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Richard Davet

PO Box 10092
Cleveland, OH 44110
October 5, 2016
Senator Ron Johnson

Senator Thomas R. Carper

Senator Claire McCaskill
Senator Rob Portman
Senator Jon Tester
Senator Rand Paul
Senator Tammy Bladwin
Senator James Lankford
Senator Heidi Heitkamp
Senator Michael B. Enzi
Senator Cory Booker
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Senator Joni Ernst
Senator Benn Sasse
c/o David Brewer, Chief Investigative Counsel
Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510
Sent Via Electronic Transmission
RE: Your jurisdictional responsibilities and duty to take action RE: FHFA Office of the
Inspector General and Inspector General Laura Wertheimer, your letter May 17, 2016.
Dear Senators:
In addition to the concerns expressed in your letter of May 17, 2016 (attached), I have found IG
Wertheimer to be dilatory and derelict in the discharge of her duty pursuant to her Oath of
Office. I am attaching a copy of Ms. Wertheimers latest correspondence to me dated September
12, 2016 along with copies of my correspondence that she alludes to in the first paragraph of her
Ms. Wertheimer and the Office of Inspector General have been derelict in their duty relevant to
their mission and Oath of Office regarding waste, fraud, and abuse at the Enterprises which
includes the perpetuation of FNMAs fraud on the courts and their complicity and collaboration
with that fraud. Ms. Wertheimer has failed in her duty to disclose materially adverse conditions
that affect the FNMA financials. Wertheimer has the independent duty to oversee the financial
aspects of the banking issues that underlies my legal claims and those similarly situated. Since
there has been no independent adjudication of the actual fraud in the banking system, the FHFA
IG has a duty independent of the courts to look into that issue.
I have correspondence dating back to 1996 with FNMA, OFHEO and FHFA through to the
current date. Accordingly, please see my letter that was sent in accordance with my civic duty to
the Honorable Margaret Sweeney outlining the felonious conduct that has come to my attention
and which has dire consequences even to this day.

Senators Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

October 5, 2016
Page 2
As you know FNMA, seeking support of their Charter, has for years on a semiannual basis gone
before Congress to seek and gain congressional support in first the implied and now explicit
guarantee of their MBSs. I will paraphrase congressional inquiry for the sake of brevity in
granting that guarantee. We have heard the congressmen ask FNMA, Why should we
guarantee your MBSs to the exclusion of all others?. In response FNMA assured congress that
all of the player/partners in their GSE Business Model are contractually bound to comply with
the very strict Guidelines insuring the safety and soundness of their MBSs. Further, each
player/partner must sign on to and agree to all of the Guidelines ensuring what Congress and the
American taxpayer is getting in exchange for that guarantee. As the world and taxpayers have
learned no one was auditing for compliance of those Guidelines, As a result the consequences
have been vast and have led to the financial meltdown we have all seen and experienced.
My experience and case is a demonstration template of the failure of FNMA (not a victim but a
partner/player/collaborator) officials, FHFA through to watchdog Wertheimer, to abide by the
representations and warranties in the FNMA MBSs and their fiduciary responsibilities to
shareholders and stakholders. The effects of this longtime collaboration and collusion have
caused financial havoc worldwide. In exchange the guarantee granted by Congress,
partner/players in the Model Representations and Warranties were made intended to protect the
public from the shortcomings of the GSE Business Model. As a business person with common
sense it is obvious that but for the congressional support for the guarantee designed to elicit
salability to investors put the taxpayers wallet on the line the Model has a duty and obligation
pursuant to you oaths of office to ensure that they be complied with.

As a separate issue, The Integrity Committee (IC) of the Council of Inspectors General on
Integrity and Efficiency can best be described as dilatory and cannot be relied upon by the
American taxpayers. Perhaps now under the new precedent expressed in FBI Mr. Comeys
testimony in the Secretary Clinton investigation regarding issues of GREAT PUBLIC
INTEREST, the Integrity Committee will be more transparent and forthcoming in their role.

The judgment secured under the color of law is prima facie void ab initio as a matter of law due
to the Plaintiffs inability to invoke the jurisdiction of the court according to Ohio law as they
lacked standing. Neither Plaintiff, predatory servicer Bank of America, nor Fannie Mae had any
recorded interest in the property on the date the foreclosure suit was filed. The conduct of FNMA
(post conservatorship) subsequent to the judgment rendered renders the title on the property
unmarketable and places unnecessary risk squarely on the American Taxpayers on the myriad of
violations of the conservatorship and its latent liability including FNMAs activities on the
property subsequent to foreclosure trhough to the current date. This also renders FNMA inancials
worthless for the failure to cite the violations and liability and in turn constitutes material

Senators, Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs

October 5, 2016
Page 3

It is evident that the paradigm conceived by Congress to exercise oversight of the GSE Business
Model has failed miserably as in here, to date, the post Enron measures Sox, Dodd Frank have
been skirted. Despite the regulatory effort made the conditions here now are worse than
conditions that predated Enron reforms. Ms. Wertheimers conduct is emblematic of those
As you know Congress, hopefully unwittingly, bet the US Taxpayers wallet on this GSE
Business Model by putting its imprimatur on the guarantee of their MBSs. Now is the time for
Congress to be accountable and insist upon the promises made in exchange of that guarantee?
Accordingly, as a taxpayer I ask you to take the steps necessary to make sure that the
representations and warranties made in exchange for the guarantee of the MBSs be honored
and accordingly I and other citizens will be made whole where those promises have been made
and breached and where fraud is apparent in the record. The modus operandi for making
borrowers whole when fraud occurs was articulated in the 2006 Report commissioned by the
FNMA Board of Directors. This Report was often cited by FHFA OIG, but ignored in fact.
Respectfully, as a taxpayer and citizen, I demand that you take action immediately and I will
follow up with you shortly to determine what that course of action will be.
Thanking you in advance for your cooperation, I am
Sincerely yours,
/s/ Richard Davet
Letter Grassley to Wertheimer 051716
Letter Wertheimer to Davet 091216 with attachments
(12/26/11 Davet letter to IG Linick)
(08/04/14 Davet Letter to acting IG Stephens/Gen Counsel Saddler)
(07/31/14 Easter FOIA letter to Davet)
P.S. The recent bankers fraud by Mr. Stumpf at Wells Fargo points to the endemic pervasive
fraud in the financial services sector. There is no more public interest in the public eye that these
financial crimes committed by c-level executives. The fraud perpetrated and perpetuated in the
banks role as player/partners in the GSE Business Model with FNMA at the head dwarfs the
infractions in their cross selling Model.

From: Richard Davet []

Sent: Monday, August 04, 2014 10:22 AM
To: 'Saddler, Bryan'
Subject: FW: FHFA FOIA No. 2014-REF-002

Michael P. Stephens
Acting Inspector General.FHFA OIG
c/o Mr. Bryan Saddler, General Counsel FHFA OIG

RE: FHFA FOIA No. 2014-REF-002. Pursuant to your jurisdictional

responsibilities as Inspector General FHFA . Housing and Economic Recovery Act
of 2008, as amended the Inspector General Act. .
Fannie Mae Loan No. 1654084117, Richard Davet 24800 Community Drive
Beachwood, OH 44122

Dear Mr. Stephens:

After being in the business world for over fifty years, I thought that I had heard it
all! Ms. Easters response to the FOIA request of July 15, 2014, declining same
under the guise of protecting trade secrets brings the FHFA response to a new
level of stonewalling and cover up which has long been the culture at the home of
the GSE Business Model, FNMA, its officials and regulators.

As you know or should know the Management of FNMA, the Board of Directors,
The Audit Committee, OFHEO and FHFA , former Inspector General of the
FHFA OIG have been derelict in their duty in dodging the mandates of Sarbanes
Oxley involved with my complaints filed with the Board and FHFA as Conservator
re:t Fannie Mae Loan No. 1654084117 (see attached Exhibit A).

Ms. Easters response is the epitome of waste, fraud and abuse being practiced at
the Conservator (FHFA).

I can assure you no one in business is interested in emulating trade secrets from
the GSE Business Model. A Model that has brought the worlds financial system
to its knees. However, I am certain that taxpayers are concerned with the
withholding of information designed to pick their pockets.
According, I ask that you take the steps necessary to send the information
requested in a forthwith fashion.
Further, pursuant to your jurisdictional responsibilities, I call to your attention the FNMA legal
expenditures in the perpetuating of a fraud supposedly under the guise of protecting taxpayers as
recently expended in 2012-1780 Richard F. Davet v Federal National Mortgage Association,
Ohio Supreme Court. You must forthwith take the steps necessary to seek administrative
sanctions, civil recoveries and/or criminal prosecutions of those responsible for ongoing fraud,
waste and abuse in connection with FHFAs programs and operations.
Please confirm your receipt of this letter as well as outlining your course of action.
Thank you.
Richard Davet

From: Easter, Stacy []

Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2014 2:24 PM
Cc: Easter, Stacy
Subject: FHFA FOIA No. 2014-REF-002

July 31, 2014

Re: FHFA FOIA Request No.: 2014-REF-002

Dear Mr. Davet:

On July 31, 2014, the Federal Housing Finance Agency Office of Inspector
General (FHFA-OIG) referred 120 pages of material potentially responsive to your
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, dated July 15, 2014 to the Federal
Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) for a direct response. Your request was
assigned FHFA FOIA number 2014-REF-002. Please refer to this tracking number
in any correspondence concerning your request.
You requested the material FHFA-OIG cited in its evaluation report EVL-2013009 dated August 22, 2013. Specifically, you wanted to know what document
FHFA-OIG is referring to when it states arrangement and agreement on page 9
of the report at paragraph 2. Your request was processed in accordance with the
FOIA (5 U.S.C. 552) and FHFAs FOIA regulation (12 CFR Part 1202).
After review of the referred material, FHFA has determined that 49 pages are
responsive to your request. The documents (Internal FHFA Recommendation
Memo, Fannie Mae Board overview presentation marked confidential, and
Fannie Mae Initial Submission Memo to FHFA marked confidential) are exempt
from disclosure and are being withheld pursuant to exemption 4 (5 U.S.C. 552
(b)(4)), pertaining to trade secrets and commercial or financial information
obtained from a person that is privileged or confidential; and exemption 5 (5
U.S.C. 552 (b)(5)), pertaining to inter-agency or intra-agency memorandums or

letters which would not be available by law to a party other than any agency in
litigation with the agency.

This is FHFAs final decision on your FOIA request. If you wish to appeal any
aspect of FHFAs decision, you must forward within 30 days:

A copy of your initial request;

A copy of this letter; and
A statement of the circumstances, reasons, or arguments for seeking
disclosure of the affected record(s).

The appeal must be sent either electronically through FHFAs public access link by
clicking here or by mailing to the
FOIA Appeals Officer at the above address. The envelope and the letter of
appeal must be clearly marked FOIA Appeal. Please note that all mail sent to the
FHFA via the United States Postal Service is routed through a national irradiation
facility, a process that may delay delivery by approximately two weeks. For any
time-sensitive correspondence, please plan accordingly.
Your FOIA request is releasable to the public under subsequent FOIA requests. In
responding to these requests, FHFA does not release personal information, such as
home or email addresses and home or mobile telephone numbers which are
protected from disclosure under FOIA Exemption 6 (5 U.S.C. 552(b)(6)).

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your request, please contact
us at or 202-649-3803.


Stacy J. Easter
Freedom of Information Act/Privacy Officer
Federal Housing Finance Agency
Office of General Counsel
400 7th Street, SW | Washington, DC 20024
Office: 202-649-3067|Cell: 202-604-1024|Fax: 202-649-4067

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may be protected from disclosure to anyone other than the intended recipient(s).
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