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Why Castings ?

Capabilities and Advantages of Casting
• Can create complex part geometries
• Can create both external and internal shapes
• Some casting processes are net shape;
others are near net shape
• Can produce very large parts
• Some casting methods are suited to mass


and frying pans ™ All varieties of metals can be cast. pipes. and pump housings ™ Small parts: dental crowns. church bells.Parts Made by Casting ™ Big parts: engine blocks and heads for automotive vehicles. jewelry. wood burning stoves. ferrous and nonferrous 2 . machine frames. railway wheels. big statues. small statues.

Sand Casting Component 680 Kg Compressor Frame 3 .

Sand mould 4 .

Sand mould Sand Moulding Processes 5 .

) Sand Moulding Processes (cont.) 6 .Sand Moulding Processes (cont.

and (b) closed mold.Two forms of mold: (a) open mold. simply a container in the shape of the desired part. in which the mold geometry is more complex and requires a gating system (passageway) leading into the cavity 7 .