If no immediate change regarding the Novel Food Regulation (EU) is
foreseen, what could be an alternate use of camu camu?
Super Foods: Camu Camu in Peru
- It produces and sells functional foods
- finds superfoods that can be catered for modern consumers for both
medical and nourishment purposes.
Entering the US market:
- The FDA has regulations on companies importing products mainly
addressing foods and drugs.
- The restrict the sales of drugs and companies wishing to make any health
Example of Super foods:
-Acai Berries, Noni Juice, Camu Camu, Goji Berries, Maca.
Camu Camu could be sold in the EU as:
-A dietary supplement similar to the USA
-This includes tablets, powders, capsules, juices
-Eventually could be added to food such as ice cream, wines, jellies.
-It would satisfy the requirements to be sold in the EU
2. What brand strategy is Navitas following to “adapt” camu camu to the U.S.
Navitas strategy
- research done on the health industry resulted in Navitas being more aware
of the increase demand of healthy foods.
- from regulations enforced it is evident that this industry is hugely important
in that market
-higher advantage over local brands "prestige and status global brands will
receive higher esteem scores than local only brands.
- they could use their mission and vision of the business to market in these
foreign markets.
-The brand image may need to be tailored to a foreign market based on that
country’s core values and its consumer’s preconceived notions of product
Nativas in Peru:
focus on the promoting the essential vitamins and minerals
Foreign Competition
Lee, Clement
Lipaopao, Kevin
Lorete, Shienly
Carado, Rhan Diane
Ojerio, Rhea

MM 4-3

September 30, 2016

S. brand image) that consumers all across the world can recognise.S. Shienly Carado. which would mean that peru would have to adapt its strategy for every different market as they have different ideas of that they foreign culture means and would have to adapt to the cultural differences through their advertising of the product. . associates the brand with a foreign culture. and in other international markets? -Marketing strategy is defined as “the means by which a firm responds to the interplay of internal and external factors to meet the objectives of the export venture -A firms branding strategy should be refelctive of the businesses vision and mission . Adaptation –foreign consumer culture positioning. Opportunities and risks when entering a new market.globe consumer culture positioning. Clement Lipaopao. 2016 . labelling. colors. Kevin Lorete. camu camu. Lee. Would you recommend this strategy to other American importers of camu camu? -Camu camu needs to be adapted to the specific culture of the target market Food is now seen as something more than just a substance used to satisfy hunger People are attracted to "healthy" and "organic" products Promote camu camu in North American market as a health beneficial product such as a health juice or dietary supplement. Rhan Diane Ojerio. Two strategies identifies - - Standaisation.Navitas in the US dietary supplement -Globalisation and Technology changed the nature of competition. Rhea MM 4-3 September 30. 3. Would you recommend that Peru use the same brand strategy Navitas is using in the U.Existing firms in that industry that will become their competition. Amazon Herbs follows in the U. having one brand and product image that uses symbols (logos. 4.To be able to differentiate themselves by adopting a different brand strategy altogether-The branding strategy must always recognise and accommodate the competition present in that country.

What international marketing strategy would you recommend to Peru in order to promote camu camu in the North American market? Both have pros and cons BUT a combination of both would be the best option . Shienly Carado. Rhea MM 4-3 September 30. Clement Lipaopao.5. Kevin Lorete.one consistent brand image with slightly altered marketing and advertising in each submarket Lee. Rhan Diane Ojerio. 2016 .