SK Taman Sutera, Johor Bahru

PKSR 1 2012
English Language Year 3
1 hour
Name: _______________________
Year 3: ____________


Question 1 – 4
Choose and circle the correct answer to fill in the blanks.





Azhar is celebrating his ____________.






Norah has a __________ hair.






Ramli is a teacher. ________ teaches in SK Taman Bersatu.






Khairul eats _______ apple and ______ bowl of porridge.

an , a




an , an

, an


Roslan is fishing. A. B.Question 5 – 7 Choose the best phrase to complete the paragraph. Father is watering the plants. A. 9. B. A. C. The boys are playing badminton. a pair of scissors a scissors an scissors 7. C. Roslan is eating a fish. 10. an eraser a eraser is eraser 6. five colour pencils. The boys are fighting. three colour pencils. C. Father is washing his car. Roslan is drinking. A. She wants to buy ___________ (5) __________________ (6) and ________(7) 5. 8. 2 . B. Father is pushing the car. four colour pencils. Question 8 – 10 Study the pictures carefully. C. B. The boys are playing hockey. C. B. C. B. A. A. Then choose the best answer. Laili is at the supermarket.

take one each. What. money. B. teacher. No. A. B. I don’t want. teacher? A. Yes. 13. B. 15. I need an eraser. I don’t have enough B. 11. A. Choose the best sentence to fit the situation shown in the pictures. Where is the duster? A. Thank you. 3 . A. All right.SECTION B Question 11 – 15 Look at the pictures below carefully. Alright. a ruler and a pair of scissors Take out your colour pencils and drawing paper Please throw the rubbish into the basket over there. Goodbye. It is on the floor. teacher. 12. It is on the table. This is for you. B. 14. Nita. No.

16. A. A. butterflies B. walks B. 19. A. walk I saw a few _______________ in the garden. is B. butterfly I ___________ going to the canteen. 20. are 4 . an B. a Fikrool _________ Fitri are good friends. A.SECTION C Questions 16 – 21 Choose the best answer to complete the sentences. The box is ____________ the bed. in C. on B. A. and B. 17. 18. under My father gave me _________ present. but Yoneesha ____________ to school everyday. 21. A. now.

sandals B. sandles C. Salwati is wearing a pair of __________________.Questions 22 – 23 Choose the sentence with the correct punctuation. 22. Wow. I have a Cat a Dog and a Hamster. B. I have a cat. It’s delicious! C. chocolate C. It’s delicious. A. Questions 24 – 25 Choose the correct spelling for the given options. cocolate SECTION D 5 . 25. choclate B. 23. A. C. Wow! It’s delicious! A. 24. a dog and a hamster. i have a cat a dog and a hamster. sandels My brother loves __________________. A. Wow. B.

A. Based on the picture and the passage. A. robots B. brothers 27. A. A. read B. hunting B. Ammar and his ___________(26) go to the seaside.Questions 26 – 30 Look at the picture and then read the passage carefully. crabs 29. fishing 30. His sisters like to build __________(27) and pick ______________. They love to swim in the sea. choose the best answer to fill in the blanks. Every Sunday. A. seashells B. family B.(29) His mother likes to ____________(30) 26.(28) His father and his brother like __________. cook 6 . sandcastles 28.

A. 33. How old is Spongebob? A. B. 35. Pearl and Plankton. Garry. He is eight years old. My height is 105 cm. Sandy Cheeks. Circle the correct answer . A. He is taller than me. I am eight years old. Squidward B. My weigh is only 20 kg. under the bed B. 31. He too lives with me under the sea. Patrick Star Patrick Star is ____________ than Spongebob. 32. His height is 125 cm. Patrick Star. Mr Krabs. 34. Spongebob weighs ________ and is 105cm tall. I am spongebob. under the sea 7 . He is seven years old. He is a starfish. shorter Both of them live __________________________. I live under the sea. taller B.SECTION E Questions 31 – 35 Read the dialogue carefully. My other friends are Squidward Tentacles. He is my best friend. Meet my friend. 20 kg B. 125 kg Who is his best friend? A. A.

bag SECTION G Question 41-45 8 . 40. There is a teddy bear in the ______________. 37. 38. The family is sitting ___________ the big umbrella. 39. The cup is _____________ the table. chairs in under on 36.SECTION F Question 36 – 40 Look at the picture carefully and fill in the blanks with the words given. A cat is hiding ____________ some bushes . They are sitting on the ____________.

They the play on football ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 422 22 in the We books read library.. A tree is ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 45 Please the class keep clean tidy and ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ Question 46-50 A. 1 2 3 4 5 9 . field. 41.Look at the pictures carefully. My writes the on __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ 44 coconut tall.Rearrange these words to form correct sentences. ____________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ 43 teacher whiteboard.

Soon. Ali found a cat. Write the story :- Prepared By: ………………………… Mr Teng Chai Heng English Language Teacher SK Taman Sutera Ali took it home. Put the number in the box.. it was well again. 50. Approved By: …………………………………………. 48. 47. 46. One day. It had a broken leg. Pn Esther Ponmalar A/P V.B.jeyasingam Head of English Panel (10 marks) SK Taman Sutera 10 . His mother nursed it. 49. Rearrange the sentences according to the pictures.

11 .

12 .