In the past few years, I have been asked what an instructional designer does and

how different is it from teaching face-to-face. Now, I am once again faced with a
similar question for this discussion and I still do not have a definitive response.
However, I can say to you that I love instructional design because it is a field where
I am constantly learning. Plus, I get to use my creativity and at the same time use a
medium which I so greatly love – the computer – to do what I love most - teach. I
get use so many different skills—writing, web design, graphics, collaboration,
planning, plus learn. And in my mind, this is what ID is all about - Instructional
designers must be familiar not only with the content to be learned and the level of
the learner, but also with a computer's means of presenting information and
interacting with users.
When I began writing and teaching online courses, I was thrown in the deep end
with no prior training. It was a trial and error process for me and a lot of the things I
learned were came from problem solving and my ability to easily learn and work
with anything computer related. For me, it was as Donaldson (2010), noted that
instructional designing “is really is about who you are, how you bring the
technology in, all the skills you gather as a designer”.
In reading the article, Real world instructional design, the job description that I
would fit would be that of Staff Instructional Designer which was also described as
the ‘classic’ instructional designer, who perform the work of the five elements and
phases of design – as an individual or as a team. In reading this article, I was
pleasantly surprise at the categories of jobs that an Instructional Designer can fall
In a small island such as Barbados, I never had to address topics such as cultural
diversity and know that this is an issue that I must address. I was greatly concerned
how I should go about addressing cultural issues in my online writing but I found a
simple strategy in Collaborating Online: Learning Together in Community when they
writers suggest that collaborative activity will enable students to apply their own
knowledge and prior experiences and indeed their own culturally preferred ways of
knowing to a particular task thus creating a more culturally sensitive online
I goggled ‘what is an instructional designer’ and I was amazed at the number of
definitions and theories that I hit but a common theme that I got from my readings
was the ID was learning. - the instructional designer must be willing to learn if
he/she is to teach effectively and efficiently. As Amy Papp suggested in Stories from
the Field transcript, if we are to be in the field of instructional design, we must be
willing to be a learner first of all. I believe that at this stage I would consider myself
a course writer as opposed to a true instructional designer if I am consider the
definitions put forward in the reading resources especially in terms of using the
ADDIE model. I am by no means systematic as I do not approach my course writing
looking at the whole but more so by looking at it as a collection of parts. I think I

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