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Steps for taking BSC Fall-back in Laptop


Take the fall back with the MML command.

2) Open FTT application to take BACK UP on Laptop. If connection is already exist then go to step5 else go to step-3.

3) Go to “Setup” in menu bar .

.4) Make the new connection for BSC login (Provide IP. User Name & Password) & save. Name.

click on “Open FTP”.5) Open the New connection. 7) Make a folder (with name fallback) in C drive. In the left side. and then make all subfolders with the same name as in Fallback directory in left side. . 6) Open the Fallback directory in the BSC Side (left Side). BSC data shown & in the right side Laptop C drive data shown.

: files in left side under the folder BLCODE should be copied in the right side (C drive) with the folder name BLCODE.8) Copy files from each folder with the same folders.g. BSC SIDE LAPTOP SIDE BLCODE (all files) ---------------------------------- BLCODE (all files) . (E.