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Energy and Power Motion in a Circle Rotation of Solids Simple Harmonic Motion Mechanical Waves 13 Electromagnetic Waves 1 9 19 28 37 47 54 60 68 78 86 96 108 PART 2: STRUCTURE AND PROPERTIES OF MATTER Topic 14 Atomic Structure and the Elements Topic 15 The Nucleus Topic 16 Chemical Bonding Topic 17 Heat and Temperature Topic 18 Heat Transfer Topic 19 Gases Topic 20 Liquids Topic 21 Solids Topic 22 Structure of Solids Topic 23 The Nature of Ceramics Topic 24 The Nature of Metals Topic 25 The Nature of Polymers Further Questions 118 129 141 151 163 174 184 197 206 221 230 241 252 Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 26 27 28 29 PART 3: ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM Electric Charge Electric Field Capacitance Electric Current 256 261 270 279 v . MATTER AND MOTION Quantities Forces and Matter Equilibrium Pressure and Upthrust Displacement.CONTENTS Preface Vll PART 1: FORCE. Velocity and Acceleration Force and Motion Momentum and Impulse W Ofk.

vi Contents Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic Topic 30 31 32 33 34 35 Resistance Some Simple Circuits Magnetic Fields Electromagnetic Induction Magnetic Behaviour of Materials Alternating Current Appendix: Calculation Technique Answers to Questions Index 287 302 316 324 333 338 347 365 373 .

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