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Grade 2 - Miss Curcio

Week of 10/10/16
Mark Your Calendar

A Peek at Our Week

Reading: The theme next week will be
school, and we will be reading Teachers
Pets. The tested reading skill of the week
will be story structure (characters, plot,
setting). The reading selection test will be
on Friday.
ELA: singular and plural nouns
Math: We will be continuing our chapter
on numbers to 1,000 in which we will
explore how to represent 3-digit numbers,
determine place value to 1,000, and write
3-digit numbers in different ways.
Spelling: consonant blends with r, l, s in
words; Test on Fridays. (Please visit my
website for a list of words.)

Oct. 10 - No School
Oct. 14 - Recitation of the Rosary
at 2 p.m.

Upcoming Tests:
Spelling Test on Friday, Oct. 14th
Reading Selection Test on Friday, Oct.

Reminder: Special Schedule

Mondays - Fitness
Tuesdays - Art
Wednesdays - Physical Education
Thursdays - Computer/Library
Fridays - Fitness and Music

A Note From Your Teacher

Think Central:
I hope you all have gotten the chance to log into Think Central and explore the
resources. If you need to print a homework sheet, please use the Go Math!
Standards Practice Book Student Edition (SE). If you would like to play review
games with your child, use Mega Math.
During the month of October, we will be focusing on reciting the rosary.
We are practicing the Hail Mary, Our Father, and Glory Be prayers in
class. If you would like to practice with your child at home, please feel free
to use as a resource.
I will be sending more information in the coming week about our celebration.

Spelling Test from Last Week (10/7/16)

Skill: Long o, u words

Sophie rode her mule home.

The dog has to use his nose to smell the rose.
Joey woke up and wrote a cute tune.
The girls role in the play was to make a joke about an ice cube.
A spider began to doze close to the pole at school.

What was graded:

capitalization and punctuation
16 spelling words
two person/animal nouns
two place/thing nouns