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63% of salespersons do not ask for the order. That is 2 out of 3 are simply order takers.



(He who speaks first….LOSES!!!)


“Are you happy to take out the policy now?”
“Shall we go ahead and write up the details?”


Will you be paying by cash or cheque?
Will the policy be as you or your wife beneficiary?
Would you like it in the medium or large size? Green or red?



“Do you have a __________?”
“Do you want a __________?”


“Do you have an income protection plan?”
“Is income protection something that is of particular appeal to you?”


“Dose Saxby Bridge deal with Fai?”
“Will you take it if it is a Fai Policy?”
“Do you particularly want a Fai Policy?”




“I don’t believe these figures……….”
“I can’t see that happening……….”

A1. “If I can prove to your satisfaction that the returns are likely to be what is projected….will
you buy?”

Closing A Sales

Tel 0845 430 9224

Great” “You can’t make a major decision like this without carefully thinking it over can you?... “SIGN HERE!!!!!”) Remember what your mother told you: DON’T SIGN ANYTHING!!! 7.A2. ORDER FORM CLOSE No discussion. ALSO Y “Are X and Y The only two objections?” NO. (watch for negative body language) “What is your full address?” (Watch for negative body language) – If negative back off…. “Are X.NO “So that I can assist you in this decision tell me exactly what you are thinking over?” (Lead into process of elimination Close No 14) 3.Y And Z the only problems?” WELL YES “If I can overcome all of these to your satisfaction will you take out the policy today?” Closing A Sales Tel 0845 430 9224 www. “Terrific . just take up your pen and policy document. “I’LL THINK IT OVER” CLOSE 1.. 8. 4. never ask for a signature (e. ALSO Z. “Will you agree to go ahead with the policy if it does what I said it would do?” 6... “NAIL HIS FOOT TO THE FLOOR” CLOSE “Is X the only objection?”…. 2.NO.. “Put your cross here” “Put your moniker on this” “Scratch on this line” “Authorise this for me” Never.g. “Will you buy the policy if it does have that cover?” A3.Resell the benefits “What postcode is that?” (Watch for negative body language) “What is your middle name?” (Form of an assumptive close) Then….NO “And you wouldn’t be thinking it over unless you were very interested. would you? .

.” “Just to help me in my thinking. particularly those who are of high standing and have status in the community.. “What car/house do you have now? What did you own previously? .” 3. “I understand how you feel” 2A.g. The property in Chatswood went up £30.. Closing A Sales “I understand how you feel about…. B. STATUS MODEL CLOSE (NEGATIVE) (As for 10A only negative results of not buying your product e.” Tel 0845 430 9224 . THIRD PARTY/SIMILAR SITUATION STATUS MODEL CLOSE (POSITIVE) Many prospects like to fell associated with others.. “And you experienced benefits when you made that change? “YES” 4.) 11. and to make progress. “Financial information is increasing at a tremendous rate.. change is necessary. BENEFIT SUMMARY/BALANCE SHEET CLOSE (A technique for ditherers) IN FAVOUR YOU HELP HIM AGAINST YOU DON’T HELP (ON A WHITE BOARD OR ON PAPER) “Well. Lead into #5 Or any other # “If I can prove that a benefit will come to you by changing to Saxby Bridge will you change?” 12A. could you explain it a little further to me?.. 2. Who/where did you deal with before you went with company X?” 2B.teammassiveresults.9.. Tell me why deny yourself/company the benefits of change again?…” 5. “Time” 1. Shall we go ahead then?” 10A. then it seems like the benefits completely outweigh the disadvantages. “I WON’T CHANGE” CLOSE Similar to “I don’t believe the change will benefit me” “I have been dealing with X company for 5 years and I can’t see any reason to change….” 1. “Premium”.. The incident you relate must be meaningfully specific and not a wandering generality and would tell of positive benefits gained by a “third party” after agreeing to your mortgage plan/or buying you policy/investment property. THE SPECIFIC OBJECTION CLOSE (PROBE) It maybe “The company”. “Tell me Mr _____.000 and he is sorry he didn’t purchase at the time.

THIS CLOSE CAN BE USED IN TWO WAYS…. He restates and explains the objections (in which case you are no worse off) He tries to explain it to himself and it loses its importance A “hidden objection” is revealed.” 13.. PROCESS OF ELIMINATION CLOSE The dithering undecided customer who won’t give you a reason for not ... 3. 14A. which you then deal with IF THE SPECIFIC OBJECTION STILL STANDS…. POSITIVE “I feel that there must be something I haven’t covered…... 2.teammassiveresults....YES “So if I can assist you on these two issues you would be happy to go ahead?” 14.NOW EITHER OF THREE THINGS HAPPEN 1. TRIAL CLOSE “Have I convinced you to buy or do you want more information…. what exactly do you want more information on?” “ON X AND Y” “Are they the only 2 points that are worrying you?”……….” “Are you happy with A ?” YES “You are happy with B ?” YES “You indicated that X was a good point?” YES “You seem very happy with the policy…” “What if anything are you unhappy with?” Closing A Sales Tel 0845 430 9224 www. “I really want more information “So that I can help.?” (NOTE THIS IS STILL NOT A DIRECT QUESTION. BUT its ANSWER WILL ALLOW YOU TO GET BACK INTO A CLOSING SITUATION). SPECIFIC OBJECTION CLOSE (CONT) Nail his foot to the floor “Is that the only objection you have to purchasing our product?” YES “If I can overcome that problem completely to your satisfaction could I get your go ahead today?.THEN 12B..

In the end the prospect has to admit that everything is OK. “WHICH”.teammassiveresults.YES “If I can satisfy you…. Half yearly?.com .Put a scratch here to show that the policy is “subject to”…. “Is that the only problem you have?” “If I can assure you on that point will you go ahead?” OR IF NO OBJECTION “There doesn’t seem to be any reason why shouldn’t buy this product.. SUBJECT TO BOARDS/MANAGERS/PARTNERS APPROVAL. which you then deal with. “Well then I’ll write it up.will you buy?” 14B. “WHERE”..” 15. subject to wife/partner agreeing and that will satisfy your requirements won’t it?” YES “Great…. e. or reveal his genuine objection. ASSUMPTIVE CLOSE Using “WHEN”..” “Aare you unhappy with X ?” NO “Are you unhappy with Y ?” NO “Are you unhappy with Z ?” YES Once you have discovered the objection (Z)….g.. Annually? 16. “HOW”.. “WHEN do you want to commence the direct debit?” “WHICH bank will you be using?” “WHEN do you want me to come out to see you wife/husband?” “WHERE will the policy be kept?” “HOW do you propose to service the mortgage?” Monthly?. is there?” “Not really” “Well let’s get some details down…. NEGATIVE. “Is that the only aspect that you are unhappy with?”…. Closing A Sales Tel 0845 430 9224 www. Deal with it.. “PROVISIONAL ORDER” OR “SUBJECT TO” CLOSE As a salesperson at least go away with a provisional order. PROCESS OF ELIMINATION CLOSE “I feel that there must be something I haven’t covered….

19.teammassiveresults. Or £20 per staff member…. STEP BY STEP – ASSUMPTIVE – EITHER/OR CLOSE “Have you decided between monthly and annual payments?”… “Monthly” “Beneficiary – Would it be your wife or your eldest son?”………. NO “Was it the type of policy?”…. LOST SALE CLOSE (AS A LAST RESORT) “I’m sorry – I owe you an apology. I’m sorry. Can you help me so that I don’t make the same mistake with others?” “Was it my integrity?”…………….17. But I didn’t it’s my fault. let’s get some details down on paper” (ORDER FORM CLOSE). “Wife” “Fine. REDUCTION TO THE RIDICULOUS CLOSE “I know that it sounds a lot but you must look at it as an investment over a long period. YES (LEAD INTO #8) “Is the type of policy your only objections to going ahead?”…………YES “If I can satisfy you on this point you would consider going ahead?” . Are you will to sacrifice all of that all for the sake of_________?” OR “If I can rearrange the payment schedule to you satisfaction would you go ahead?” 18. When you work it out it only comes to £ safeguard your family….?” Closing A Sales Tel 0845 430 9224 ensure your business is covered…… “Now that is a very small price to have that peace of mind isn’t it?” “What say I arrange………. if I had done me job right you would be covered and I would have had you business. NO “Was it my approach?”……………. NO “Was it our company?”……………. MINOR DETAIL CLOSE USE MINOR DETAIL POSITIVE CLOSE “Are you happy with the policy?” YES Premium?” YES Time?” YES Payment schedule?” YES (The more yes’s the better) “Tell me Mr_________.60 per week….

EMPATHISE WITH THE CLIENT “I’m sorry that happened….com . “SHOE ON HIS FOOT” CLOSE (FOR COMPLAINTS) USED WHEN THE CUSTOMER HAS A COMPLAINT OR SOMETHING HE WANTS FIXED BEFORE HE BUYS.” “When this range is sold out no more of this type will be offered……” 23.” “I’ll get my manager who is a specialist in superannuation to have a word with you to make sure you are completely happy before we go ahead…Is that OK with you?” 24.21. DOUBLE CLOSE Use your manager or another consultant to reinforce and to resell the benefits. “I guess you need someone else’s opinion.. This is it I’m afraid..” 22. “What than are you prepared to pay for this Policy/protection? “Good I will research other policies and will come back to you within your guideline.And I can understand how you feel” THEN…… A. “How can we fix it for you?” “OK That’s what I’ll try to organize for you” C. then we can proceed” Closing A Sales Tel 0845 430 9224 www. POSSIBILTY OF LOSS CLOSE OR THE LIMITED OFFER CLOSE “The benefit will only be available during this tax year.that particular company will not be offering other tax effective deals after June 30…. TIMELY EVENT CLOSE/IMPENDING EVENT CLOSE “If you purchase before June 30 (End of tax year) You will receive tax deductions in August…… “No….teammassiveresults. “What would you like me to do about it?” “That’s what I’ll do” B.

g. “So if I get injured at work. seeking confirmation) He says something which presupposes ownership. BUYING SIGNALS Buyer repeats something you have already stated ( .teammassiveresults. Tell him who to contact if he has a problem and you are not available.e. Closing A Sales Tel 0845 430 9224 www. e. Show him how to get the best use out of his policy by regular reviews Ask for referrals. TALKING DOWN KILLER PHRASES – DO NOT USE! “Can I help you?” “Surely……” “Obviously……” “Don’t you think……” “Yes. this policy will pay me £500 a week……!” “Won’t my wife be happy that I’m covered!” Non-verbal display of ownership (Use your eyes) Very careful examination of the policy document. but……” 27. Tell him what to expect from you. CONTROL THE INTERVIEW BY QUESTIONING QUESTION – FOR NEED THEN SELL THAT NEED AND NOTHING ELSE! 28. he is now protected. Make a personal call sometime in the future on a friendly basis.25. 26. now is a good time Check his policy delivery. he is now you client Congratulate him. AFTER SALE FOLLOW THROUGH AFTER THE POLICY HAS BEEN SIGNED…… - Thank him.