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Chemeketa Community College is tertiary educational institution located in

Salem, Oregon. It is committed to offering quality undergraduate and continuing
education locally, nationally and worldwide to students of diverse backgrounds,
interests and abilities. The college actively supports student learning from
precollege to transfer or to the workplace. It also emphasizes lifelong learning
through focusing on student success, quality, and sustainability in all of their
There is presently a vacancy for a Learning Technology Facilitator in the
department of Admin - Instructional Technology and Design. The duties listed
correspond to those which I am able to fulfill these include but are not limited to
creating and coordinating activities such as workshops, events and training;
creating and implementing the process for technology-related course development
activities; enhancing student learning through the use of instructional technologies
and design consulting with faculty using technology to enhance teaching and
learning in online, hybrid, and web-enhanced courses.
The article Real World Instructional Design speaks to the use of ID in an education
institution such as Chemeketa Community College. The responsibilities
described in the article are those which I would be expected to perform these
include using web based technology to communicate with students globally whether
it is via a Chat, Discussion board or a social network. As well, according to the
article, as a budding Instructional Designer, I would be expected to develop material
to support lectures, or produce effective computer-delivered instructional materials.
The vacancy called for experience in coordination of online course development
efforts including activities such as orientations, course development, recommending
and adopting publisher resources, training, course reviews, and consultations.
The skill requirements that caught my eye and which the appears in most of the job
descriptions in Real World Instructional Design involves embracing technology tools
to accomplish job functions, utilizing the available technology as communication
and data gathering tool and being able to integrate technology into curriculum and
classroom presentations. The vacancy states that a Bachelors degree is the
minimum requirement but a Masters degree preferred. I am in the process of
completing my Masters but I believe that since I meet all the other requirements
that I indeed can be consider for the post. An advantage I have is that I meet the
criteria for being able to use web-based technology for and I do have the online
teaching experience with adults which they prefer. I also can fulfill the requirements
of researching and developing online teaching resources including online teaching

principles, best practices, facilitation, active learning, assessment, and community

Chemeketa Community College values diversity - they consider themselves as a
college community enriched by the diversity of our students and staff. Such
diversity , creativity and discovery as suggested by Palloff & Pratt (2005), will call
for a collaborative approach which may at the same time, address various learning
styles, multiple intelligences and skills which are sure to be part of the college. An
essential function of the applicant is to understand, develop, and provide a learning
environment that supports diversity and incorporates a sensitivity to diversity into
the workplace As previously stated, I was greatly concerned how I should go about
addressing cultural issues in my online writing but I found a simple strategy in
Collaborating Online: Learning Together in Community when they writers suggest
that collaborative activity will enable students to apply their own knowledge and
prior experiences and indeed their own culturally preferred ways of knowing to a
particular task thus creating a more culturally sensitive online classroom.

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