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VSPM Ver 2.

User Manual

exe and select the language to use during installation. Basic Features:  Free and unlimited driver virtual serial port for any TCP/IP devices.  Can be set to windows start up and hide to system tray or background hide. which adds to the operating system a virtual COM Port. (COM 5 for example) and redirects the data from this port through the TCP/IP network to another hardware interface. Software Installation: Step1: Double click on the VSPM. defined by IP address and port number.Introduction: VSPM is a software tool.  Up to 256 virtual coms can be created.  You can bind any application with VSPM.  Normally works as “TCP Client” but can be also used as “TCP Server”.  No need to create batch files. .

Step2: Click ‘Next’ to continue or ‘Exit’ to cancel the setup Step3: Select the destination folder where you want to installed and click ‘Next’ to continue .

Step4: It will start installing VSPM on your computer. .

Selecting Proper Work Mode: 1. in second option it will select serial ports by its own and click ‘OK’ .Complete installation of VSPM will create a VSPM icon on your desktop. VSPM run as client on PC and supports server device In client mode VSPM will work as a client and our device will work as server. Always select the first option to create the serial ports. Double click on the icon select the proper language and work mode as per your application.

Click on Manager->New Virtual Com to create a virtual com on your PC for server device as shown in above diagram. . Following window will appear.

e. In this way you can create up to 256 virtual ports. state of virtual port(close/open). . put remote server IP address i. IP address of serial to Ethernet converter and select server port as shown in above screen shot. no of bytes send and receive on com and TCP/IP state(connected/Disconnected). IP address and PORT number of server. The main screen of VSPM will show you the created virtual com. COM3).Select the COM Port you want to create (e.g. Clicking ‘OK’ will create specified COM on your computer and will connect to the IP and PORT specified.

Following screen will appear on screen.To configure the virtual com click Config->Config as shown in above screen. In baseconfig select the configuration as shown in the screen1 Screen1: .

Retry connect interval is kept 1 min. This will try connecting to the device in every 1 min (or the time you have specified) if there is connection failed. As shown in screen2 .Disabled the Keep alive time.

Screen2: Disable the option shown in screen3 Screen3: .

Select Config-> Bind auto start app with VSPM option as shown below . So no need to keep your application in start up.exe) file with VSPM.How to bind your application with VSPM? You can bind your application (. So whenever you start VSPM it will automatically creates the com ports and it will start your application also.

exe file you want to bind with VSPM and click on Save Bind. If you want to delete bind then click on Delete Bind .This will open following screen Browse your .