Room Thermostat



Adjustable for heating only or cooling only

Two-position control
Switching voltage AC 24…250 V
The RAA20 room thermostat is used in heating only or cooling only systems to maintain
the selected room temperature.
Typical use:
• Residential buildings
• Light industrial buildings
In conjunction with
• zone valves, thermal valves
• gas or oil burners
• fans
• pumps
The RAA20 room thermostat has separate outputs for heating only and cooling only.
If the room temperature falls below the selected setpoint, the heating contact will close.
If the room themperature exceeds the selected setpoint, the cooling contact will close.


Siemens Building Technologies
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2003 . . . . Mounting height is about 1.. The setpoint setting range can be mechanically limited by means of setpoint limiter under the unit cover.. Notes Mounting. (Caution: AC 250 V) The unit must be isolated from the mains supply before opening. . 2/4 Siemens Building Technologies HVAC Products Room Thermostat RAA20 CE1N3002E 05. .ON OFF Y2 3001D02 Y1 3001D01 Function diagrams ON W T[°C] Y1 Y2 OFF SD T SD w Room temperature Switching differential Room temperature setpoint Output signal "Heating" Output signal "Cooling" T[°C] SD Equipment combinations Type of unit Motoric on/off actuator Thermal actuator (for radiator valve) Thermal actuator (for small valve 2..5 mm) Type reference SFA21. STA21. . .2 Technical design Key features of the RAA20 room thermostat: • Two-position control • Gas-filled diaphragm Adjustments The required temperature is selected by a setpoint adjuster on the front of the thermostat. Only authorised personnel may open the unit to perform service..5 m above the floor.09.1 ARG70. .. STP21. . installation and commissioning The room thermostat should be located where the air temperature can be sensed as accurately as possible. Data sheet 4863 4893 4878 Accessories Description Adapter plate 120 x 120 mm for 4“ x 4“ conduit boxes Adapter plate 96 x 120 mm for 2“ x 4“ conduit boxes Adapter plate for surface wiring 112x130 mm Type reference ARG70 ARG70. The unit can be fitted to most commercially available recessed conduit boxes or directly on the wall. without getting adversely affected by direct solar radiation or other heat or refrigeration sources..

normal. set them to their fully open position.09. NCS S 0502-G (RAL 9003) 3/4 Siemens Building Technologies HVAC Products Room Thermostat RAA20 CE1N3002E 05. to EN 60730 to IEC 721-3-2 class 2K3/1K3 -20…+50 °C <95 % r.h.250 V 0. The room thermostat is maintenance-free.5 mm2 min.1:1994 II to EN 60730 IP30 to EN 60529 2 x 1.( 0.5 mm2 or 1 x 2.Maintenance Mechanical design When installing the unit.5 mm2 ) 0. The thermostat housing is made of plastic.2…6 (2) A 50 or 60 Hz ≤1K 8…30 °C to IEC 721-3-3 class 3K5 0…+50 °C <95 % r.2003 . order 20 pieces 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC EN 60730 N474 C-Tick conformity to EMC emission standard Safety standard Degree of protection Screw terminals for Weight Colour AS/NSZ 4251. If there are thermostatic radiator valves in the reference room. The thermostat must be mounted on a flat wall. class 2M2 single packaging / min. The diaphragm is filled with environmentally friendly gas.. fix the baseplate first.. Then fit the cover and secure it (also refer to separate mounting istructions). Technical data Operational data Environmental conditions Norms and standards Switching capacity Voltage Current Frequency Switching differential SD Setpoint setting range Operation Climatic conditions Temperature Humidity Pollution degree Transport / Storage Climatic conditions Temperature Humidity Mechanical conditions Packaging conformity Low voltage directive Product standard AC 24. The local electrical regulations must be complied with. then hook on the thermostat body and make the electrical connections.14 kg white.h.

Room Thermostat RAA20 Subject to alteration CE1N3002E 05.09.Connection diagrams L D1 L L L D2 T Y1 Y2 T Y1 N1 Y2 L N1 D1 N D2 N 3001A02 3001A01 N1 Y1 Y2 N T Zone valve or thermal valve for heating Zone valve or thermal valve for cooling Switching voltage AC 24…250 V Room thermostat Control output "Heating"“.4 86 28 3.2003 . AC 24…250 V Neutral Thermostat element (gas-filled diaphragm) Dimensions 99.8 2003 Siemens Building Technologies Ltd.6 28 4/4 Siemens Building Technologies HVAC Products 28 3001M02 86 30 30 28 30 30 Baseplate 42.6 3002M01 Unit 96. AC 24…250 V Control output "Cooling".