us. Hope to see some new faces this year
Just some old bike Pictures from the PAST

Well Everyone I guess that will be it for now and if any of you can come up with New rides, Info for the rest of us, Things to do please let me know ASAP. Remember this is your chapter and it takes all of us to make it fun each year. I think we have been doing a great job making it fun. Thanks to all of you. Until next time get out there and check your Bikes over.

Please check your tires often.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keith Chapter Rep

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