Safety Limit



Electromechanical STB

• Safety temperature limitation, with single-pole changeover microswitch
• Switching capacity
contact connection 11-12 10 (2.5) A, AC 250 V
Terminal for alarm
contact connection 11-13 0.5 A, AC 250 V
• Time constant conforming to DIN 3440
• 3 mounting choices: pipe, pocket or wall mounting
• Switch-off temperature can be checked through the viewing window in the
• Ambient temperature compensation for switching mechanism and capillary
• Fail-safe design, rupture of the capillary tube causes contact connection 11-12
to open
• Internal reset facility covered by removable threaded nipple
Typical applications:
• Heat generation plant
• For general use in heating, ventilation and air conditioning plant
When the switch-off temperature is reached on rising temperature, contact connection
11-12 changes over to contact connection 11-13 (alarm) and the thermostat remains
tripped in this position. When the temperature of the medium falls by the value of the


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secure it with a clamp (mounting accessories). . e. Mounting location It must be ensured that there is sufficient clearance above the thermostat for seeing through the viewing window.. Notes Mounting aid Installation Instructions are enclosed in the package.. Pipe mounting The clamping band should be properly tightened to ensure the entire length of the sensing element is in close contact with the pipe’s surface. Temperature setting The switch-off temperature (120…130°C or 80. Pocket mounting Mount the pocket and adjust the hexagon as required. . The cable gland is M16x1.030FP 110 °C RAK-ST.1430S 80.020FP 100 °C RAK-ST. type RAKST. 100 mm (for RAK.. if required.5mm / Clamping band for max.100°C) must be adjusted only by qualified personnel.. .130 °C RAK-ST. Ordering When ordering.. If the accessories required are not those included in the standard set. for adjusting the switch-off temperature. Should the expansion liquid escape through a leak in the sensing system. Wiring The appliance must be wired by the installer only. the safety limit thermostat must be manually reset after removal of the threaded nipple. pocket or wall mounting. contact 11-12 will open (fail-safe function). pipe dia. The base of the thermostat is made of PA (reinforced) and is designed for pipe. In 2/4 Siemens Building Technologies HVAC Products Safety limit thermostat RAK-ST CE1N1189en 10.. the electromechanical safety limit thermostat (STB) uses a capillary type sensing element.5 mm. . .11.P) / mounting instruction / cable gland 16x1. .switching differential. In case of rupture of the capillary tube. Wall mounting with sensing element in the pocket To prepare for wall mounting. ..1300P and for removing and replacing the thermostat. the pressure in the diaphragm drops. Type summary Standardset Switch-off temperature RAK-ST. The cover is made of ABS + PC and has a viewing window and a removable threaded nipple for resetting the thermostat. . causing the contact connection to mechanically 11-12 off. please give type reference according to “Type summary“ (standard set). they can be ordered separately according to the type references given in Data Sheets N1193 and N1194..1300P 120. . .. brass nickel-plated. .100 °C Capillary tube length 700 mm 1600 mm Scope of delivery Pocket (for RAK. Accessories Refer to Data Sheets N1193 and N1194. Mechanical design Housing . After immersing the capillary sensing element in the pocket.2003 .g. The cables used must meet the insulation requirements for mains voltage. . Immerse the capillary sensing element in the pocket and secure the base to the pocket by means of the screw. knock out the fixing holes in the housing and pull out the capillary tube until the required length is reached. . . PN10 .010FP 95 °C RAK-ST.S) Pocket length 1) 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm 100 mm ---- 1) Pocket ALT-SB100.

135°C normal to EN 60 730 Water. internally adjustable RAK-ST. class 3M2 to IEC 60 721-3-3 class 2K3 to IEC 60 721-3-2 -25…+70 °C < 95 % r.5 A (terminal for alarm) 10A min. . disconnect the thermostat from the mains supply..10 (2. AC 250 V this state.010F /. . directives Electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with Low voltage directive Pressure equipment directive ENEC (European Norms Electrical Certification) C-tick Environmental conditions Product standards Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use Special requirements placed on temperaturedependent controls Type 2 action Radio interference protection Operation Max.h.11.h. switch-off temperature + 25 K 125 °C 135 °C max. Caution: prior to opening the housing.1430 RAK-ST.030F /. 300 switching cycles I to EN 60 730 IP 43 to EN 60 529 95 °C 100 °C 110 °C (with tool) 120.1300 conformity.020F RAK-ST.130 °C 80…100°C . 50 °C (T50) < 95 % r. Wire the thermostat according to the connection diagram and in compliance with local regulations.. . Earth connections must be made in compliance with the regulations. .1.. 010F /..020F /. . temperature on bulb RAK-ST.Max. for this reason may not be used as part of the safety chain.010F RAK-ST. oil 3/4 Siemens Building Technologies HVAC Products Safety limit thermostat RAK-ST CE1N1189en 10. temperature socket Degree of pollution Controlled medium AC 24…250 V 0.1300 Ambient temperature at the housing Humidity Mechanism Storage and transport Ambient temperature Humidity Max. .1300 RAK-ST. . .5) 0.1430 RAK-ST. contact 11-13 will remain open and. 15 ± 5 K 20 ± 5 K 89/336/EEC 73/23/EEC 97/23/EEC (CE 0497) . . . .020F /.1430 Thermal switching differential RAK-ST. N474 EN 60 730-1 EN 60 730-2-9 BDFHKL click rate N ≤5 to EN 55 014 class 3K5 to IEC 60 721-3-3 max. Technical data Switching mechanism Norms and Standards Switching capacity Nominal voltage Nominal current I (IM) contact connection 11-12 contact connection 11-13 External fuse Life expectancy at nominal rating Safety class Degree of protection: Fixed switch-off temperature RAK-ST.2003 .030F Switch-off temperature.030F RAK-ST.

30 kg <ϑ 11 L1 N 1189A01 Connection diagram 12 13 E E E13 = 12 13 0. bending radius of capillary Construction Carrier of switching mechanism Capillary tube and sensing element Diaphragm Contacts Weight of standard set Max switch-off temperature +0 /-6 °C < ±5 % 20 °C to DIN 3440 <45 s to DIN 3440 <60 s to DIN 3440 <120 s to DIN 3440 screw terminals for wires 2 x 0. e..1. x 75 mm 1600mm 700 mm R min.5 mm (for max. ferrules) base RAL 7001 (dark-grey) cover RAL 7035 (light-grey) .Calibration Connections Ambient temperature compensation for switching mechanism and capillary tube Calibration temperature Manufacturing deviation Drift after life expectancy Calibrated for ambient temperature at the switching mechanism and capillary tube Time constant in: water oil air Electrical connections Earth connection Cable gland External wiring flexible cord General data Housing colors Dimensions of sensing element Types 010F/020F/030F/1430 Type 1300 Capillary tube length RAK-ST. .2003 .5 mm dia.5 mm dia.5 mm² screw terminal for wires 2 x 0. x 87 mm 6.. 6. = 5 mm plastic copper stainless steel Ag..75.1430S Other types Min.75..5 A E13: Alarm Dimensions 52 1189M01 100 60 131 4/4 Siemens Building Technologies HVAC Products 2001 Siemens Building Technologies AG Safety limit thermostat RAK-ST Subject to alteration CE1N1189en 10. 4-core cable) Type M attachment (designed to be connected with prepared conductors.1. .11. .5 mm² M16 x 1.1000/1000 (silver) 0.g.