Directions:Read the sentences to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in part of the
sentence. The letter of that part is the answer. Ignore the error of punctuation, if any.
1.(A) Shalini win the race (B) as she practised too (C) hard for the tournament
1. A
2. B
3. C
4.No error
2. (A) As sharing crime statistics for (B) the year 2011, the commissioner admitted that (c) there had been an undue delay in (D)
the setting up of an anti-narcotics cell
1. A

2. B

3. C

4. D

3. (A) The company aims (B) to nearly double (C) its revenues on the back (D) of a strongest product pipeline.
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. D
4. In this question, a part of the sentence is italicised. Alternatives to the italicised part are given which may improve the
construction of the sentence. Select the correct alternative.
Munnar is the most refreshing and tranquil hill station in the state of Kerala.
Is the most refreshing and tranquillity
Is the most refresh and tranquil
Is a most refreshing and tranquil
No improvement needed
5.Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
Scientists believe that during initial years of the ________ of the earth, water bodies increased in size due to continuous rainfall.
6. Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
Residents of North Pole have different lifestyles and requirements than _____ living in other parts of the world.
7. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error , if any, will be in part of the sentence. The
letter of that part is the answer. Ignore the error of punctuation, if any.
(A)It have been/ (B) ages since I/(C) played the guitar/ (D) no error

8. Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
The teacher stopped teaching Class VII as there were many ______ students in this class.
9. Select the word or phrase which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
10. Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.
The petrol price has been rising for the past 5 years. It is highly ______ that it will decrease in the near future.
11-13. Select the option that is most nearly OPPOSITE in the meaning to the given word.
14. In the question each passage consists of six sentences. The first and sixth sentences are given in the beginning. The middle
four sentences have been removed and jumbled up. These are labelled P, Q,R and S. Select the paper order for the four sentences.
S1: Rajeev and his friends went for river rafting.
S6: Later they all came to know that he is aqua phobic.
P: Rajeev forced him to have some medicine.
Q: They tried persuading him to join them for rafting, but he had severe stomach ache.
R: Which he refused adamantly.
S: Among all his friends, Kunal backed out at the last moment.



15-18Select the correct answer option based on the passage.
The unique Iron Age Experimental Centre at Lejre, about 40km west of Copenhagen, serves as a museum, a classroom and a
place to get away from it all. How did people live during the Iron Age? How did they support themselves? What did they eat and
how did they cultivate the land? These and a myriad of other questions prodded the pioneers of the Lejre experiment.
Living in the open and working 10hours a day, volunteers from all over Scandinavia led by 30 experts, built the first village in
the ancient encampment in a matter of months. The house walls were of clay, the roofs of hay – all based on original designs.
Then came the second stage – getting back to the basics of living. Families were invited to stay in the “prehistoric village” for a
week or two at a time and rough it Iron Age-Style.
Initially, this experiment proved none too easy for modern Danes accustomed to central heating, but it convinced the centre that
there was something to the Lejre project. Little by Little, the modern iron Agers learnt that their huts were, after all, habitable.
The problems were numerous- smoke belching out from the rough-and-ready fireplaces into the rooms and so on. These
problems, however have led to some discoveries. Domed smoke ovens made of clay, for example, give out more heat and
consume less fuel than an open fire, and when correctly stoked, they are practically smokeless.
By contacting other museums, the Lejre team has been able to reconstruct ancient weaving looms and pottery kilns. Iron Age
dyeing techniques, using local natural vegetation, have also been revived, as have ancient baking and cooking methods.
15. What is the main purpose of building the Iron Age experimental center?
1. Prehistoric village where people can stay for a week or two to get away from modern living
2. Replicate the iron Age to get a better understanding of the time and people of that era
3. To discover the differences between a doomed smoke oven and an open fire to identity the more efficient of the two
4. Revive activities of ancient women such as weaving, pottery, dyeing, cooking and baking.
16. From the passage what can be inferred to be the centre’s initial outlook towards the Lejre project?
1. It initiated the project
2. It eagerly supported it
3. It felt the project was very unique
4. It was apprehensive about it
17. What is the meaning of the sentence “Initially, this experiment proved none too easy for modern Danes accustomed to central
heating, but it convinced the centre that there was something to the Lejre project.”?
1. Even though staying in the huts was not easy for the modern people, the centre saw merit in the simple living within huts
compared to expensive apartments
2. Staying in the huts was quite easy for the modern people and the centre also saw merit in the sample living within huts
compared to expensive apartments.
3. The way of living of the Iron Age proved difficult for the people of the modern age who are used to living in luxury
4. The way of living of the Iron Age proved very easy for the people of the modern age since it was hot inside the huts, and they
were anyway used to heated rooms.
18. What can be the title of the passage?
1. Modern techniques find their way into pre-historic villages
2. Co-existence of ancient and modern times
3. Glad to be living in the 21st century
4. Turning back time

Directions (19-21)Choosethe correct answer option based on the passage.
“leave it”

She tried to give Varun veiled threats about the direction he was heading 21. we don’t want to build on a site with human remains. meaning an extended comparison showing the similarities between two things 3. COCUBES SOLVED papers Anjali could not begin to fathom what she was hearing. “Would be to desecrate these native graves and move them from their final resting place. meaning a figure of speech making casual reference to a literary figure 2. She had not yet seen the remains 4. meaning a gross exaggeration Directions (22-23):Choose the word or phrase which best express the meaning of the word. she saw contempt in Varun’s eyes. meaning the literal definition of a word 4. AVERT (A) Entertain (B) Transform (C) Turn away (D) Lead towards 23. it would be irreverent to the dead”. She could not hear what he said 2. He had an innate way of understanding other cultures and other people that amazed Anjali. usually deferential to her husband. What is the term given to the comparison of the contractor to a guitar? 1. An allusion. rattling her cupboards. But something inside Anjali said this was too much. Anjali did not “remember the culture”. What were the chances that an Indian burial ground would be found on the bucolic site where Varun and Anjali had chosen to build their dream home? Why in the world would Varun not want to have the remains carted away. Why can’t Anjali fathom what her husband says at the beginning of the passage? 1. 1. Anjali had unnerving sensations that big problems were ahead. UNILATERAL (A) Sloping (B) One-sided (C) Parabola (D) Innumerable . his voice dripping with condescension. Varun. She tried to cajole Varun from the direction he was heading. it was a subtle reminder of how he often viewed her as superficial and selfabsorbed. She tried to compromise with Varun 2. She believed wholeheartedly in ghosts and could not imagine a life of them haunting her. Remember the culture. knew that now was the time to make her position heard.Varun said again. He did not have that gift with her. The last thing they needed were Indian poltergeists meandering around their home while the two of them were trying to renovate their marriage. A denotation.” No. An analogy. He was speaking to the notion that someone in the room had asked him to clarify his words. 22. A hyperbole. She tried to gently prod Varun from the direction he was heading 4. was obviously enthralled by the contractor’s findings. like a guitar waiting for its strings to be tugged. thought Anjali. She could care less about the culture. She could not think of a retort to his comment 20. the history professor. “Sweetheart. Event the contractor appeared flabbergasted. said Varun. “Yes. Leave it”. “She tried to cajole Varun from the direction he was heading” choose the best way to rewrite the above sentence. Anjali. “What would be irreverent”. She tried to force Varun from the direction he was heading 3. His mouth stayed in a half-open position. 19.AMCAT. She could not believe what he said 3. and shaking her floorboards. However. Immediately.

Improvethe sentence by selecting the correct alternative to the italicized part of the sentence. COCUBES SOLVED papers 24. (a) was being turning (b) had turned (c) is turning (d) will turn .AMCAT. (A) pointless (B) depending (C) Pressing (D) Optional 25. It was incumbent on him to report the matter at once. His dream of holding an exhibition______into reality when he shifted to Delhi.

Will have 3. S: it is not an island. Shock d. PRQS 8. Could d. The middle four sentences have been removed and jumbled up. Bland 6. PQSR . but hundred and seventeen islands 1. R: There are small islands near one another. a. and no buses. There was __________ in the country when their cricket team won the world cup. Has c. Noxious b. Non-toxic c. Was going to b. Q: In this city. P: there are about four hundred old stone bridges joining the island of the Venice. Energy c. a. The experiment lead to the emission of _____________ vapor. The leaves _______________ yellow and dry. Being d. a.R and S. Want Directions (7-8):In the question each passage consists of six sentences. Were b. S6: This is because Venice has no streets. Had b. a. Attending c. PQRS 2. Q. Jubilation 5. Select the paper order for the four sentences. COCUBES SOLVED papers PAPER 2 1. S1: Venice is strange and beautiful city 7. which resulted in immediate termination of the research. Happiness b. Form a meaningful sentence 3. Attend to 4. SRPQ 4. a. no horses. Have d. He had no interest in _________________ obligatory dinners and social events. Could have c. Innocuous d. The first and sixth sentences are given in the beginning. Salim could not make it to the party as he ___________to finish his assignment. a. Nothing ____________ convinced her to cancel her trip to Goa. These are labelled P. Had c. Was 2. Attend b. Attends d.AMCAT. there are no motor cars.

Select the correct alternative. a part of the sentence is italicized. AEDBC c. ADEBC d. Transformations E. In situations that have C. (C) Produced in California is very good. . The space for a. I said to my teacher that I was not well and wanted to leave early (A) I told my teacher that I was not (B) I said to my teacher that I am not (C) I told to my teacher that I am not (D) No improvement needed Directions (12-16) Read the passage carefully and answer the following questions. Get out of the building! It sound like the generator is going to explode. EDABC Directions (9-12): In the question. Been stuck D. You should create B. The quality and texture of jeans produced in California would be very good. Alternatives to the italicized part are given which may improve the construction of the sentence. 9. (A) Produced in California are very good. (B) Produced into California is very good.AMCAT. BCEDA b. (A) It is sounding like the generator is going to explode (B) It sounds like the generator is going to explode (C) It sounds like generator exploded (D) No change 10. COCUBES SOLVED papers A. (D) No improvement needed 11.

Ferris wheel technology has only improved since then. beautiful C. Disneyworld D. or the Santa Monica Pier. At the top of the Ferris wheel. the impressive engineering and beauty of them B. which is attached to a rim. simple 13. Navy Pier. standing 264 feet high. That is. I absolutely have to ride the Ferris wheel. I don’t seek Ferris wheels out because of their excitement. Coney Island B. This passage was most likely written to A. However.AMCAT. riding it is easy. the Ferris wheel is the most common amusement park ride. Using information in the passage. According to the passage. his inner compulsion was to dispel the darkness which had kept his era in thrall. I have to admit. the Ferris wheel was originally designed for A. and I am no different. Education is the gateway to everyone’s own brave new world. in keeping with the times. And the wheel. It was the tallest attraction there. the fact that most amusement parks have one 14. explain the original design of Ferris wheels and how they work today C. The Ferris wheel is simple and yet also quite complex. Education helps to overcome them so the subjects of education should be suitable. anything that was not turned by hand was considered a sight to see. I find them very relaxing. That rim rotates vertically around an axis. exciting D. which was a machine. COCUBES SOLVED papers Everyone has a favorite attraction at an amusement park. explain the history of Ferris wheels and why the author likes them 16. The next time you’re at an amusement park. Arabic. a) Inner darkness results due to the circumstances prevalent in an area. describe the author’s favorite amusement park rides B. Singapore 15. d) Keeping an era in thrall was the inner compulsion of Raja Ram Mohan Roy. The fact of being high in the air makes it so much more entertaining than a lot of rides. was truly incredible to see. The first Ferris wheel was made by and named after George Washington Gale Ferris. Additionally. between 500 and 750 feet tall D. c) Not everyone wants to bring about a change in the world according to his perception. but how it works is complicated. In fact. the excitement and thrills they guarantee C. What does the author like best about Ferris wheels? A. and gravity keeps the carts upright. Take it for a spin! 12." which stands slightly taller than twice what Ferris’s did! Today. Which is the best antonym for complex? A. Every time I go to Coney Island. the reader can understand that the tallest Ferris wheel in the world is A. visitors to the fair were impressed by the size of the ride as well as the mechanics of it. Education is the key to it. the original Ferris wheel was designed as much to be seen as to be ridden. A series of carts are attached to a wheel. As simple as the ride seems. the beautiful sights and relaxation they allow D. 17. describe the history of Ferris wheels and why they are so popular D. Rather. b)Any era has its own compulsions and difficulties. under 250 feet tall B. Jr. Most of today’s Ferris wheels are much larger than that first one. the world’s fair C. Education can do something about it. between 250 and 500 feet tall C. In 1893. The largest in the world is the "Singapore Flyer. You also get a sense of calm that you don’t get in the hustle and bustle of the park below. When Raja Ram Mohan Roy pursued Sanskrit. French and English with equal zeal in the 19th century. don’t just look up at the impressive wheel in the sky on your way to a newer attraction. . He designed it for the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. impressive B. only advanced engineers can make safe and fun Ferris wheels. Nevertheless. Ferris wheels are also gorgeous to look at when they are lit up at night. you get beautiful sights of the park. over 750 feet tall Directions (17-18) Based on the given passage find out which of the statement can be inferred from the passage.

CONCEITED (A) Arrogant (B) False (C) Deceive (D) Misconception Directions (23-25) Select the word or phrase which best express the opposite meaning of the word 23. not wrongly. and yet more from the drawing shop sophisticates of the Western Countries.AMCAT. Directions (19-22): Choose the word or phrase which best express the meaning of the word. c) Only Indians are not proud of their cultural heritage and are hungry for foreign currency that is easily available in return of artefacts. d) The environment created by the meeting between activist disunity and local indifference is ideal for antique dealers to strive in India. 20. which fetches fifty times that much from foreign dealers. PHOTOGRAPHIC (A) Distant (B) Exact (C) Distinguish (D) Similar 21. the new culture vultures are tearing down acres of India’s architectural treasures. b) Most Indian families have heirlooms which can be sold at high prices to Europeans and Americans. TYPIFY (A) Typing (B) Misrepresent (C) Forewarn (D) Exemplify. Ancestral owners are often fobbed off with a few hundred rupees for an exquisitely carved door or window. From Chennai to Himachal Pradesh. COCUBES SOLVED papers 18. be attributed to the unfortunate blend of activist disunity and the local indifference. LASTEST (A) Current (B) Postponed (C) Antique (D) Outdated 22. INTENT (A) Distant (B) Target (C) Reluctant . The reason for such shameless rape of the Indian architectural wealth can perhaps. 19. a) India provides a rich market for unscrupulous antique dealers.

COCUBES SOLVED papers (D) Content 24.AMCAT. CONSTITUENT (A) Whole (B) Component (C) Element (D) Citizen . CLARIFY (A) Analyze (B) Simplify (C) Confuse (D) Resolve 25.

for. Select the word or phrase which best express the opposite meaning of the word INVINCIBLE (OPPOSITE) A.Fill in the blank We want to become internationally _____ in terms of technological research A. as 3. We were thinking _________ it ________ something like a requiem for our age.In the first ten years after the _____ of the UGC Act. Implication B. Vulnerable D. of. relieve C. complicate B. Statement . Voluble B. Visible 6. Familiar 7. market 5. Select the word or phrase which best express the opposite meaning of the word WORSEN (OPPOSITE) A. Great C. as C. until D.Do not move towards the car _________ you’ve finished your milk. Victorous C. Renowned D. as B. Equipped B. A.Anita was not happy with the bank’s interest rate policy. because B. COCUBES SOLVED papers PAPER 3 1. aggravate 2. framed E. while C. inspite 4. free D. A. eight institutions were granted deemed university status A.AMCAT. floating C. for. Enactment C. since D. Fill in the blanks with most appropriate choice. intensify D. moving B. They offered a fixed rate on all loans while she wanted a _________ rate A. of.

However 9. 1. RSQP D. (C) 4. (A) poet.(A) We all know that Shakespeare is/ (B) the better novelist/ (C) than 1. _____ being poor. (B) 3. 1. (A) 2. No error 14. Select the word or phrase which best express the opposite meaning of the word FOOLISHLY A. No error 12. Shrewdly B. Rearrange the phrases to make a meaningful sentence. Wisely D. We have to P as we see it Q speak the truth R: there is falsehood and darkness S: even if all around us A. (B) 3. (A) 2. . (A) 2. Cannily C. 1.Since D. will be in part of the sentence.AMCAT. if any. Issue 8. Kaveri still dresses more appropriately than most of her group mates A. Astutely 10. COCUBES SOLVED papers D. QRPS C. No error 13.(B) each of the crew members ran towards (C) the deck of the ship. QPSR Directions (11-16)Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. Ignore the error of punctuation. (C) 4. if any 11.Despite B. The error. RQSP B. (B) 3. (A)We've been saying it separately up till(B) now. but we thought it would be(c) better if we spoke in one voice. (C) 4. The letter of that part is the answer. Although C. (A) When the captain called the crew. (A) A sales man of that (B)company tried to (C) cheated a native lady.

don't bring any pets. They've eaten tree saplings. (B) (C) No Error 15. They are also cute and furry. COCUBES SOLVED papers 2. (C) 4. (B) 3. The Hawaiians have learned their lesson. Pursue the elusive black rat or munch on turtle eggs while tanning on the beach. Rats also eat our food.he adds (B)that students can easily (C)excess libraries of other institutes. No error 16. Perhaps more troubling. What could go wrong with that? In 1883 plantation owners imported 72 mongooses and began breeding them. They eat more than 20% of the world's farmed food. (C) 4. (A) 2. What's not to love? Sadly. 1. And they've been a leading cause in the extinction of more than 70 species of Hawaiian birds. Black rats were destroying entire crops. Instead. They are often kept tame in Indian households. In Hawaii they had a choice. It's not that the mongooses became friends with the rats. but they migrated to Europe in the 1st century. When the mongooses got to Hawaii. They also compete with forest birds for food. So don't get uptight when they don't welcome your cat Mittens with open arms. They're trying to maintain a delicate ecosystem here.(A)Besides. What's a plantation owner to do? The answer is simple.000 years. Your beloved Rex or Fi-fi could spend up to 120 days in quarantine. creatures that most people dislike. 4. The black rat was introduced to Hawaii in the 1780s. People revere the mongoose in its homeland of India. they did not wipe out the rats as plantation owners hoped. They love to climb trees to eat bird eggs. 3. They've feasted on sea turtle eggs. And that's why the mongoose was brought to Hawaii. rats. They spread germs and incubate disease. (B) 3. preventing trees from being reforested. and lizards. Talks of bringing in mongoose-eating gorillas have been tabled. Mongooses feed on snakes. Who could blame them? They've had problems with new animals in the past. They are a vector for more than 40 deadly illnesses. No error Directions (17-21) Read the passage carefully to answer the questions Directions: Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. Most took the easy route. Americans were just realizing that they loved sugar.AMCAT. Import an animal known to kill rats. But mongooses are not too different from most other animals: they go for the easy meal. black rats threaten humans. Now Hawaii has two unwanted guests defacing the natural beauty. they joined them in ravaging the birds. black rats have been pests. They have strict rules for importing animals. Since then they've snuck on European ships and voyaged the world with them. there will be fewer birds and more black rats. And they kill deadly cobras. . They still ate a bunch of them. These rats carry many diseases including the plague. lizards. These ugly suckers originated in Asia. That means that after they infest an area. Most people prefer living around birds. Hawaii was pretty much the only place in America where one could grow sugarcane. They carefully screen all incoming pets. During the mid 1800s. 1. They are also good at surviving and tend to displace native species. Since their arrival in Hawaii. such as snails. insects. If you plan on going to Hawaii. the Hawaiian sugar industry was thriving. Refer to the text to check your answers when appropriate. (A) 2. But those filthy vermin were tearing up the fields. and seeds. Some think that rat-borne diseases have killed more people than war in the last 1. and small plants that were native to Hawaii. (A) All the guests on the (B) boat got frightened (C) when they heard the alarm. Hawaiians are wary of letting in foreign animals. India is a much different place than Hawaii.

b. Select the word or phrase which best express the opposite meaning of the word SUFFOCATE (A) Curb (B) Restrain (C) Release (D) Stifle Directions (24-25) Fill in the blanks 24. Mongooses eat rats. The guest wanted to know _____ the hotel was offering him an extra overnight stay that they promised him. Mongooses kill deadly cobras. c. The rats were able to swim to Hawaii from Asia. To go to a place c. Uncovered: What the Real Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is Like d. Neither Surekha _____ Ravi will be able to attend the meeting on Sunday. Rats eat lots of vegetation and crops. Mongooses have spread more than 40 diseases. Which statement is false according to information in the text? a. Mongooses are fuzzy and adorable.AMCAT. To come from a place b. d. b. Based on the text. c. Which title best expresses the main idea of this text? a. Which best explains why plantation owners imported mongooses to Hawaii? a. COCUBES SOLVED papers 17. Travel Procedures: Getting in and out of Hawaii with Pets b. d. To become independent d. The native Hawaiians imported them to solve a problem with their crops. APPETITE (A) Hunger (B) Revulsion (C) Antipathy (D) Fasting 23. Mongooses make great household pets. The Asians brought them to Hawaii when they first arrived. (A) Or (B) Nor (C) And (D) But also 25. Choose the word or phrase which best express the meaning of the word. Unwanted: The Journey of the Black Rat to Hawaii c. To wander the world 19. 20. Which best defines the word originate as it was used in the second paragraph? a. d. 21. Mongooses eat sea turtle eggs. b. 18. which best explains how black rats were introduced to Hawaii? a. The Europeans brought them on their ships. c. Rats climb trees and eat bird eggs. . Backfired: Solving Problems with Problems in Hawaii 22.

AMCAT. COCUBES SOLVED papers (A) For (B) was (C) whether (D) As .

Tirupati. Mr. Called . it is man who is the great generator. What was the first thing that the man learnt to do? A. creator and inventor of all this knowledge and technology. The following sentence consists of a word or a phrase which is highlighted and is followed by four words or phrases. choose the alternative which best expresses the sentence in Active/Passive voice. if used for the betterment of mankind and society can bring about changes in our lives by making better. The quantum theory. have revolutionized the world of science forever. A. Computer and information technology are the latest revolutions in the field of science.AMCAT. Each new day brings better technology with it. The discovery of the atom and its structure has been one of the most remarkable discoveries made by man. telegraph. airplane 4. 1. D. plausible 6.To call B. A. The book was reviewed by Mr. Tirupati reviewed the book. Science has done miracles in the fields of health and medicine and has been the greatest weapon in man’s battle against diseases of various kinds. Inventions like the telephone. C. transistors. give up D. internet. meager B. radio. Tirupati. Development of medicines D. Only constructive uses of science can guarantee the continuation of mankind on this earth. Continents on the earth are drifting closer to each other B. continue 5. T. The book had been reviewed by Mr. His never ending pursuit to unearth the reason behind phenomenon has resulted in endless discoveries and inventions. airplanes. How has the world shrunk for man technologically? A. We should be warned of becoming slaves to our own creations and inventions. Been calling D. steam engine. is the miracle in the field of science A. It is this quest and thrust for knowledge and the curiosity of man to know things beyond his reach that resulted in his becoming the lord of this plant. Tirupati. streptomycin. Fill in the blanks with the most suitable option. substantial C. Video conferencing. assert C. which have proved to be the grate stepping stones in the progress of mankind. telescopes. Mark the option which is closest to the meaning of the word given below ABNEGATE A. automobiles. The book has been reviewed by Mr. we should learn to us our knowledge constructively. To eat and sleep 2. There have been inventions and discoveries in all aspects of life. To live leisurely in the nature D. 7. the world has shrunk into a cyber village where time and distance have no meaning are at least are no longer barriers. can science be a blessing and a miracle. the internet has made this possible C. The book is reviewed by Mr. B. My only major complaint was that the remote was thin and felt flimsy. To battle with his fellow men C. Penicillin. Choose the word or the phrase which is closest in meaning to highlighted word or phrase. atoms and its structure D. radium and X-rays have turned out be great blessings. The planet is becoming smaller 3. Moreover. wireless. renounce B. web conferencing etc. To conquer the nature B. COCUBES SOLVED papers COCUBES PAPER 1 Knowledge has turned out to be man’s greatest asset in mastering and conquering nature. the electricity along with the great findings of Einstein. ____________ the police immediately. However. microscope etc. Technology is on a rise every day. Call C. Only then. The word science literally means knowledge. For the given question. ………………………….V. According to the given passage. Neils Bohr etc. With the coming of mobiles. computers B. sturdy D. have changed man’s life forever. electricity. A. more comfortable and worthwhile. Vaccination is a miracle in the field of science. Science. Tirupati. vaccination C.

the sunshine. the paper and the sunshine inter-arc. Mark the option which is closest to the meaning of the word given below. Absorbing fast C. Find of which part of the sentence below has an error and mark the option accordingly A. COCUBES SOLVED papers 8. space. Please close the door C. Elusion C. And we see that wheat. This is why I think the word inter be should be in the dictionary: 'To be is to inter-be. Dirty C. Your mind is in here and also mine . From B. The history of Hindu religion dates _________ ancient times. the trees cannot grow. Close the door at once B. You have to inter-be with every other thing. the sheet of paper is part of our perception. Mollify D. Becoming worse and worse 10. With C. he rose to stratospheric heights. Aggravating 11. it may lead. his hunches and his data C.. the forest cannot grow. Even we cannot grow without sunshine. and without trees. we know that the sunshine is also in this sheet of paper. This sheet of paper is because everything else is. And the logger's father and mother are in it too. Mean 16. You cannot just be by yourself alone. The scientist must follow B. nothing can grow. Mark the option which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word or phrase. IRKSOME A. the minerals in the soil. Misconception D. Extra weight B. In fact. Clean B. A. because when we look at a sheet of paper. Choose the option which gives the closest to the phrase given below. 13. we can see the logger who cut the tree and bring it to the mill to be transformed into paper. we can see we are in it too. You are advised to close the door at once 15. Frankness 12.. FALLACY A. On B. People who criticize from the sideline D. A poet sees a cloud in a sheet of paper as (a) He/she is very creative (b) He/she loves nature (c) He/she writes poetry on paper. the earth. And if we continue to look. we cannot make paper. without a cloud there will be no rain. the heat. To sink down D. we sec that without all of these things. C. A. For the given question. choose alternative which best expresses the sentence in Active/Passive voice Let the door be closed at once A. So we can say that everything is in here with this sheet of paper. None of the mentioned options D. Instructor from backend. The court has yet to serve him _________ summons for the suit med against him. Let the door be closed at once D. Appease B. everything co exits with this sheet of paper. We know that the logger cannot exist without his daily bread. you will see clearly that there is a cloud floating in this sheet of paper. Disorderly D. the river. the cloud. You cannot point one thing that is not here. To evaporate fast B. Choose the option which gives the closest meaning to the phrase given below. For C.AMCAT. and therefore the wheat that has become his bread is also in this sheet of paper. Second person 9. None of the mentioned options Directions: Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: If you are a poet. Fill in the blank(s) with the most suitable option. Fill in the blank(s) with the most suitable option. wherever D. And so.time. The cloud is essential for the paper to exist. If the cloud is not here. Through he was born in squalid surroundings of slums. Since 14. Alleviate C. To D. This is not difficult to see. Illusion B. Back Seat Driver A. this sheet of paper cannot exist. we can see the sunshine in it. 17. the rain. (d) He/she sees the universe as a single entity . Mark the option which is the closest to the opposite in meaning of the word given below. A. When we look in this way. If the sunshine is not there. To sink fast A. So we can say that the cloud and the paper inter-arc. if we look into this sheet of paper even more deeply. the sheet of paper cannot be here either. without rain. Looking even more deeply.

you should know how to hold your breath for a while. I always wanted a basketball and______ I-pod in my collection. Aman said that the girl had been singing C. COCUBES SOLVED papers 18. choose the one which best expresses the given sentence in Direct/Indirect speech Aman said. (A) In the mean while (B) However (C) In place (D) In order 23. None of the mentioned options 21. A.AMCAT. He worked really hard and thus____ to be promoted. (c) A cloud exists on its own. (A) Got (B) Get (C) Gotten (D) Getting 25. From the given alternatives. (A) Warranted (B) Deserve (C) Deserves (D) Merit 24. He_____the position of group leader because of the effective leader skills. (A) Their (B) Them (C) Those (D) Residents 22. (A) The (B) A (C) An (D) None of the above . Aman said that the girl was singing D. ………………to be a good swimmer. Residents of North Pole have different lifestyles and requirements than _____ living in other parts of the world. (d) Everything in this world is separate. Why can't logger exist without his bread (a) He will die without food (b) He can't grow wheat (c) Without cutting tress he can't earn money. “The girl was singing”. (d) There won't be enough trees to cut 20. can't buy his meals. Aman said that the girl has been singing B. 19. A cloud and the paper inter-are means (a) Both are very important (b) Both exist because of they are means.

the British belatedly realized that they had to leave the subcontinent. wasn’t a political option. (A) Has (B) Had (C) Will have (D) Have 3. In the next few months. “My Favorite Brunette. Lord Louis Mountbatten and his wife.... But many Muslim politicians saw it as a party of upper-caste Hindus and demanded a separate . There are many textile producing mills in the market that compete with each ________ to gain the largest share of the market. exhorted. The goods. Dravid played a brilliant series for _______ he was given man of the series award. But plans for brisk disengagement ignored messy realities on the ground. I________been regularly exercising for quite few days now.. some twelve million people would be uprooted and as many as a million murdered. sat down in the his mansion in New Delhi to watch the latest Bob Hope movie.. the foremost Indian leader. Muslims.should not be dispatched if there are any quality issues. Mountbatten had a clear remit to transfer power to the Indians within fifteen months. a few hours before Britain’s Indian Empire was formally divided into the nationstates of India and Pakistan.” Large parts of the subcontinent were descending into chaos. (A) Person (B) Other (C) Contestants (D) Individual 2. took inspiration from Gandhi in claiming to be a secular organization. (A) Packed (B) Received (C) Opened (D) Sent 5. had arrived in New Delhi in March. on the evening of August 14. and the Mountbatten probably felt they had earned their evening’s entertainment. the last viceroy of India. Mountbatten had to work hard to figure out how and to whom power was to be transferred... or anarchy.. (A) Distracted (B) Attentive (C) Devoted (D) Diligent Directions (6-9) Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below: Sixty years ago.. But on that night in mid-August the bloodbath—and the fuller consequences of hasty imperial retreat—still lay in the future. and Sikhs caught on the wrong side of the border. charged with an almost impossible task. the Congress Party. (A) It (B) That (C) Which (D) Whom 4.. Edwina. Leaving India to God. representing all four hundred million Indians.AMCAT. The dominant political party. COCUBES SOLVED papers PAPER 2 Directions (1-5) Select the correct option that fills the blank(s) to make the sentence meaningfully complete.. We as human beings get easily _____by materialistic pleasures of modern age.. Mountbatten. 1947. which had spiralled out of their control through the nineteen-forties. as Mohandas Gandhi. 1. however tempting. 1947. Irrevocably enfeebled by the Second World War. as the implications of partitioning the Indian Empire along religious lines became clear to the millions of Hindus.

This new technology has the potential to provide handsome returns. long suppressed. so enduring has been the political and psychological scars of partition. armed vigilante groups. trying. there were some notable absences at the Independence Day celebrations in New Delhi on August 15th. The souls of the two new nation-states immediately found utterance in brutal enmity. Gandhi. was shot dead in January. while the world sleeps. trying to hold together the precarious nation-state of Pakistan. and Jawaharlal Nehru. While the Mountbattenswere sitting down to their Bob Hope movie.” had remained in Calcutta. India and Pakistan were fighting a war—the first of three—over the disputed territory of Kashmir. when an age ends. and cities. Nevertheless. abducting and raping thousands of women. Gandhi’s closest disciple and soon to be India’s first Prime Minister. was in Karachi. denouncing freedom from imperial rule as a “wooden loaf. died a few months later. What does the author imply about the future of Pakistan? a) it becomes a secular country b) it becomes unsecular c) it is unprosperous d) it becomes arough state 9. COCUBES SOLVED papers homeland for their hundred million co-religionists. His great rival Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Eventually. The author persists on taking about the "Bob hope movie" in article. In Punjab. even though it is at a _____stage in India. and boded ill for India’s assumption of power. 6. we made a tryst with destiny. with the force of his moral authority. Why was Gandhi assassinated? a) because he was favouring Muslims b)his assassin thought he was partial to Muslims c)he got killed in the violence after partition d)none of above 8. In the view of author what is the phrase "tryst with destiny" symbolize today? a) a celebration of Indian independence b) an inspirational quote c) a reminder of Gandhi's assassination d) a symbol of ills of partition 7. as in Palestine. when we step out from the old to the new. provided it.AMCAT. racked with tuberculosis and overwork. reduced to despair by the seemingly endless cycle of retaliatory mass murders and displacement. Why? a) because the movie was classin on 1947 b) he thinks it caused the partition of sub-continent c) he uses it to show the apathy of britishers to sub-continent d) it was Mountbatten's favourite movie 10.” Posterity has enshrined this speech. “Long years ago. which comes but rarely in history. murdered countless people. his dream of a secular Pakistan apparently buried with him. who had fought bitterly for a separate homeland for Indian Muslims. finds utterance. towns. (A) Turbulent (B) Peculiar (C) Nascent (D) Unknown . But today his quaint phrase “tryst with destiny” resonates ominously. as Nehru clearly intended. to stop Hindus and Muslims from killing each other. “At the stroke of the midnight hour. by a Hindu extremist who believed that the father of the Indian nation was too soft on Muslims. and when the soul of a nation. the British saw partition along religious lines as the quickest way to the exit. Gandhi. who were intermingled with non-Muslim populations across the subcontinent’s villages. India will awaken to life and freedom. The moment demanded grandiloquence. India’s constituent assembly was convening in New Delhi. Jinnah. A moment comes. 1948.” he said. organized along religious lines and incited by local politicians. the significance of the occasion was not lost on many. Not surprisingly. But sectarian riots in Punjab and Bengal dimmed hopes for a quick and dignified British withdrawal. Soon.

Rashid was taken aback when he got his health reports. They can dig a nine-foot tunnel into hard ground in about 10 minutes. being rude with someone d.AMCAT. it is also loose. cows. 13.Theorigin of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). They weigh just over 20 pounds. So what makes the honey badger so tough? They have speed. Refer to the text to check your answers when appropriate. Yet they have a reputation for toughness that is far greater than their believed it to be______ (A) Exogenous (B) Deleterious (C) Pathological (D) Environmental (E) Celestial Directions (13-14): Choose the best meaning according to the options given for the underlined part of the sentence. and agility. and bites from other animals can rarely pierce it. Choose the word from the following options which is spelt correctly. Fisticoughs B. ____ not being well. (A) Although (B) Despite (C) Instead (D) However 12. They will attack horses. and cobras. They are only a couple feet long. are living 16. and even water buffalo if they are foolish enough to poke around a honey badger's den. Not only is their skin thick and tough. These claws are good for attacking and even better for digging. but so do many animals. Arrows. Honey badgers have long. since 2011 so he knows everything about this place. Boasting b. so how do they stop them? The thing that sets the honey badger apart is their skin. Crack Someone Up a. Have been living b. Honey badgers are some of nature's most skilled diggers. They live in small chambers in the ground and defend them fiercely. were living c. assertive d. Mark the option which is closest to the meaning of the word given below. What's fiercer than a lion but smaller than a beagle? The honey badger. Small bullets can't even penetrate it. Fisticoups C. one of the toughest mammals in Africa and western Asia. he still scored well in his exams. rodents. Honey badgers stand less than a foot high. I guess that goes to show you that size isn't the only thing that matters in a fight. Fill in the blank with suitable form of verb. They love to catch a meal by digging up the burrows of frogs. Bold 17. polite c. Fisticuffs D. make someone laugh b. They aren't stronger than lions. spears. . A. The only safe grip one can get on a honey badger is on the back of their necks. They also use their digging skills to create their homes. Their skin is thick and tough. has been living d. HUMBLE a. sharp claws. This allows them to twist and turn to attack while another animal is gripping them. Fisticuphs Directions (18-22) : Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow. sold someone 14. (A) Surprised(B) Shocked(C) Afraid (D) Worried 15. Hurt someone c. a. Some honey badgers will chase away lions and take their kills. He --------. COCUBES SOLVED papers 11.

livestock. Which statement would the author most likely agree with? a. b. The honey badger is fearless and a tireless fighter. On the restructuring of banks the Narsimhan Committee said there should be three or four large banks. there's not a whole lot that you can do about it. most predators avoid them. d. A bus driver d. Honey badgers disguise their young to look like cheetah kittens. What makes the honey badger so tough is their speed and strength. but their kittens have silver manes and look like honey badgers. 19. Because of the honey badger's reputation. Which best defines the meaning of the word burrows as it is used in the third paragraph? a. There's nothing sweet about that. A beekeeper b. A biologist c. c. A water supply where small animals come to drink 20. A nest or animal dwelling in a tree or bush d. A salesman 23. Honey badgers like to raid beehives to eat honey. But if a honey badger moves in your backyard. bee stings rarely harm them. but they may be the toughest. Honey badgers are large in size and tireless in fighting spirit. They attack chickens. 18. the national banks could be engaged in universal banking. Lily pads or other seaweeds in which animals hide b. So honey badgers love to raid beehives. gives up. I mean. 22. Honey badgers are not afraid to fight with humans. Who doesn't like free honey? Honey badgers chase after honey aggressively. b. man included. B. Some animals use the honey badger's rep to their advantage. but they are nasty neighbors. C. though they usually leave people alone. c. COCUBES SOLVED papers You don't get a reputation like the honey badger by running from danger. Honey badgers got their name from the sweet taste of their meat. D. Beekeepers aren't the only people who have grown to hate honey badgers. and some say children. Which best describes one of the author's main purposes in writing this text? a. are you going to go and tangle with an animal that eats the bones of its prey? An animal with teeth strong enough to crunch through turtle shells? An animal that never tires. Since honey badgers have such thick skin. There should be eight to ten national banks with a network of countrywide branches. loose skin. The Committee was of the view that moving to this revised system be based on profitability considerations. To compare and contrast honey badgers with beagles and lions c. how did they get a name that makes them sound like a piece of candy?" The answer makes sense. Holes or tunnels in which animals live c. Honey badgers are not the biggest animals. Wouldn't you walk the other way if you saw a honey badger? You might be wondering: "If honey badgers are so tough. Adult cheetahs have spotted coats. I can't blame them. What makes honey badgers so tough is their thick.AMCAT... To persuade readers to join the efforts to protect honey badgers b. including the State Bank. To describe how honey badgers select their partners d. To explain why honey badgers are so tough 21. Some scientists believe that their coloring tricks predators into avoiding them. They will attack any creature that threatens them. A. Honey badgers may be fun to read about. d. Which statement would the author most likely disagree with? a. So much so that beekeepers in Africa have to use electric fencing to hold them back. I wouldn't either. While the large banks could become international in character. (1) BCDA (2) BACD (3) ADBC (4) CBAD . Which person is most likely to be disturbed by a honey badger moving in next door? a. or backs down? Yeah.

dog is a faithful animal. A) A B)The C) an D) None of these D) None of these . He is a political ________ A) Opportune B) Opportunist C) candidate 25. ……….AMCAT. COCUBES SOLVED papers 24.

To give up on something d. Unite b. Farmers should not be dependent on fickle monsoons. TENACITY a. Leisure 4. Mark the option which is Closest to the meaning of the word given below. To give an open challenge b. Did he drink the coffee? a. Mark the option which is Closest to the meaning of the word given below. COCUBES SOLVED papers Paper 3 1. Choose the most suitable alternative in accordance with the correct use of tense a. For the given question. Was the coffee drunk by him? b. Mark the option which is Closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word or phrase. All are correct c. GATHER a. Stiff b. Obduracy d. Indolence 8. Mark the option which is Closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word or phrase. To agree 3. Was the coffee being drank by him? 6. Truimph c. Choose the option which gives closest meaning to the phrase given below “To throw down gauntlet” a. Direct 7. TOUGH a. stable . Distort b. Soften c. a. Grow c. Was the coffee drank by him? c. a. Disperse 5. Divide d. Rough 9. Tution b. By tomorrow afternoon the plane will be taking off for Moscow b. Fragile c. choose the word that is spelt correctly. Was the coffee being drunk by him? d. One should put facts straight before his seniors. By tomorrow afternoon the plane will have taken off for Moscow d.AMCAT. Candid d. Tender d. Slackness b. By tomorrow afternoon the plane will take off for Moscow 2. Theoritical d. To be loyal to someone c. Idleness c. Mark the option which is Closest to the meaning of the word given below. choose the alternative which best expresses the sentence in Active/Passive voice. a. From the given options. capricious b.

For the given question. who died due to weak legs. 16. choose answer as “No mistakes”. benign 10. for the less health conscious. What is the antonym of Totalitarian? a. none of the mentioned options c. a. Missyile . You are …………. toffee apples are a traditional treat! d. 15. choose the alternative which best expresses the sentence in Direct/indirect speech. too b. Having to start all over again c. On the decease of Frederick V. Mark the option which is Closest to the meaning of the word given below.AMCAT. A mistake made in something you are trying to achieve. rather d. To force an issue that has already ended d. 13. Democratic c. Dictatorial d. b. choose the word that is spelt correctly. Expelled b. for d. Fill in the blank(s) with the most suitable option. unsteady d. much c. Entered 14. Autocratic 17. Missile b. Penetrated d. Authoritarian b. a. we had come to the pass for a 25km mountain bike descent into the valley. From the given options. She asked about peter c. a.trustworthy. fairly 11. to 12.. Quinine is an effective antidote………………Malaria. COCUBES SOLVED papers c. She asked where peter lived. A rare event or occurrence coming all over again b. no mistakes c. Back to square one a. If there are no mistakes. a. a. choose the sentence that contains error. Filtered c. Terrorists infiltrated into Kashmir during the severe winter of 1948. against b. Mark the option which is Closest to the opposite in meaning of the underlined word or phrase. She says “Where does Peter live?” a. Missiele c. From the following sentences. She asked peter’s address b. She asked where is Peter’s home d.

C. even though some had the benefit of modern medicine. D. measles. There is no doubt that chronic disease was an important factor in the precipitous decline. ACBD d. The evidence provided by the documents of British and French colonies is not as definitive because the conquerors of those areas did not establish permanent settlements and begin to keep continuous records until the seventeenth century. Sometimes everything turns upside down. Given below is a sentence broken into 4 parts. historians are blaming diseases imported from the Old World for the staggering disparity between the indigenous population of America in 1492—new estimates of which soar as high as 100 million. you could have taken some rest d. which contain reports of horrendous epidemics and steep population declines. Quebec. Missyle 18. Find out which part of the sentence below has an error and mark the option accordingly. Having worked / for the whole day. the documentation of these and other epidemics is slight and frequently unreliable. Unfortunately. A. affected 99 percent of the population and killed 7 percent. Arrange the parts of the sentence in the correct logical manner. COCUBES SOLVED papers d. the British tended to drive the native populations away. possibly of bubonic or pneumonic plague. In 1616-1619 an epidemic. Unthinkable things happen. Increasingly. Virgin-soil epidemics are those in which the populations at risk have had no previous contact with the diseases that strike them and are therefore immunologically almost defenseless. it is also pain and despair. BCAD c. eliminated half the population of the Huron and Iroquois confederations. 20. BADC b. a. yellow fever. by which time the worst epidemics had probably already taken place. so that the epidemics of British America occurred beyond the range of colonists’ direct observation. Furthermore. especially as manifested in virgin-soil epidemics. the surviving records of North America do contain references to deadly epidemics among the indigenous population. malaria. That virgin-soil epidemics were important in American history is strongly indicated by evidence that a number of dangerous maladies—smallpox. Even so. confirmed in many cases by recent quantitative analyses of Spanish tribute records and other sources. for the whole day Directions (20-22) Read the passage carefully to answer the questions. Bad things happen to good people. rather than enslaving them as the Spaniards did. and undoubtedly several more—were unknown in the pre-Columbian New World.AMCAT. / you could have taken some rest / and start work tomorrow. the British colonists were unlike the Spanish colonists in that the British colonists . ABCD 19. a. According to the passage. In the 1820’s fever devastated the people of the Columbia River area. the disease most fatal to the Native American people. The effects of their sudden introduction are demonstrated in the early chronicles of America. Cases such as this demonstrate that even diseases that are not normally fatal can have devastating consequences when they strike an immunologically defenseless community. swept coastal New England. Life is not just party and pleasure. and start work tomorrow b. in 1952 an outbreak of measles among the Native American inhabitants of Ungava Bay. Having worked c. During the 1630’s smallpox. and it is highly probable that the greatest killer was epidemic disease . killing eight out of ten of them. or approximately one-sixth of the human race at that time—and the few million full-blooded Native Americans alive at the end of the nineteenth century. B. For example. killing as many as nine out of ten. and it is necessary to supplement what little we do know with evidence from recent epidemics among Native Americans.

A. Dessert b. They were defenseless against measles. Measles is the disease most commonly involved in virgin oil epidemics D. a. Blaster c.four excellent restaurants in the center of town.. They were the last native people to be struck by a virgin soil epidemic D. They were almost all killed by the 1952 epidemic B. being d. They did not come into frequent contact with white Americans until twentieth century 22. Find out which part of the sentence below has an error and mark the option accordingly. if I am well 24. It can be inferred from the passage about native American inhabitants of Ungava Bay that …………………. It is implied in the passage that A. measles is not usually a fatal disease B. Choice . From the given options. There……………. COCUBES SOLVED papers (A) collected tribute from the native population (B) kept records from a very early date (C) drove Native Americans off the land (D) were unable to provide medical care against epidemic disease 21. a. are c. Fill in the blank(s) with the most suitable option. If I am well / I would / prefer coffee / to cool drinks. C. prefer coffee b. was b.AMCAT. measles ceased to be a problem by the seventeenth century C. Measles was not a significant problem in Spanish colonies 23. a. to cool drinks c. I would d. Accomodation d. choose the word that is spelt incorrectly. is 25.

1 14.B .3 AMCAT ANSWER KEY 13. COCUBES SOLVED papers 12. 4 6.2 7. 1 20. 3 19. 3 8.2 9.1 24. B 11.1 3. 4 16.4 17.3 5.2 21. 2 23. C 10. C 25. 1 15.1 4. 4 22.4 2.AMCAT. 3 18.2 PAPER 1 1.

B 2. D 13. B 4. B 3. B 9. D 16. D 20. A 2. COCUBES SOLVED papers Paper 2 1. A 5. B 15. B 21. B 10.AMCAT. A 7.D . A 22. A 23. D 19. C 25. C 14. A PAPER 3 1. A 24. 3 8. A 12. C 11. A 6. B 18. C 17.

A 9. COCUBES SOLVED papers 3. A 18.4 16.D 22. B 4.3 15.B 5. A 5.C 4.4 14. D 20. A .B 8.C COCUBES Paper 1 1.B 25.4 13.C 6.C 7. A 21.C 24. A 23.C 10.3 17. A 19.D 11.3 12. D 3. A 2.AMCAT.

B . A 15. C 18. D 10. C 18.B 2. B 19. C 24. D 13.AMCAT. D 23. B 8. B 12. A 6. B 16. A 25. C 10. C 20. B 20. A 17. D 24.D 21. A 14. D 11. C 16. COCUBES SOLVED papers 6. D 13.A 5. B 21. B 17.C 4. A 15. B 8. B 9.D 23. C 14. D 7. C 22.D 3. C 19. C Paper 2 1.C 22. D 12. C 11. D 7. B 9.

b 16.A Paper 3 1. c 21. c 8.AMCAT. COCUBES SOLVED papers 25. a 6. d 15. a 23. a 19. a 18. a 7. c . d 4. c 11. a 20. a 14. a 5. a 3. d 13. a 9. c 2. b 25. b 22. a 10. b 17. a 12. d 24.

dancing. It opens the best room in this house. Erik rang his grandparents’ doorbell and silently wished the next four hours would go by quickly. He slid the key inside and turned it. He didn’t want to give up his entire Saturday afternoon at his grandparents’ house where there were no kids in the neighborhood. to dance. “Well then. Erik hung his coat on the rack by the door and saw a strange looking key hanging on a hook.” Cake? At least the first ten minutes would go by quickly. (A) To cook. Why didn't Erik want to visit his grandparents' house? a A. dancing. to dance. For as long as she could remember. “The basement! It’s the first part that’s built.” Erik said. The basement was one giant room with a pool table in the middle and a dartboard on the far wall. Grandpa told Erik that the skeleton key opened.AMCAT. until her poor vision made it impossible for her to do so. until her poor vision made it impossible for her to do so (C) Cooking. until she lost her vision AMCAT RC Directions (18-21) Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below. “It’s a game room. There were no kids in the neighborhood and he thought he would be bored. “No.” Grandpa Bill said. “There’s tea and cake in the dining room. Erik thought about the oldest part of a house. Divya has loved to cook. a trunk with secrets B. the basement door C. grab a cue from the rack and I’ll teach you. Erik knew that meant he was going the wrong way. opening the door. Grandpa Bill sipped his tea and shook his head. to dance. coming down the stairs. D.” Grandpa Bill whispered so no one else could hear. The next four hours were going to fly by. until her poor vision made it impossible for her to do so (D) To cook. “Grandpa Bill. He headed back to the front door where he’d found the key.” Grandma Bethany said. until she lost her vision (E) Cooking. 19.” Erik smiled. the attic door D.” Erik grabbed the key and stared at it. “Ever learn to play pool?” Grandpa Bill asked.” He rushed to the basement door and looked at the lock. to dance.” “What’s so special about the room?” Erik asked. 18. what’s this funny key for?” “That’s a skeleton key. “A skeleton key? It looks old. “Awesome!” Erik said. Erik switched on the light and walked down the stairs. He headed past the dining room and to the stairs. until her poor vision made it impossible for her to do so (B) Cooking. “Take the key and see if you can find the room by the time I finish my tea.. a game room . He missed his parents. He had never spent much time with them before. the door opened. “It’s the room I go to when your grandmother tries to make me help with the dishes. COCUBES SOLVED papers Find answer :12.” Erik decided the oldest things in the house were probably upstairs in the walk-up attic. It was different from a normal lock. B. He was not comfortable living with them C. With a click. “You’re right on time. d A..

Both conclusion 1 and conclusion 2 follow. a. Statement(s): 1. start trying COCUBES 23. a C an. I took _____ book from the pile of books on your table. COCUBES SOLVED papers 20. 2. ____ book was very interesting to read. Only conclusion 1 follows. The key looked old and he thought the attic contained the oldest things in the house C. Why did Erik think the key would open the attic door? b A. 2. 21. Only conclusion 2 follows. All dogs are rats. a storage container for pool equipment d.Choose the best definition for the underlined word in each sentence. into B upto. Some rats are lizards. into . into C out of. A over. a ball used to play pool b. b a. Some lizards are dogs. Grandpa Bill grabbed a cue from the rack. B. Neither conclusion 1 nor conclusion 2 follows c. because games required big room which was attic. the He ran away by jumping ____________a window and jumping __________ a waiting car. the D some. into D between. because it was a skeleton key D. because grandpa hinted towards it. Some dogs are lizards. a stick used to play pool c. Conclusions: 1. d.AMCAT. the B the. b. A a .

AMCAT.htm http://www. grammar.blogspot.html http://www.blogspot.blogspot.php?SOURCE=AMCAT&TOPIC=Verbal%20Ability http://aaraarkay.m4maths.html .in/2015/01/ RC link: http://www.html http://allaboutamcat.html COCUBES SOLVED papers Plethora of questions tech