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Economic and environment efficiency concept in Coal Mine : Coal-fired

Powerplant Build Plan in South Sumatera Basin

Mohammad Bagus Pranata
Clarista Angela
Department of Geological Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Diponegoro

Indonesias first quarterly coal production on 2015 is 97 million tons or 12%
lessened than 2014. Not only that, the price reduction also made 331 coal
producers in Sumatera stopped their production (Ministry of Resource, 2015).
Economy, environment friendly technology, and cleaner fuel made many countries
stopped using coal which successfully powered industry revolution.
This research suggests a potential system to restore the passion to use coal in
Indonesia by solving the economic and environment problems. South Sumatera
Basin is selected to be our research object, and it has Kasai, Muara Enim, and Air
Bekanat geology formation which has coal to 1000 meters deep with thickness
variation from centimeters to more than a meter (Amanda Putriyani et al, 2014).
Methodology used in this study is combining literature study and research report
with suggested new concept. Literature study and research report produced data
such as stratigraphy condition and research fields well log whilst our suggested
new concept is to build a coal-fired power plant on coal mine site to supply
electricity to its own site and the surrounding region. The emission from power
plant will cause global warming, which will be solved by combining the coal-fired
power plant with CCS (Carbon Capture Storage) to unmineable coal seams.
Economically, this concept will reduce coal transportation costs, reduce the
company electricity cost, even bring about income from producing 2000Mw
electricity for outside mines electricity needs. Environmentally, coal-fired power
plant emits 4,000 tons CO2 per year which can be reduced up to 100% by using
CCS system. This concept can even produce methane gas, with the total of Gas In
Place (GIP) 1.49 Tcf.
Realizing this concept will be a hard challenge but if applied well, this concept
potentially able to make coal an economic and environmentally friendly resource in
the future.
Keywords : Coal-fired Powerplant, CCS, Economy, Environment, South Sumatera