Name: Putri Wulan Dari

SRN : 1513042085

: Pre-Intermediate Writing

Class : C

1. You should make a paragraph based on the determined topic
2. Apply the use of punctuation and mechanic sentence.
3. Submit clean work.
4. Work individually.
Friendship can not be hurried. It needs time to ripen and make the bond
stronger. For example, we would not know how is the characteristic of a
person if we do not know them for a long time. In order to make it ripen,
sometime we should share our experiences and memories. We also can
make the bond stronger by having lunch together or sharing our meals.
Sometime, friendship can be made by some people who have something
in common. For example, if a person meets another who likes the same
thing like her/him, they will meet again in the other day and share their
experiences. Other than that, to make friendship ripen, sometime we
should make a prank with them. And, sometime best friends will discuss
what is happening right now or the latest issue, this discussion will make
our best friend understand what we think. Best friends have mutual
understanding, because they have been together for a long time and
having compassion for each other. Sometime, friendship will increase our
confidence, because the mutual understanding, we can do crazy thing
freely in front of them or public.

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