Oscar Holiday

The world’s largest growth industry is Travel and Tourism.
The tourism sector is a coming together of various suppliers of services to offer people a complete tourist
experience. Travel agents and tour operators play a vital role in the promotion of tourism. Today the travel
and tourism industry is one of the biggest and most dynamic industries in the world. In regards to this, we
would like to introduce one of the well-known travel agent in Malaysia who started up the business in a
small scale and now with their continuous effort and hard-work they have operating in a very big
Oscar Holiday is a unique and fast growing travel company, having a corporate office in Malaysia.
Was incorporated in 2007 to render comprehensive travel agency services all over the countries.
Oscar Holiday has capitalized its dynamism and wellbeing, towards differing demands to their customers.
They are proud of their achievements that they have made throughout all these years. They started up with
5 staff, including 2 directors at one of the shop lots at Jalan TAR, Kuala Lumpur. Now, after 9 years of
hard work they are now operating in a big scale. They have shifted from a shop lot office to bigger office
space at Menara Multi Purpose , Jalan Munshi Abdullah, Kuala Lumpur. They have made through with
dedicated and highly experienced employees who have immensely contributed to their consistent growth
and the staff are well trained with full IATA/UFTAA qualifications who also now can be awarded as an
expertise in providing the full range of travel and its related services making.
Their main travel partners include an extensive number of established giants in the leisure industry across
the globe. Their success today is also a reflection of their long-standing values in providing superior
customer service, innovation and their ability to source and provide value for money travel products to all
of their customers.
They meet the needs, the tastes and of course the budget of the customers. Their services are efficient yet
friendly, professional yet personalizes, qualitative yet good for value for money.
The world is continuously moving towards a demanding phase that revolves around travelling has
become everyone’s passion. Based on that, they are providing a very good customer service and never
failed to have a repeated customer and not to forget a new one as always.

Oscar Travel Services has been appointed as a GSA for Sri Lankan Airlines in Malaysia. . A general sales agent (GSA) is a sales representative for an airline in a specific country or region. Launched in 1979. the GSA is responsible for selling all products of the airline in its region which includes flight tickets and cargo space.Oscar Travel Services Sdn Bhd is another miles stone for them. Sri Lankan is proud to announce its testimonials superiority for having one of the largest network with its sizeable fleet of aircraft. This shows how far Oscar Holiday has been achieved throughout this 9 years of services in travel and tourism industry. general office expenses and any travel within the country or region needed to promote and sell the product. reliability. As a General Sales Agent (GSA) for Sri Lankan Airlines in Malaysia. Sri Lanka’s National Carrier is an award winning airline with a solid reputation for service. allowing them to have a sales presence in a country at lower cost than opening their own offices in short term. Oscar Travel Is proud to announce that Sri Lankan Airlines operating double daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to Colombo and many other destination via Colombo. safety. All costs related to running the GSA's business are the responsibility of the GSA including insurance. A GSA will typically sell the product of more than one airline. And now. Typically. It may also use their services because the GSA has historical ties with travel and cargo agents which will be too timeconsuming for the airline to build itself. The GSA receives a commission of around 3–5% on all tickets and unit of cargo space sold in the region that it represents. The airline’s hub is at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. Established on 1 st Mar 2016 as a GSA for SriLankan Airlines. providing convenient connections to its global route network of 94 destinations in 44 countries. This Is Sri Lanka’s premier airlines and also one of the largest in the world. and punctuality. Airlines normally use a GSA in areas that it does not operate to or from. comfort. rent.