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As level Media Studies- Summer Work


The Thriller Genre is known for having plot twists and cliff hangers to create climax and suspense,
while having the audience on the edge of their seats. Thriller is defined by a story which often involves
solving a crime, however Thriller genre is also known for mysteries missions and escaping and also
violence. Even though Thriller is one genre it is broken down in to different Types such as:

Psychological Thriller- Has plot twists and mind games are played emotionally and mentally
Crime Thriller- Has characteristics of violence and kidnapping
Horror Thriller- Has themes of paranoia, serial killers death traps and stalking.

A thrillers usually involves a battle against the protagonist (hero) and the antagonist (villain)
characters. In most Thrillers the Villain is the one who is punished as they are represented as usually
being evil. While the hero is the person who can reveal truth and destroy the villain. The hero is
usually undercover throughout the film. Most Thrillers will include at least the police, the army or the
Most Thriller films are set cities such as busy streets or also can be set in a foreign country in urban
(city) or suburban places (desert).

Many characteristics of a Thriller include:
Shadows- Create a dark atmosphere and mystery, shadows are used to hide the identity of something
or someone, leaving the audience questioning themselves.
Music- Music is used to link with the mood of the characters and hinting things throughout the film.
The music can create suspense and tension building up something dramatic is going to happen
Heavy sounds of breathing
Hull lighting

Costumes- usually the villain wears dark clothing while the hero is usually is normal day clothing

The camera work found in a thriller filmLow Angle Shot- Shows intimidation in the villain and makes the audience feel weak
Tracking Shot- A shot showing a characters movement which creates suspense
Birds eye Angle- Makes a figure or an object feel vulnerable
Close up- shows the characters reactions and emotions

A variety of Props are used in Thriller such as Weapons (Guns, Knives, Swords) these are mainly
found in Crime Thrillers alongside blood as it creates suspense as to why the blood is there. Also
Mirrors are used to foreshadow the darkness of what characters are expressing inside.

Thriller film- The Guvnors

Shot One- This is the opening shot of the film, it is a mid-shot and is showing the setting of the scene.
The atmosphere created is very tensed as the two actors can’t look at one another suggesting they
have a hatred to one another. The darkness of the room suggests something is going to happen as it
is adding to the suspense, to climax the suspense Mitch( actor on the right) is talking slowly with
pauses in between his talking, this conveys as intimidation as he is trying to patronise Adam. Adam is
dressed in all black and wearing tracksuit which suggests he maybe in a gang especially with his hood
up. While on the other hand Mitch is wearing a suit which shows he has more importance then Adam.
Mitch is smoking
a cigarette in the
while he is in

Adams house
even though Adam has said
can you not smoke
shows Mitch is in
control and won’t obey
down to


Shot Two- Shows a two shot showing the relationship between Adam and Mitch.
The relationship comes across vulgar. Adam is holding a gun to Mitch’s neck
showing the power is in his hands, to the audience it is creating tension as they
don't know what is going to happen as this is in the first few minutes of the film it
is keeping the viewer intrigued in what is going to happen next. The scar running
down Adam’s face suggests that he is used to violence or it could symbolise a
gang or an object. Mitch is showing no emotion in the shot as he knows his life is
at risk. The darkness of the room leads to the mystery of the coming shot of the
film. The poster on the wall is a sub focus album cover suggesting the home
owner is in to dubstep and house music, the listeners are usually of a younger
age suggesting that this could be Adam’s house. The light coming through the
window shines of to the actors faces showing there facial expression while the
rest of the room is dark

Shot Three- Is a low angle
shot of a square where
some girls are sitting on

bench. The idea
of a low angle

shot gives the
viewers a
sense of
tension and
rivalry about
to happen. The
idea of Adams
spitting before
entering the
suggests he
isn't too happy about something this is a diegetic sound. After this shot it
becomes very intense when a girl from Adams gang beats another girl up for
snitching however, the girl gang wouldn't of expected this as the girl who beats
her up is walking hand in hand with another guy like they were in a relationship.
The mise-en-scene of the surroundings shows council flats suggesting it is a
rough area and the weeds in the pavement slabs shows neglect. The diegetic
sound of an siren being heard in the background could suggest that something
bad is going to happen linked to violence or someone getting hurt as that is what
a siren could be linked too. The diegetic sound of the gang wolf whistling them as
they approach the girls gives a sense of intimidation.

Shot four- Is a close up angle of the beaten up girls face. The expression on her
face shows she is petrified of what is going to happen to her. The idea of her dark
make up around her eyes emphasises the pain in her eyes as she is looking up
towards Adam. The idea of her face being read shows she's been beaten up. In
the background you can hear Adams friends saying “take a front row seat girls”,
which is adding to suspense as it can mean something more is going to carry on.
The slow movement of Adam walking and the triggers in the background of
someone going “uh oh” suggests that Adam is holding something in his hand
which could potentially kill this girl. The laughing in the background makes
climax reach higher as others think it is funny in what Adam is about to do. After
the shot it shows a shot of a close up of a knife suggesting that he is going to
stab her.

Five- Is another close up shot showing the emotion on her face. Her screaming in
the scene makes it more dramatic. The idea of her wearing red nail varnish
blends in with the blood running down her neck, this is linked to being mise-enscene. Her scream is like a scream you would hear in a horror film as she
screams twice it gives off the feeling of pain that she has just experienced. The
after shot shows the expression of the girl faces which suggests they are
horrified but also scared. The idea of one of Adam’s gang sat on the floor smiling
and clapping suggest that Adam is playing a game however he has just won, also
it comes across funny to Adam’s gang seeing someone is pain which is
suggesting they harm people a lot if they have interfered with Adams group. The
group want to show who is in charge and they are trying to control the people
surrounding it.