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Johnsons Kindergarten Newsletter

October 9th, 2016
Independent Reading
Our home reading program
begins Monday. Students will
bring home two levelled books.
One at their current DRA level
and a text that is one level below.
Once your child feels as though
they can read their levelled books
well they may switch them for new
ones. Please encourage your
child to read their books nightly.
This reading can be utilized for
their 15 minutes of nightly
reading. Explanations of the
reading program as well as
strategies to help your child be
successful can be found in the

Reading Logs

Each night students should be reading

for 15 minutes (this includes reading
to a parent as well as being read to by
a parent). As students reading skills
progress it is important to have your
child actively participate in the
process by reading to you each night.
Please fill out the reading log each
night by shading in the picture for the
appropriate day. Reading Logs
Sheets are to be submitted every
Friday. New sheets for each week
wi ll be sent home on Fridays.
Each student has a monthly goal of
submitting 3 or more completed sheets.
If they reach their goal they will be
given a certificate for a free personal
pan pizza from Pizza Hut to be used
within 30 days. This incentive program
will run from October to March and
we will record and track each
students monthly progress towards
reaching their goal. Happy Reading!

letter at the front of the

always, please let me know if you

improve their reading and fluency

skills they must practice.
Pizza hut gift certificates will be
sent home at the end of October
if your child has submitted 3 or
more logs! Thanks for helping to
make your childs education a

October 14th: October online book

orders due
October 31st: Classroom Halloween
party to follow costume parade
November 8th: PD Day No school
November 10h: day for students
dismissal at 11:49 am
November 10th: Parent
Conferences. 12:30 3:30 pm & 5
8 pm
November 24th: Happy

December 22nd January 2nd:

Christmas Break

have any questions about the

to be a successful reader and

October 14th: Picture Retakes

November 25th: No school

independent reading folder. As

program. In order for your child

Important Dates to

Use of Student Photos

Please do not post any pictures

that you take of your child that
has other students in it online
(Facebook, etc.). Additionally,
please do not post any pictures
from the classroom blog or
website online. Thank you for
keeping our students safe!

** check back weekly for new

upcoming events

Mrs. Johnsons Kindergarten Newsletter

October 9th, 2016
Our Fifth Week
Here is a recap of activities that
we completed during our fifth
week together!
Sight Word Work: I
Shared Reading and
- Fiction:Animals at the
Park. An ABC Book
- Informational Text:
Rules are Important
- Fable: You Are
Literacy Centers
- Reader Response: Read
the decodable reader I
and write about
something you do.
- Buddy Reading:
Rainbow write the word
I, then pair up and read
the following leveled
readers: I Can Draw, I
Like Myself, What Can
I See?
- Literacy Game: Practice
letter identification by
playing the apple and
bee game.
- Word Work: Go on a
hunt at the zoo for
upper case letters.
Writing Workshop:
- Ideas Writing Trait
- Pre-Writing Strategies
(Brainstorm, Mix Pair
Share, Think Pair
Share, Drawing)

Math Corner

We are currently exploring the

following math unit: Six to Ten.
Here are the lessons we completed
for the week:
5-1: Counting 6 and 7
5-3: Reading and Writing 6
and 7
The class moodle site contains a
variety of websites and links for your
child to practice counting and
cardinality skills as well as a variety
of other math strands and subject
areas. The moodle site is accessible
from the classroom blog as well as
the MPS website. If you wish to
access the class moodle site from
home please email me and I will send
you your childs username and
Additionally, our kindergarten math
program, Envision, is also accessible
online from your home computer.
Pearson Success Net offers you the
opportunity to look inside your childs
learning. A parent letter was already
sent home with further information.

Shared Reading

Students will continue to

receive a new shared reading
poem each week. Please read
your childs poem with them
each night. Shared reading
folders should be sent to
school each day as we read
from the folder each morning.
It is okay if your child is not
able to read the poems
independently. Repetition is
one way that a child learns to
read and re-reading familiar
texts will assist in developing
sight word fluency as well as
phonological and reading skills.
Please refer to the first page in
the folder for further
information and suggestions.
These poems can are a great
way to utilize some of the 15
minutes of nightly reading.

Classroom Items in
The classroom is in need of the
following items:
Letter sized file folders
Your support is truly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Mrs. Johnsons Kindergarten Newsletter

October 9th, 2016

Mrs. Johnsons Kindergarten Newsletter

October 9th, 2016

Mrs. Johnsons Kindergarten Newsletter

October 9th, 2016