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How to get over the hump or out
of the slump you're stuck in.

By: Antonio Johnson


Table of Contents
Chapter One:


Chapter Two:

Forgive Thyself

Chapter Three:

Wake up and Worship

Chapter Four:

The What If Principle

Chapter Five:

Copy the Right Cat


Chapter Six:

Friendships Make or Break You


Chapter Seven:

Work on the Person in the Mirror


Chapter Eight:

Goals Goals Goals


Chapter Nine:

Failure Is Good


Chapter Ten:

Image Is Everything


Chapter Eleven:

Have a Servants Heart


Chapter Twelve:

Save, Save, Save


Chapter Thirteen:

Love and Appreciate Yourself


Chapter Fourteen:

Pick up a Book


Chapter Fifthteen:

The Present Is a Gift


Chapter Sixteen:

CNN- Constant Negative News


Chapter Seventeen:

Spend Money Educating You


Chapter Eighteen:

Be the BIGGER Person


Chapter Nineteen:

Honesty Will Set You Free


Chapter Twenty:

Appreciate Everything



Chapter One:
Start saying out loud, over and over, I like myself and my

talents are amazing.

How you feel is often a reflection of what you think about

yourself. Think bad, feel worse. This will affect your attitude.

Having a bad attitude will make it difficult to be successful in any

area of your life. When we dont feel successful, we make more

negative decisions. This starts to impact our confidence. No one

wants to be around you when your self-esteem is low but other

people with low self-esteem; AKA The Pity Party.

The real party you need to throw is an I Like Myself Party.

Celebrate your gifts and talents and invite people over to join

you. Have everyone introduce themselves by saying I am their

name and I like myself. This kind of party will build your

self-esteem, which will give you a much better attitude. A great

attitude equals a successful day. Enjoying life is



% attitude


% ability. The most successful people have very high

levels of self-esteem. The higher your self-esteem, the better

decisions youll make. Great decisions, greater confidence.The I

Like Myself chant is something you should do while driving in

your car every morning, for at least




Yes, its awkward, but start embracing the concept that many

success strategies are uncomfortable at first. They feel weird

and make you look strange to others. I remember one day while

heading to work, I was at a red light just repeating I like

myselfI like myself and the person next to me had a look on

their face like what are you drinking? I just waved at them and

kept chanting. Once the light turned green, I noticed they started

smiling before pulling off. This made me a believer.

Once I got to work, coworkers would ask whats the good

news? Id say nothing yet, but when I have some; youll be the

first to know. The good news was my self-affirmation. Positive

self-esteem can cause you to achieve success in the very areas

you have been doubting. So lets say it one time, I like myselfI

like myself.


Chapter Two:
Forgive Thyself
Forgive yourself for all your secret mistakes and public


You know what you did but you have to let it go. Get over it! Guilt

alone will hold you back from success. You wont embrace it

because you think you dont deserve it with all the secret

challenges no one knows about but you. Just forgive yourself

and move past it. You have learned your lesson. You are no longer

that same person anymore. You have changed. Now, its time to

look in the mirror and embrace that change. The new you are a

real person. You are not someone trying to pretend to be a

better person. You are a better person. Until you accept it, you

wont forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is often a challenge because you dont practice

forgiveness. If you are still upset about something your parents,

ex, old boss, or even a former best friend has done; this alone will

make it even tougher to forgive yourself. You wont be able to do

something for yourself that you cant do for others.

If you are having a challenge with forgiving someone who has

hurt you or even publicly embarrassed you, I suggest you try

writing them a letter saying I forgive you.


Forgive Thyself
Just sit down with a pen and paper and get it all out. Finish the

letter with a sincere, I forgive you. Dont do it expecting anything

from them. Do it for you.

Do not use email, Twitter, or any other social media to deal with a

matter so serious. Make sure its a hand written letter. Show

your time and effort in this apology. Drop that letter in a mailbox

and dont turn back. This alone will cause you to experience a

freedom youve never had. This freedom will open doors to your

heart that will cause you to forgive yourself.

Forgiving you is a must if you want to be more successful. You

need to rent that un-forgiveness space in your heart to

something that will have a more positive effect on you life.


Chapter Three:
Wake up and Worship
Morning devotion can set the stage for a great day.

If you really want to take control of your day, get up



early and use that time to meditate or have devotion. This is

where you give your time to someone who is bigger than you. Its

a time of worship. This is when you stop and become grateful for

the smallest things in life. There are phone apps that can help

you keep your devotion focused so you dont sit there feeling like

you are wasting time.

I think your devotion or meditation should be focused on an

emotion you want to improve on. Like being a better friend,

spouse, co-worker, or person of service. This is a time to be

thankful, better, and prayerful.

Sometimes, just use the time to clear your mind. Refuse to think

about anything. Find the great place within. This is also a time you

can share with someone else; a prayer or a devotional partner.

Partners are often needed because when you do this alone, if

you oversleep once, you will forget about it and will stop doing it



Wake up and Worship

This is so important that when you think about doing this, you

should always consider accountability. Who can I trust to keep

me on the path to stay committed to morning devotion or


If this all seems too spooky to you, then keep it simple. Find one

positive song that you love and make sure you listen to it at least

times every morning. Find a song that is uplifting. Please, dont

pick a song with negative lyrics. This will defeat the purpose.

Why listen to songs that make you feel negative just because

you love the beat?

Make it a priority to give yourself devotional time every morning.

This will fuel you for any challenges you will face throughout your

daily grind. Be devoted to your devotion.


Chapter Four:
The What If Principle
Start asking yourself: What If I did succeed?

Most of us dont actually consider great things as a possibility

for our lives. Could you really become a billionaire? The thought

feels unrealistic to even be considered a reality. You, a billionaire

with all the people you owe money and all the debt you have

made just from borrowing money to go to college. What billion?

You laugh at the thought of you being on the cover of Forbes

Magazine right next to Mark Cuban or Jerry Jones, but lets

consider for just a moment what if you could be the next


I mean what if you really did succeed and accomplish what you

thought could only happen in your dreams?

When we change our minds from negative to positive, we stop

saying I could never to what if I could? This simple question can

open your mind to endless possibilities. The truth is you cant

have it until you think you can. Failure has taught us so often to

stop believing the what if.


The What If Principle

When we were young, we often said things like I will be the

president of the United States as if we already won the primary.

The teacher would ask us what do you want to be when you

grow up? We would raise our hands up high with a proud what if

response. Im going to be the first person to land on Mars and

Jupiter. It sounds silly, but Im trying to convince you to go back

to that place in life where everything seemed possible. The sillier

the stuff made us feel, the more convinced we were that we had

a great chance at becoming it.

I want you to list


What If things you use to believe could

happen, but now you doubt.

I have one for you. What if you shared this book with

See how Im working my What If?

Now its your turn.





Chapter Five:
Copy the Right Cat
Realize there is a recipe for what you want that you can copy to

get what you desire most.

There is actually a thing called being too smart to do the simplest

thing first: Copy off the most successful people. We get so

addicted to trying to do something different that we miss the

power of duplication. We go around and around trying to figure

out how to do something, while forgetting the obvious.

Somebody has already done what it is we are trying to do. If we

would just find out whom and ask them to share their recipe; we

would have so much more success.

I am the first to admit that my pride would not let me copy. I

valued my creativity and suffered in the process. If I would only

do what Simon says, I would have been better off sooner. Humble

yourself and dont worry about who gets the credit. The smartest

person is the one who knows how to copy others.

My number one success principle is the Law of Cause and Effect.

Find someone who does it great and copy them. Heck, ask them

what side of the bed do they sleep on, what color underwear do

they wear, or if they eat their cereal with a spoon or fork. They

have what you desire most.



Copy the Right Cat

So, dont think Im joking. I am trying to help you see the light; the

exit sign out of your darkness.

If you dont want to fail, learn how to copy immediately. Stop

doing the same stuff trying to get a different result. Thats called


If you tasted a cake and you loved it, why would you try to make it

with different ingredients? Success in every aspect of life

requires a recipe. Dont be the last person to use a trusted




Chapter Six:
Friendships Make or Break You
Become close friends with

people who really believe in you.

Jim Rohm says you are the average of the

people you hang

around most. So, if you really want to be great, you have to make

sure your friends are better than you for sure. While making sure

they believe in you as well. Better without belief is still not going

to give you the best chance to succeed.

When you think about doing something amazing in life, if you are

the only one who thinks you can do it; then you will most likely

give up when things start to become extremely challenging. Five

people who tell you they know you can do it in words and actions

will give you a confidence, which will lead to a momentum; that

can cause you to over achieve.

I have a system that can help you train your

closest friends (

to become accountable in being better, (

) to start believing in

you, and (

) that can train you to believe in them.

G is what I call my system. The T is for Thursday the

th day of

the week and the G is for goals. This is something that you

should request of all your friends.



Friendships Make or Break You

Become close friends with

people who really believe in you.

Jim Rohm says you are the average of the

people you hang

around most. So, if you really want to be great, you have to make

sure your friends are better than you for sure. While making sure

they believe in you as well. Better without belief is still not going

to give you the best chance to succeed.

When you think about doing something amazing in life, if you are

the only one who thinks you can do it; then you will most likely

give up when things start to become extremely challenging. Five

people who tell you they know you can do it in words and actions

will give you a confidence, which will lead to a momentum; that

can cause you to over achieve.

I have a system that can help you train your

closest friends (

to become accountable in being better, (

) to start believing in

you, and (

) that can train you to believe in them.

G is what I call my system. The T is for Thursday the

th day of

the week and the G is for goals. This is something that you

should request of all your friends.



Friendships Make or Break You

Become close friends with

people who really believe in you.

Jim Rohm says you are the average of the

people you hang

around most. So, if you really want to be great, you have to make

sure your friends are better than you for sure. While making sure

they believe in you as well. Better without belief is still not going

to give you the best chance to succeed.

When you think about doing something amazing in life, if you are

the only one who thinks you can do it; then you will most likely

give up when things start to become extremely challenging. Five

people who tell you they know you can do it in words and actions

will give you a confidence, which will lead to a momentum; that

can cause you to over achieve.

I have a system that can help you train your

closest friends (

to become accountable in being better, (

) to start believing in

you, and (

) that can train you to believe in them.

G is what I call my system. The T is for Thursday the

th day of

the week and the G is for goals. This is something that you

should request of all your friends.



Friendships Make or Break You

On Thursdays, set

goals that show I believe in you and

that prove Im trying to get

% better. Yes,


% because the goal

is not perfection; but to get a little better than you were

yesterday. Everyone must do the T

G system once a week. It

should look like this:

Figure 15-1:



Chapter Seven:
Work on the Person in the Mirror
Work on being

% better every day.

One percent is not a lot, but its a bunch when you are not

conscience of trying to improve. Many people go day to day not

improving. When we dont get better, we actually get worse. Its

as if there is a leak in our performance and learning bag. This is

why you must get better each day on purpose.

Ninety-five percent of the world wing it. They dont actually wake

up with a plan of action. They let the day dictate their choices

rather than choose the path of their day. Ask yourself, Did I

wake up with a plan to be

% better or was I on repeat? If you do

enough just to get by, then improving is not important to you. So,

you will actually get

% worse.

When it comes to competing with the best, the difference


st and

nd is less than a millimeter. Talent is usually

equal on the professional level. So, what actually separates a

great player from a good one? The one who tries to improve

every day on purpose.

The best way to improve is to select an area of challenge and try

to conquer that area.



Work on the Person in the Mirror

Work on it until you notice the growth. This will be tough in the

beginning because it takes a commitment to focus on improving

each day; kind of like working out. First, its hard to commit to

going. Then, you go and it hurts during that first week. Eventually,

it gets easier to go each day.

You can improve in your knowledge, your application, your health,

your relationships, your focus, your finances, your creativity, and

your time management. So, you really dont have any excuses

not to get

% better.

Look in the mirror every morning and make a demand on yourself

to improve. When you want to stay in the bed


more minutes,

dont hit that snooze button. Get up! Go exercise, mediate, or set

daily goals for yourself. I know you can do it! If you havent stop

reading and are applying this book; you are actually improving

right now. So keep it up!



Chapter Eight:
Goals Goals Goals
You need a target to keep you focused.

The best golfer cant hit a great shot if the flag is not visible.

When we dont set goals, we become blind to being successful.

You may even think you set goals, but Im almost certain its just

a to-do list. My goal right now is to help you become a great

person at setting goals so you will be able to hit your target.

Success is the target and you are the arrow.

I want you to clear your mind and get rid of any negative thought

you have. I need you to believe anything is possible right now. As

Brian Tracy would say, Pull out your magic wand. Get a calendar

and count



days from today. Now, I want you to think about

things you would love to happen within the next




Dont exaggerate nor settle! Next, answer this question

times: What would I love to happen in my life in the next

Write down each answer with one sentence.

Start each sentence off with I will. Once you have the

sentences, rewrite them in the present tense by saying I have.


Become the goals. If you said I will save $

rewrite it by saying I have $

, then you will



Goals Goals Goals

Do this for every night before going to bed. Ok, I will give you one

day of rest. Pick a night that you want. Six nights of goals and

one night of rest. Success is so much closer to you now.

This will take discipline, so dont think it will be easy. It will take


days in order for this to become a habit for you. Before you

start, think of


people you admire and make sure you email your

goals to them every week to hold yourself accountable. Goals

shared are more likely to be accomplished. If you like you can add

me to the list:

Dont be shocked when I email you back to make sure you are

maintaining your target. Remember, talent without goals runs

you in beautiful circles.



Chapter Nine:
Failure Is Good
Realize failure is only feedback.

Successful people fail far more often than unsuccessful people.

If your goal is to go




, then you are saying you want to

have a perfect road to success. So, every time you fail at

something, you will end up taking less shots because of that fear

of failure. Just know that the less shots you take, the less

opportunities you get for success.

I would much rather be








any day. Each

time you miss a shot, learn something from it. This will make you

grow and appreciate success even more. See failure as

feedback. Its the information that you use to get better.

We all hate to fail but its a part of the process. Dont complain

about it, just learn from it and achieve. The sooner you fail, the

quicker you will get to success. Finding out what doesnt work

will eventually get you closer to what does. So dont beat

yourself up when you make mistakes or dont get it perfect every

time. Instead, pat yourself on a back because you just eliminated

one way from the list of possibilities.



Failure Is Good
Im not promoting failure. Im just teaching you how to use the

great and not so things to advance each day. I remember training

a young lady who always did very well with everything I taught

her. She often smiled and couldnt wait to tell me how great

things were going; or how she was able to do everything I taught


I could tell it meant a lot to her to tell me how great things were

going, but one day I told her, Im really going to get excited when

I get the nothing is going right call from you. Yes. I will be super

excited for her day of failure. This is the day the most is learned.

Challenge teaches us how to problem solve, respond, and how to

be humble enough to ask for help.

It may sound strange but you cant even appreciate everything

about success if you always get everything right. So stop

beating yourself up for failing, when its actually keeping you

focused the most.



Chapter Ten:
Image Is Everything
Dress better than you feel.

Steve Harvey once said you should never be able to tell what a

person is going through by looking at them. I completely agree

with this statement. People become trapped by the things they

go through. They feel bad and dress worse.

You actually should do the very opposite. If you feel terrible, you

should dress amazing. We tend to think we should dress up only

when we are going to special occasions. Its ok to dress up with

no place special in mind. My favorite question people ask me

when I am dressed up is Where are you going? I love saying

Nowhere special, I just wanted to dress up today.

You cannot get caught in the I dont care what I look like mode or

as I call it the addiction to looking as bad as you feel. The one

thing you can control is your image. You could be going through

Hell in high water but you can do it dipped in butter or should I say

casket sharp.

Life will get challenging but dont allow the mood of the day to

dictate how you dress. Make sure you always dress like life is




Image Is Everything
Dress within your budget and make sure you look nice every day.

If you dont know how to dress, locate an up and coming fashion

stylist. Ask them to help you choose what to wear daily. There is

nothing wrong with getting help. We dont have to know how to

dress in order to be great dressers. Remember, copy the right

cat or get the right advice from those who are gifted to do so.

Go look in your closet and find something you would only wear to

a special occasion. Put it on tonight and go out to dinner. When

the compliments come, remember, people dont have to know

how bad you feel. Dress like you feel better, I know you can do it.



Chapter Eleven:
Have a Servants Heart
Help and serve others while your money is funny.

It really is better to give than to receive. Yet, many people think

the only way to give is with money. Money is always a great gift

but there is still so much to give when you dont have money.

Usually people get miserable when they dont have money. They

get depressed and often mean. Unable to realize they still have

so much more to give. The less money you have, the better you

should serve. Service is such an amazing way to give worth to


Volunteer your time. Locate non-profit organizations that need

people. Not only will it take your mind off of your problems, but it

will get your serotonin going; the leadership chemical that gives

you the best and safest feeling.

When was the last time you actually served others without being

asked? Challenge yourself to out give how bad you feel. This is

the time you can truly find out how creative you can be. No

money but much motivation.



Have a Servants Heart

The most successful people are committed to serving. They are

often asking how can I help you? Im pretty sure even if they had

no money, they would still serve others. You could be

complaining about everything you are going through, but it will

only make you bitter. The goal is to become better.

Dont be typical in your service, be creative. Dont just go feed

the homeless, unless its your passion, go for it. Show that you

put some thought into your service. People want to know it

matters to you and that your heart is in it. Not just something

you are doing because you read it in a book.

Take a sheet of paper and list


things you can do to help

others without money. Once you name the

done over the next



try to get them

days. Cross each one off as you

accomplish them. By the time you get them all done, you will see

some very favorable things happen in your life. Let serving

become a habit.



Chapter Twelve:
Save, Save, Save
Start saving

% of all income no matter what.

The joy we get from spending money makes it hard to save. The

people we owe and the bills that are due cause us to get so

overwhelmed that saving becomes difficult. Causing us not to

consider saving as a option. Well, Im going to say make saving


Number one, it causes you to learn to be committed to

something; a discipline that may take you a month to truly stick

to. You owe everybody, so how and where do you start to save

what you feel you dont have? Good question. Im glad you asked.

Number two, it takes one step to move forward. Dont try to leap

into saving. You must crawl first.

The most difficult part of saving is where you start. Lets keep it

simple. Get an empty jar and start saving the change in your

pocket. Put all the coins in a jar until it fills up. Once the jar is

filled, roll up the coins, head to the bank, and open yourself a

savings account. Once you start the savings account, start


% of your income, and add it to your small beginning.

Make a commitment to never touch this money no matter what.



Save, Save, Save

This is savings not an emergency fund. You will have to remind

yourself of this a few times. You wont get it right the first time

you try, but failing at saving means you are at least closer to

success. It may take you a few months to truly commit.

Most people go through a I must spend this savings because I

have it phrase. Dont do it! You will be shocked by how easy you


save your first $

. Please, stay out of the strip club. Dont

make it rain with your savings. You worked way too hard to save.

Reward yourself but do that with some other money. Not your

savings. Once you get the habit of saving, raise that

%, and then


% up to

%. Pay yourself first so you can enjoy the

benefits of saving.



Chapter Thirteen:
Love and Appreciate Yourself
Find your positives and dont be consumed with your negatives.

My best friend posted something on Facebook that stood out to

me. He said his weaknesses make it difficult for him to accept

praises for his strengths. I think most of us may have this same

challenge. If receiving praise from others, then Im sure you never

take the time to compliment yourself. We all have things we

dont like about ourselves, but this shouldnt make us forget

what we love about ourselves.

Take out a sheet of paper and list


things that you love about

yourself. Things that make you proud to be you. Things you love

about your life. This may take a minute because the focus on

what you dont like has made you forget what you love.

After you finally list all that you love about yourself, got to the

mirror and look at yourself. Say each listed characteristic out

loud to yourself until you start to smile when you say it. Say it

until you own it. Dont be embarrassed. You cant love others

until you learn to love yourself.

I think we invest so much of our love in other people that we

reject ourselves.



Love and Appreciate Yourself

Only when other people tell us what they love about us do we

start to believe it. Sometimes, that isnt even enough for us.

Someone could tell us we are beautiful, yet we dont believe it.

In my younger days, I remember a young lady who all of us used to

think was so beautiful. We would always talk about her and say

stuff like her man is so lucky to have her. Well, one day I ended

up talking with her and she made a statement about how she

didnt feel very beautiful. This shocked me. I was like how could

you not see how gorgeous you are? Back then, I didnt

understand it but today I do. She did not love herself and

appreciate the amazing things she had to offer. This is

something we all have in common.

You must love yourself so that you can enjoy success.

Self-esteem is a must and it starts with you realizing there are

more pros than cons about you.



Chapter Fourteen:
Pick up a Book
Learn what you dont know. Somebody has written a book about


Successful people never throw in the towel without figuring out

where they can get the information from. If they need Spanish in

order to achieve the goal; they pick up a book to teach them how

to speak Spanish. It sounds simple and it is. If you want to do

something search for books with the information to help you

make it happen.

There really is no excuse not to do anything you say you are

passionate about. We get caught up in pretending we know all

the answers. This is why people want us around right? We cant

ever not know. So, we pretend we know and we never realize

there is a better way to pretend we know something than just

acting like we do. We can actually get a book, read it, and have

some real answers.

The more books you read, the better you will become in so many

areas in your life. Your understanding will grow and your actions

will follow. If we parish for a lack of, we parish even more for

pretending we have knowledge. Books can help you influence

people with skill.



Pick up a Book
There is something right now you have been trying to do with no

success. You keep getting confused because it should have

worked by now. You figured it out, but still no results that make

you happy. I dare you to go find a book, read it, and apply it to the

same situation. You will get results. Dont get mad at yourself

when it happens. Just make a promise to find the book that has

the answers you are trying to figure out on your own.

Think of

things you have tried to do and were unsuccessful

with. Write them down and go to a book store. Look for the books

that tell you how to do those same things. Spend the next


days applying the information and watch the better results. Im

clear the smartest people understand they dont have to know

the answers. Stop trying over and over without ever reading a

book about it. It will save you time.



Chapter Fifthteen:
The Present Is a Gift
Be present in every moment.

Most of us think that multitasking is something to brag about.

The brain only works at


% when its focused on one thing.

There is actually something great about giving one thing your full


Even when you talk to someone focus and be present. Dont



things in your mind. This alone will cause people to truly

admire your ability to listen and pay attention. Just imagine when

you deal with anyone you are always present. Im simply saying

be present in every moment you give your time and attention to.

We get better when we are present. Show up to a meeting

without wondering what you will eat for lunch or if your husband

forgot your anniversary. Dont deal with those things when its

time to be present. This will actually cause you to enjoy the

things you day dream about even better.

I find myself not being present often, but I have to remind myself

to be present in all things I do. We must snap out of it and focus.

This will cause you to get a respect that you dont have to




The Present Is a Gift

Remember when you were in school and one of the first things

the teacher would want to know is are you present. Are you here?

Are you really present reading this book or are you falling asleep,

having another conversation, playing on the computer, looking at

TV, or texting? The reason Im asking is because you cant be the

best you without being present


% in the moment you are in.

Develop a passion to be present over the next few days. Try

making sure you give everything you decide to do your full

attention. Not a spooky present, but a focused present.

You are probably wondering what I meant by spooky. Dont stare

at people like a stalker. Just make sure they know you are

listening and paying attention.



Chapter Sixteen:
CNN- Constant Negative News
Stop watching the news before you go to bed.

Keeping up to date on current issues is important, but never ever

care about the news at night. Use the night to feed your mind

positive goal focused information. This allows your mind to

rehash things better when you sleep. It will give your spirit hope

and problem solving strengths. So at all cost, avoid watching the

news before you go to bed.

When you do watch the news, use your smart phone and get

apps that filter your news for you. This way you are not allowing

your mind to feed on the need to hear bad news so often. We

know we are in a world where bad news cant be avoided, but I will

say it can be limited.

Protecting your attitude is a must in order to keep the ability to

always have a positive spirit. Life is challenging enough, so why

add things that will not keep you in the kind of mindset you need

to keep remaining motivated.



CNN- Constant Negative News

Theres a Bible scripture that I think all mankind should know.



- Finally, brothers and sisters whatever is true,

whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever

is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or

praiseworthy think about such things.

Watching the news is not the way to get into this mindset. The

typical news broadcast usually starts with a murder, a death, and

storms. This is because most people are more curious about

negative news.

Protect the last

hours before you go to bed with things that

help your mind remain positive. This alone will make your day


Protecting our minds at night can help us become better people.

So start protecting yours!



Chapter Seventeen:
Spend Money Educating You
Attend workshops, seminars, and networking events every


We must never stop being students. The more we learn, the

better we become. Jim Rohm said you should never work harder

on your job than you do on yourself. You should spend at least

% of all income on something to educate yourself. So many

people dont even consider a workshop if the job isnt paying for

it. This alone will keep your income the same.

Growing is about a desire to want to be better than you were

yesterday. Wake up with a desire to network with people who are

where you want to be. Ask them about the conferences and

seminars they attend and book them immediately. The sooner

you go, the quicker the return on your money. You wont lose

anything, you will win. Your skill set will get better and this will set

you up for success.

We spend so much money on entertainment just to get away

from the real world, but cheat ourselves when it comes to

self-improvement. You are worth it! So stop being cheap on

growing. Spend with a purpose. Get better and gain more.



Spend Money Educating You

We are in an internet world. You can Google and find a specific

seminar, conference, or meeting in a few clicks. The sooner you

start attending, the better. This must become a habit so you can

raise your standard and get your maximum return.

Be honest with me. How much money have you invested in your

own self-improvement? What conference did you attend last

that you chose to attend? If you have to think about it then

chances are its been awhile. If so, I want you to stop reading right

now and go book one before you read any further.

If you read this last sentence, you arent moving quick enough.

Go and invest in YOU! The sooner, the better. You owe it to




Chapter Eighteen:
Be the BIGGER Person
Refuse to blame others for anything that has caused you pain or


Its easier to travel the crowded road Passing the Blame. I got

into an argument the other day with a business partner of mine.

He clearly was in the wrong, but I learned a great lesson. When I

called my mentor he said, No matter if I was right and the other

person was wrong. Why not just be the bigger person. Apologize

to them for completely misunderstanding them and not looking

at things from their perspective. Great people know how to get

beyond whos right and whos wrong. I must admit that I was not

very happy to hear my mentor give me such advice. I actually

wanted to hang up on him. Apologize to a person who was dead

wrong and even Stevie Wonder could see it.

Today, I clearly understand to remain focused on the BIG picture,

you will always have to be the BIGGER person. The road to

achievement is not obtained without taking a few for the team.

This is why this road is less traveled. Its not easy to be right, but

take the blame for someone elses mistake.

What this does is gives you strong character. You become a no

excuses person.



Be the BIGGER Person

Passing the blame is never an option for you. This mentality is

one that always wins. Losers always point the finger to others to

defend their failures. This habit is one that is hard to break.

However, once you develop a habit of taking full responsibility for

not reading your goals, doors start opening for you that wont

even make sense.

Just remember, the BIGGER person always gets to gain the

BIGGER opportunities. So, while others are blaming; youll be

building, growing, and achieving. Being bigger wont always feel

good but it will get you the best long term results.

So start apologizing today to people you felt justified to put in

their place. Practice does make for a great beginning.



Chapter Nineteen:
Honesty Will Set You Free
Be honest with everybody and especially those who are closest

to you.

I know that being honest can seem impossible at first because

of fear of rejection and what everyone will think of you. However,

once you get over the fear and just do it; you wont ever regret

being true to them and most importantly being true to yourself.

What most people want is an example to follow. Someone who

will do what they only dream of doing. Honesty has a way of

inspiring other people to respect you and then follow suit. They

realize from your honesty that they too need to reevaluate their

own perspectives of being honest as well. Believe it or not,

honesty inspires. It may cause pain, tears, and hurt in the

beginning; but, it inspires people to find a deeper purpose in their

own lives. Your truth helps them with their truth.

Pride blocks honesty. When you dont want to be ashamed or

embarrassed, you will hold out from the best character builder of

your life. Let it go! This will give you a fresh start. New

perspectives without all the pressure. For the first time in your

life you can now be you. Not a pretender trying to prove your

worth. Living, loving, and growing.



Honesty Will Set You Free

Im sure you are nervous. Thinking he doesnt understand my

situation. Maybe your honesty will cause you to lose everything

and start all over. Maybe it wont. At least once its done you will

have a chance to breathe again without all the worry.

The most important part of being honest is not overthinking the

process. Its really simple. Face them and tell them the whole

truth. Allow all the chips to fall where they may. Its better to

have a short storm followed by real peace, than to have a false

sense of peace for a long time. Honesty will make you attravitie

to all kinds of people. This alone will cause you to achieve more.

Those you lose from honesty will appreciate it one day. So hold

your head up high and imagine the freedom. Make a list of people

you need to be honest with and take it one step at a time. This is

not a race, its a marathon.



Chapter Twenty:
Appreciate Everything
Start being thankful for what is left in your life.

Gratitude is something you will notice a lot among very

successful people. They show great appreciation for even the

simplest things. Even when you help them with something that

comes natural to you, they respond with such kind gestures as

youre amazing thanks for the help or youre the best thanks.

Do you complain a lot or are you grateful as well? The simple

change of challenging yourself to appreciate even the most

testing situations will develop a habit that will help you keep a

great attitude through just about anything. If you get a flat tire,

be thankful you get to use AAA to see how great the service

actually is. Thankful people easily see whats left, rather than

whats loss.

If you see negative before positive, it actually reveals that you

are not thankful enough. The more thankful you become, the

easier it is to see positive in any situation.

Thank God, friends, family, and even people who doubt you. It all

has a really great return on how everyone treats you. When you

appreciate everything negative, people either change or get

away from you. It actually draws movers and shakers in your




Appreciate Everything
Most great leaders can identify a person who has gratitude

because its a leadership trait. Think about it. People love to

follow people who make them feel appreciated and not

overlooked. Someone who can notice the little things people do

that other people take for granted.

When you develop this habit, people will lift you up to others in

high esteem. Dont ever under estimate the power of gratitude.

Heck, if you are miserable right now, its because you are not

thankful enough.

Lets work on being more thankful starting right now. I want you

to list


things or people you can show more appreciation for.

Once you list the


things/people, use the next

focus on each one, one day at a time. Lets call it


days to

Days of

Appreciation. Keep a journal on each day, thing, and person you

want to appreciate more.



days you will be completely out of the M.U.D. Im excited for

you. I hope and pray that I was able to inspire you to get your

swag back. I take my own advice and want to appreciate you for

reading my book. I am thankful for you.


Great read and inspiration to do more. I

plan to recommend this to the men I
lead each week.
- KD Bowe, Man-up Community