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House of Tully

Family, Duty, Honour.
House Tully is the principal house of the Riverlands in Westeros. Their seat is Riverrun, and their sigil is a
silver trout leaping on a blue and red striped field. The keep of Riverrun stands where the Tumblestone
River meets the Red Fork of the Trident, and from there House Tully watches over its lands. The riverlords
joined the Targaryens against Harren the Black, and were given dominion over the Trident in return. They
are an old line dating back to the Age of Heroes as Lords of Riverrun but were never kings.

Before the Tullys were the River Kings — the Mudds, Fishers, Blackwoods, Brackens, and many others of
the First Men besides. The Andal invasion killed the last of the Mudds. In time, Harren the Black, last of
the Iron Kings, would come to inherit the riverlands.
Tully was one of many bannerhouses sworn to Harren the Black, but they had held the castle of Riverrun
for 1,000 years while their lords changed and changed again. Harren’s grandfather, Harwyn Hardhand,
had taken the lands from Arrec the Storm King, whose ancestors had in turn won the lands 300 years
prior by killing the last of the River Kings. King Harren had brought his subjects in both the Iron Isles and
the Riverlands to economic ruin in order to finance the building of his castle, Harrenhal. This monumental
edifice was completed as Aegon the Conqueror arrived in Westeros.
Harren’s tyrannical rule over the Riverlands earned him little love from his bannermen. When Aegon
swept through the region, most of Harren’s followers abandoned him to join the Conqueror’s host. First of
the riverlords to desert Harren was Lord Edmyn Tully. After the conflict, Prince Aegon raised Lord Edmyn
to overlordship of the Riverlands, requiring all other local lords to swear fealty to House Tully.
More recently, during Robert’s Rebellion, House Tully reluctantly joined forces with Baratheon. The price
for Lord Hoster’s assistance was a pair of weddings for his two daughters: Catelyn to Eddard Stark and
Lysa to Jon Arryn. In doing so, Tully reinforces its position by the double marriage into greatness; Eddard
Stark is Warden of the North and a staunch supporter of King Robert, and Jon Arryn is the King’s Hand,
the second most powerful person in the realm. Although Lord Hoster’s son, Edmure, remains single, Tully
has braced itself with strong allies.

The house has developed a reputation for not surrendering easily. Their words are “Family, Duty, Honour,”
yet stubbornness could also be added to that list. The members of the house each present their own
variation on that pride and tenacity. Each does what he or she thinks is best for the family, but not all
agree on the best way to fulfill the obligations of honour; this threatens to tear the house apart. It can be
seen in Lord Hoster and his brother Brynden’s long and bitter estrangement, caused after Brynden
refused to marry on Hoster’s orders. This stubbornness is also evident in Hoster’s daughters, such as

although it manifests in wildly different ways. Hoster’s son. Catelyn and Lysa both show this anger in protection of their children. is ordered to stay at the Eyrie at Lysa’s command. Though the Tullys have no direct ties to the crown. seeks to demonstrate his ability as the future lord of Riverrun. serves House Arryn as Knight of the Gate. surrounding Riverrun with water on all three sides. For example. they have familial bonds with both the North and the Vale of Arryn. once strong in Hoster. Flanked by the waters of Tumblestone and the Red Fork. Ser Brynden. Edmure. elderly and ill. HOUSE POSITION Tully is a house of middling rank — not as powerful as the other great houses. HOLDINGS The castle at Riverrun is one of the most defensible keeps to be found in the Seven Kingdoms. The waterways of the Riverlands are the key resources of House Tully. after Lord Hoster declared for Robert Baratheon. forcing armies to risk precarious fords. Edmure is too brash and unseasoned to face the coming storm. Unfortunately. married to Lord Eddard Stark. too. Conversely. or travel far out of their way to reach the other side. The Kingslayer now rests in a cell deep below Riverrun. heir to the house. but the Tully position remains delicate with enemies all around. known as the Blackfi sh.Lysa’s complete withdrawal to the Eyrie and Catelyn’s rugged determination for her family. House Tully throws its lot in with the King in the North. ferry small groups across. The house’s main strength is its control of the heart of the Seven Kingdoms. and Lady Lysa. The paths across the mighty forks and tributaries of the Trident all lay within the purview of the Lord of Riverrun. ALLIED HOUSES: Stark. His wife Lady Minisa died in childbed. including the capture of Jaime Lannister. Lady Catelyn. limiting access through the heartland of Westeros. one of his bannermen refused to follow his lead and remained a loyalist to King Aerys. and it commands many influential bannermen. leads House Tully. Lord Hoster is so delirious with illness that Edmure must manage the affairs of the house. no matter what good advice others lend him. Hoster’s brother. Their children: Ser Edmure. the defenders of the castle can open sluice gates to flood the moat. There is a fierceness to the Tullys. though a seasoned veteran. Lord Hoster came down on Lord Goodbrook with fire and sword. widow to Lord Jon Arryn. Many fast-moving rivers cut across the Tully holdings. PROMINENT MEMBERS Lord Hoster Tully. but still tremendously positioned across the fertile riverlands. Lord Hoster’s brother Brynden. and win some victories against the Lannisters. The most ideal crossings are well watched. Lord Hoster’s debilitating illness leaves the house with no clear leader. Arryn ENEMY HOUSES: Lannister HOUSE DESTINY Owing heavily to Catelyn’s ties to House Stark and a distrust of Lannisters. since she refuses his request to send a thousand swords or even one to assist Riverrun against the massing Lannister horde. . The Tully armies combine with the armies of the North.

HOUSE TRAITS FEATS: Blood of the Andals. Duty. Stubborn. Honour. Keen Mind. Family. Tradesman SOCIAL STATUS: Rank 4 (Member of a Great House) .