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Nature Complain’s

By: Flore Mae Masuay

Pleasant morning threshold the sight nof anything
Waking the heart beat of which one’s sleeping
Gave impression that so amazing
Seal it without regretting
But it was much pleasing when it was in the begging

The beauty of the sky gave’s calmness to our sight
Touch of air that so cool in our thights
The wave’s of the seas that flashing to our feets
Melodious song’s of the bird whisper in our ears
The fragrance of the flow’r that give’s pleasnt in our nose
What happened on those?

Why? Why? Why did you abondened me?
You’ve reckoned every part of me
You know that you badly needed me
I’m you’re source of life
Looked what you’ve did

You scatter you’re garbage You damped chemicals into the seas Flood cames and you blaming me for it Cut trees and dig grounds Landslides cover you’re lives And you accusing me of it It’s not my responsibility Don’t youn ever impute me Nor accuse me It’s not my fault Think before you act “I DON’T NEED YOU YOU NEED ME” .