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Tenaris MS Family, Tenaris ER and Tenaris PJD

Specific Running Guidelines to be used in addition to the Tenaris Running Manual

1. Thread Compound to be applied:
The amount of dope (cm 3 ) to be applied is obtained by multiplying the OD of the pipe times a coefficient as
OD range


OD < 5”
5” = OD < 14”
14” = OD


Example: for OD = 3 ½”, the minimum amount of dope is 3.5 * 2.20= 7.70 cm 3
For 1.85 grams/cm 3 dope specific gravity
Dope weight to be applied = 7.70 cm 3 x 1.85 grams/cm 3 = 14 grams
2. Thread Compound Distribution:
Condition: Mandatory

Recom. Optional

3. Thread Compound Application Method:
The thread compound application method shall be according to the Tenaris Running Manual.

4. Special Care for Seal Ring Models:
For seal ring models always dope the box area between the seal ring and the shoulder.

5. Special Care for FGL Models:
When installing seal rings of FGL Models, assure that the seal ring is properly placed in the space between
the flange and the coupling. Avoid any misalignment.

In this case each made up connection must be checked with a Tef lon drift to verify the seal ring has not been damaged during make up. in this case a thin. Torque vs. it must be repaired before running the string. Avoid doping the small protruding nose outside Part B. 6. Use the recommended thread compound to cover the threaded area (Part A). Special Care for CB Models : Use Shell HTHP 72732 thread compound for make up. Turn Monitoring System: For the making up of the Tenaris ER connection the use of a Torque vs.Apply thread compound only on pin members. The use of Molykote (Molybdenum disulphide) is recommended to cover the seal area (Part B). Do not apply thread compound on the protruding nose of the connection Never run a pipe with damages in the ERFV lining. galling and/or leaking. . uniform film covering the seal along the circumference (360°) should be applied. 7. If pipe or coupling coated area is damaged. Apply thread compound only on pin members. Turn Monitoring System is not mandatory. The use of compound with different properties may result in low or over torque of the connection. Part B Part A Note: Thread compound could be used to cover the seal area instead of Molykote. Environmental friendly compounds may be used with Tenaris approval. This activity can be performed by the coating company or by authorized and certified personne l of a third part company.