Roles & Responsibilities
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Working in conjunction with Project Design Architect and Project Director. Limited client contact. Confirming / establishment of brief. Consultant liaison and coordination. Ensuring completion and sign off of each stage of architectural scope. Ensuring all elements required for end of each stage are met and signed off by project director prior to commencing next stage. Checking compliance with Building Codes and maintaining a written record of this check. Maintaining a written record of applicable Australian Standards. Maintaining project files in order, up-to-date, thorough and in accordance with BDA filing system. Working to project programme as agreed with Project Directors. Ensuring all transmittals sent with all documents and maintaining in file. Fully understanding all aspects of brief, clarifying any ambiguities. Sketching all critical details for DD / Document team. Over viewing DD and documentation process to ensure original design intent maintained through to built form, including compliance with original DA conditions. Providing colour and material selections. Producing full sketch plans, perspectives, elemental designs, elevations from concept to design development. Preparation of high quality 3D presentation renderings and computer based presentations of project designs. Presenting designs to Project Director, Client, Authorities etc. Explore design alternatives. Awareness of budget parameters and ability to modify design accordingly as necessary.

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Completion of Building Design. Generally conversant with architectural developments and trends. Preliminary knowledge of BDA / Standards / Town Plan procedures. Preliminary knowledge of BCA.

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Preliminary knowledge of relevant Australian Standards. Preliminary knowledge of Gold Coast City Town Plan. Competent skills in CAD documentation and presentation. Good design skills Thorough record keeping. Willingness to develop client communication / liaison skills. Good construction knowledge. Awareness and sensitivity of architectural design. Interest in recent construction products, elements and developments.

Roles & Responsibilities
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Be conversant with BDA Office Manual of Procedures. Work as directed in conjunction with Design Directors and Senior Project Architect and Design Architects. Preparation of well presented design/concept drawing as required. Preparation of adequate 3D drawings as required. Preparation of Design Development drawings and package as directed. Preparation of Construction Documentation as required. Taking day-to-day responsibility for particular projects as directed, and maintaining project file and project records.

Sept 2007